Friday, September 28, 2018

Boston Mosaic Tile Craft by Number

I picked up this adorable vintage Boston Terrier craft kit at an estate sale last year.
PB and I worked on it together for some fun summer craftin'.  He disagrees with it being a blast and ditched me after the first ear formed. I kept at it though!

The kit comes with pre-cut little plastic tiles, grout, and the mosaic board.   

"Tiles stick like magic!"

The board is suppose to have a clear film that is peeled back exposing a tacky substance for easy placement of the tiles. After 70 years the film and glue have merged into one so we used glue to adhere the tiles.

I loved the crinkly cellophane staple ended bag the plastic bits came in.

A serving suggestion!

After gluing down the tiles the next step is to rub the included grout into the crevices.  The grout has become a rock so I am going to have to figure out another solution...a cheap solution that doesn't leave me with a sack of grout I won't ever use again.  
In the mean time I'll just have to hang up this cutie groutless!

And if sweet Bostons aren't your thing....
Browse the wide selection of colorful subjects to suit every individual taste:

I'll take a "Mexican Siesta", "Rooster at Sunrise", "Madonna and Child"...

..."Japanese Landscape and an "Oriental Paddy Boat".

This mosaic kit reminds me of a color episode of Andy Griffith called "Otis The Artist".  Otis takes up mosaic making and puts away his hooch..only to discover he does his best work "gassed"!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Brew Ha Ha

For my birthday dinner we went to a quirky little place called Brew Ha Ha.  It's got vintage bits and bobs hanging up everywhere.  This little area is in front of the bathroom.  On the doors are 1980's video game arcade console pieces of Mrs. Pac Man (for the ladies) and Pac Man (for the dudes).

Of course this huge metal milk container sign was my most favorite thing!

I liked how this vintage "Go to the head of the class" board game was displayed.

In the bathroom there is a set of old school lockers, a metal desk chair, and the walls are decoupaged with pages from old year books.

The lower section is from the 1940s.

I had to get a photo next to the milk.  It should be in my house. 

Monday, September 24, 2018


"A Waverly Bonded Fabric, "Seventeen", Registered # 621182
A Waverly Bonded Glosheen"

Also part of my Coiffure Affair Birthday party, I wanted to show this bit piece of vintage fabric I used as a table covering for a small cabinet I didn't get a photo of.   It's where the gifts are usually.  More on that below.

I love that hot dog graphic. I think that's shredded cheese hoovering over the top of it.

I plan on using the fabric to maybe make a shirt.  There isn't much of it so the front would be in this fabric but the back would have to be in a coordinating color.

Getting back to gifts, I got some great stuff!  An Ugly Doll ceramic plate and cheese knife, a vintage train menu from Las Vegas, a vintage necklace and ear ring set, Tiny Toons on dvd, a enamel pin of the devil fortune machine from Twilight Zone's Nick of Time, and two books of 1940's and 50's fashion patterns.  My mom got me a June's Miracle Cleaning cloth that I am in love with!
Doing my hair is a hobby but cleaning is my passion!

One last birthday post coming up on Wednesday.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

General Electric Hair Dryer

Life Magazine January 27, 1967

Sleeping with curlers or bobby pins in your head all night is not always comfortable.  I watched a hair style video that claimed having one of these home hair dryer deals could get your hair dry and ready to come out of rollers in 30 minutes. 30 minutes!!! As opposed to all night being poked in the brain by metal clips. So, I have been on a hot pursuit at thrift stores for the past couple of months to locate one of these miracle workers.  I really wanted one of those plastic bonnet deals that are contained in a small suitcase (easy storage and more concentrated heat).  I used to see those all the time a couple of years ago at thrifts but not anymore.

I was able to find this model from 1967 for 8 bucks though!

It's "remote control"  is on a cord.

It all packages up well.. only not as small as the suitcase models do.

I love the detail of the star bursts design and the font of "Hair Dryer".

The results are ....
I recently had to get a new driver's license which was a big undertaking to prepare for.  The postcard that came to my house told me I was going to taking an eye exam, and possibly a road and written test.  I also had to bring a crap ton of personal papers (birth certificate, proof of all name changes notarized, several forms of photo id, several proofs of residence...)  I didn't have half of these things so that was an ordeal on it's own. I know, I know, what does this have to do with the hair dryer...I'm getting to it.  The part of this driver's license fiasco that really struck fear in me was having to take those tests!  I haven't had to drive or prove knowledge under scrutiny since my high school Driver's Ed course...and that wasn't  just yesterday by any means.  Add into this that I wanted my hair to look amazing on my driver's licence.   I happened to find a website with sample test questions and another site with the entire Driver's Handbook on PDF.  My brilliant idea was to tend to two things at once.  I decided to set up my hair dryer at the computer table and study while my do was getting did.
The outcome is studying with hot loud air around your ears is distracting.  I kept the bonnet on for 45 minutes and when I unfurled the rollers my curls were limp.  It could be I should sit under it longer, I do have really long thick hair.  Or maybe I was leaning forward and lost out on some of the bonnet air heat action.  I don't know.  The results are I will have to try it out again maybe after I get a hair cut or can sit still.

Since the hair dryer failed me I had to completely re-roll and set my hair the night before the test.  On the day of the test, it rained and the heat and humidity produced a sauna effect outside, never good for curls.  However I had one hairstyle I had been working on learning that is an up-do and worked somewhat best for these conditions.  Long story long, I didn't wind up having to take the road or written test and my hair looked pretty damn good in the tiny blurry photo on my new license!

Monday, September 17, 2018

A Coiffure Affair Birthday Party

For the past couple of months I have had a hobby of learning to style my hair 1950s-esque.
Some, in my house, may say an obsession.  I am now mindful about avoiding wearing clothes that have to slip over my head (jamming your fancy hair through a neck hole can lead to devastating results) and staying clear of rainy humid weather (sorry, couldn't make it to the grocery store today due to rain and I'm not risking my curls to moisture. Just have a bowl of Cap'n for dinner! ).
It only seemed fitting to me to theme my birthday party this year with a vintage hair salon look.
It's all very pink and girly and frou frou which really isn't my thing typically, but for some reason I love it!
So go grab your teasing comb and let's get this party rolling!

My beloved public library recently bought a large scale printer.  I used it to print the enlargement of the hair net package on the wall along with the hairstyle heads seen above left.  Oh the possibilities with a large scale printer!  Surrounding the large print are smaller ones of vintage hair spray, bobby pin packaging, and hair dryers.

I turned the sideboard in the diningroom into a vanity stand by using a few curtains, elastic, and some pink lace bows which I placed around the front.  The garland is foam rollers, bobby pins, fishing line, and packing tape.  

A someone's-been-sniffing-the-hair-spray crooked angle view.

I placed some of my vintage hair doo dads on the vanity like these hair nets (bonus: they are in pink packaging!).

My box of Flamingo Professional Bob Pins. These get used quite a bit with all the hair styles I have been practicing. 

Lady Ellen Klippies, Gayla hair net, and a jar of Dippity-do.  I do use the klippies and the hair net.  Once I get better at styling my hair I may try out that Dippity-do and see what happens!

My home hair dryer.  I have a post dedicated to it coming up next.

A view including the table.

I made a simple center piece from a metal picture frame, curlers, curl clips, a print of a vintage hair styling book, and a vase of unfresh (plastic) flowers.

For the table runner I used a piece of vintage wall paper I picked up at a thrift store a looong time ago.  I had forgotten that I had it and came across it while Kon-Mari-ing.  It was very wrinkled and dirty which I delicately ironed it and washed it for this festivity.  I am planning on using it either in my bathroom or bedroom in the future.

On the other side of the dining room is my china cabinet which is hard to photograph due to it being back lit.  I kept it more simple with some vintage image prints of hair dryers, hair nets, and hair style model heads.  I printed out a glorious large format image of the lovely Dolly Parton with her tall hair from the 60's.

Which we then used as a game called Pin the Bow on "Dolly's Do".

For photo ops I had the boys sit under the dryer for a make over!
Here is Mr. Husband Sir before...

...and After!

PB before.....

...and After!

I made their hair pieces from some of the prints of the hairstyle head models, backed them in sheet craft foam, and then attached to headbands.  And my those pink curlers look familiar...

I am not sure what happen to the boys while under the dryer, but my hair turned out just fine!

For my cake I made a big pink bee hive hair do!  I  baked a couple of cakes using a metal bowl (for the bottom) and a metal high domed jello mold (for the teased to the ceiling top) to construct it.

La cucaracha time!

Since the theme lent it's self to so much pink I wore my vintage pink Aldens dress.  As I wrote about last week, while Kon-Mari-ing I went through all of my vintage clothes as one category.  Although this dress is pink I still really love it.  I have been working on loosing weight for the past couple of months and this dress now fits me!  It's really thrilling trying on some of my favorite vintage clothing pieces that have been in the bottom of a dank plastic bin for over a decade and now being able to wear them again.

Once I become more proficient at hair I will share any tips I discover.  Right now I am still kinda stumbling through all the wet sets, pin curls, and brush outs.  You don't want my input just yet!

But everything I use as inspiration and knowledge is in my pinterest board Hair Color, Cuts, and Chattels if you want to play along!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Estate Store Thrift Sale Day

I had a really amazing day of thrifting and estate sale-ing recently!
Here are just a few items that I picked up.
A vintage 1940s/50s bra box.  I found it on a shelf in the garage and oddly it was filled with boy childhood momentos...a slingshot, marbles, over sized dice. Huh.  The lady let me have the box for free!

Also bought a couple of pairs of gloves, one being these, still in package, never worn set by Dawnelle.

They still have the attacked labels and glove inserts.

I picked this cute hat up at a thrift store for 3 bucks.  The netting had a few tears but I fixed it up!

This pastry blender was also from the estate sale, 1 buck!  I have been wanting to get one of these to use while making the ever popular around my house, Deep Dish Apple Pie with Candied Crust Dessert.  Blending the butter and flour with a fork or my hands is quite a tedious task so I am looking forward to trying this bad boy out!

I also picked up a bunch of other stuff that day, just didn't photograph it.
A vintage (in my favorite shade of green) round tufted accent pillow, a 1951 University yearbook (for checking out hairstyles!), a few modern clothing items that can be smoozed into looking vintage, a new can opener (practical yes, but we needed one!), a vintage Chinese hi-ball glass with a red dragon design and an a-m-a-z-i-n-g can't-believe-I-found-it-in-a-thrift-store find.  One big hint: Vintage Halloween!
When October rolls around I will be posting about it!

It was a really great day of finds...and it happened to be my birthday!

Next week I will be posting photos from my Birthday Party so stayed tuned!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Vintage Frock Send Off

It's been a year since I started Kon-Maring my possessions.  (see this post on Kon-Mari)
I had been decluttering my house in general the year even before this. We have had 2 massive yard sales in the last 2 years along with having many things, more high dollar, listed on Craigslist.

With Kon-Mari Tiding you must approach your belongings by category, not location, and keep items that spark joy.  I also incorporated some lessons I learned from reading another book by Brooks Palmer called "Clutter Busting", which focuses on letting go of items that may have negative memories attached to them..."baggage".  I have gotten rid of things I have had for decades that I  kept just because there was nothing wrong with them and they had just always been there. One item I sold surprisingly, was my vintage violin (category: Sentimental Items).  I bought it when I was in high school with my meager part time pay check.  Time, money, and focusing on school all contributed to my not taking lessons.  I also thought I could figure it out myself! ha! I never considered ever getting rid of it though.  It was a part of my history.  I decided to let it go though because it wasn't sparking joy for me sitting in a case and not being played by someone with the skills.  It also had some negativity attached to it since I bought it through a girl that turned out to not be my friend.  So I sold it for 50 bucks on craigslist and have no regrets.  I have been selling a lot of stuff for cheap over the past year.  The point is to let it go...but if I can get a nickel, I will!!

Kon Mari, as I have mentioned before, is done by category starting with 'Clothes' first and ending with 'Sentimental Items'.  My vintage dresses were a part of Sentimental Items for sure!

Today I present a selection of vintage dresses that I decided I could relinquish into the world with a little farewell send off.  

First is this adorable 1950s Squaw dress.  I bought it on ebay about 20 years ago.  Great colors, but I never wore it much.

It still fit me even but I have another squaw dress that I absolutely love and kept.

It does have a great classic color combination!


This 1960s dress is so housewife and I do really like it.  But I decided to send it on since the boob area can not ahem, accommodate the space my girls need now.  I wore this dress a lot during my early 20s and swing dancing years when I was pre-PB and an itty bitty A cup. 


Oh. This dress. A gorgeous classic 1940 beauty. I spent waaay too much money on it.

Can't you see some gal with a magnolia in her victory rolled hair sporting this baby.

I decided to let this dress go because it's such a small size that I don't think I will ever be again.  Also it's a very delicate material and I would be scared to wear it/ tear it or spill something on it.  Too high maintenance for me.


I bought this dress over 20 years ago to wear to the Shakespeare Festival.

Where else would I wear it?  That's why I let it go.


This 1950s dress I bought when I was in high school at a vintage clothing shop for 5 bucks.  Back then I spent any bit of extra money I had on vintage clothes.  

This dress is beautiful and even fits me but I decided to let it go.  It was another one of those that I couldn't think of where I would wear it.  I don't get invited to snazzy cocktail parties or anything.


This 1960 dress was a major staple during my early 20s and the dance floor.  It also has a 20 inch waist and that's not happening again, so I let it go.


This is the one dress I almost held back.  I love the color and style.  It's a dress that could be worn places without having to hold a martini in one hand and a cigarette in the other.  It's beautiful yet understated.  It doesn't beg for attention but warrants it nonetheless.

But I decided to let it go because of the narrow waistline and delicate fabric.


I bought this Esprit dress on ebay about 18 years ago.  I think it may be from the 1970s but it has all the classic 1950s features: blk/why polka dot, full skirt, sundress styling with those little pin up deals on the upper bust area.  It also still has it's original belt and ELASTIC!

This dress still fit me, with help from that elastic but I decided to let it go.  It had a bit of past negativity to it (again associated with a friend that turned out it be a back stabbing....well, you know).
Also my wardrobe is pretty much all blk/wht polka dots.  I am certainly not lacking in that department.


This is an interesting little number that I bought from that same vintage shop I frequented during high school.  Now that I am looking at it, I bought 75 percent of the clothes I am letting go of from there.  The store is still open but it is now a year round costume rental shop, not much vintage anymore.  I sold the polka dot dress above to that shop as a matter of fact.

But back to this dress.  I bought it for swing dancing 18 years ago and probably wore it a few times.  I let it go because it's too fancy for me now and I am not a fan of ass hugging dresses.  No need for me to accentuate that region!

It has some great all over embroidery though and I do love black and pink together.


This 1960s dress was bought from a local vintage shop that isn't around anymore.  I love the print.  The fabric is very satiny.

And it came with a matching coat!

I let this one go because the coat was faded on the shoulders (it was like that even when I bought it) and it's too small for me and it's too fancy.


These vintage Maverick dungarees were a purchase I made 20 years ago when I used to sell on ebay.  I had bought them to sell at that time because they were to big for me, which, now they are too small.  I let them go also because I didn't like the roughness of the fabric.


I live in Florida.  That's why I sold this massive Lord and Taylor coat.

Now for the shocker...I sold all of these pieces for 10 bucks each.  I needed to get these things moved on and didn't want to fuss around with ebay.  Like I mentioned before, the Esprit dress was sold to a costume shop, a gal I like from the library bought the massive Hagrid coat, and the rest was bought by one girl who I assume has plans on selling them on ebay.  More power to you sister!

I did save back a small stack of clothes that are super nice and I want more than 10 bucks for which I plan on selling in the future.  And of course I saved a huge stack of joy sparking clothes also, even if they didn't fit!

Here's a little history nugget for you, the reason I wanted to play the violin.  
I loved Camper Van Beethoven in high school (and now too!)
I used to listen to this cassette tape back then and would try scratching out some tunes playing along with it on my violin.
During my Kon-Mari tiding marathon, when I did my cassette tapes (yes, I still have and kept some) my CVB stayed!

At some point in the future I plan on doing some posts featuring my Joy Sparking vintage clothes that I kept!