Monday, September 20, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

Adventure Golf

During the summer Pumpkinbutt and i got the thrill of playing a round at Adventure Golf Pigeon Forge TN. It was full of wonderful kooky statues for neato photo ops!

pink castle! scary sharkey! wrecked pirate ship! water falls! yay!

pumpkinbutt exiting the pink castle. he is very embarrassed that someone would have the nerve to paint such a fine castle this horrid shade.

mom and i surviving a shark attack. note the "Caution" sign...i took some editing liberties...

my favorite critter there! once again, i got to play out my Ed Wood Bride of the Monster bit! if i was brave (and wanted to get the police involved to escort me out) i would have jumped into the water and thrashed around and screamed "hey! throw me that weeeskey!"

Below is my same act at the panama city goofy golf a few years and pounds less ago.

note to self: funyuns and soda for meals can have undesirable consequences in the ass and thigh regions.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

bargain basement spirit board

a major super duper score i got at Big Lots! it is constructed of metal and the planchette with hands is on a spring that moves from side to side!!!!!!
we have tried our best to contact the netherworld with it but being it's a factory second we were only lucky enough to make contact with the likes of Jasper the-fair-weather-friend ghost and the inventor of fig newtons.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

giving a rat's ass bday cake!

just had a birthday and felt it best to cover the cake in plastic rats

they were fun to pull off by the tails!
tried to get pumpkinbutt to lick the icing off them but he wasn't going for it....would have made a great picture!

34 rats instead of candles.
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