Friday, June 04, 2010

Peanut goodies YUM!

here is a very yummy and simple recipe from the Better Homes and Gardens Jr cookbook. this cookbook was reissued several years ago from the 1955 version. the neat thing is the pages have the old yellowed aged look to them but without the brittleness of an actual old book .

the recipe calls for just two ingredients, spanish peanuts and semi sweet chocolate, but i didn't have either on hand and i am damn straight not going to the store when i am sure i can find something to substitute.... instead i used salted peanuts and melted all the leftover easter chocolate candy along with the maimed buttless bunny. no, no, no. not from 5 month old rotten easter candy. we actually made these treats 2 years...and at that time with only 2 month old rotten easter candy. hey, it was refrigerated and that crap is chock full of preservative goodness!

see above, see below....pumpkinbutt posing as peanut goodie boy!

the treats really did turn out very tasty. what could we do with the tons of upcoming leftover candy corn? something gift worthy for christmas i am sure!
for the "how-to" click on the recipe images above.