Friday, January 31, 2020

Fromm Dog Crunch

It's not Dog Food, let's not make that mistake!  It's Dog Crunch!
Sure, it has instant taste appeal and has claims of being tasty and crunchy, but so do Butterfingers...yet they aren't really a food or viable source of nutrition.
Fromm Dog Crunch is just a 50 lb sack of snacks, possibly dried out cat turds or dehydrated road kill.

Dogs love it!

This NOS paper bag is another item that we picked up at an antique mall while in Berea, KY.
It was 5 bucks!

Thursday, January 30, 2020


That elephant is the cutest!  Why don't products have their own fun illustrations on them anymore? Everything has to tied in with some overrated character.  These today would be Disney's Frozen Sugar Snow Sprinkles with that dorky snowman on the label.

We picked this little jem up at an antique mall in Berea, KY.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Crown Party Salted Peanuts

I am a sucker for peanuts with faces...and legs...and wearing royal grab!

This cute metal peanut can came from an antique mall in Berea, KY.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Dusings Glaze

The next few posts will be showing some of the fun little things we picked up at a couple of antique shops while in Berea, KY.

Mr. Husband spotted this Dusings home and auto Glaze....Contains Miracle DR-26!
New!  Amazing!

I am not real sure how this product can improve my life or what it does.

The back says it has 1000 uses...preserves, protects, cleans, glazes, retards tarnish.
Guaranteed scratch-proof, use with complete cofidence.  Miracle DR-26 dissolves tarnish, smudge, grease, etc. leaving glass-like surface of silicone.  A breeze to apply, a must in every home and garage.  Glaze lasts indefinitely.

Here are a few uses for DUSINGS:
Washing Machines
Wall Tile                                                                                         
Waffle Irons                                                                                            
All Chrome
Venetian Blinds
T.V. Picture Tube
All enameled surfaces
All porcelain surfaces
Enameled Cabinets
Stainless Steel
Aluminum Windows
 Coffee Makers

Directions for Home: 
Wet applicator or cloth, remove excess water.  Shake contents.  Apply to applicator.  Thoroughly cover item to be cleaned, then wipe with a soft, dry cloth, preferably a turkish toweling.  May be removed when wet or dry.

Directions for Auto use:
Wash car.  Wet applicator or cloth, remove excess water.  Shake contents, apply to applicator.  Cover surface thoroughly, wipe with dry cloth, preferably turkish toweling.  Remove wet or dry.  Finish panel before starting another.  Never apply in the sun or hot surface.  If car is badly oxidized merely apply second coat or pre-clean.

This gives me the impression it is like a car wax, giving a shine or gleam to the applied surface, but this "lasting indefinitely" seems to be pretty strong words of promise.

There's still some product in the container...I am tempted to try it out on something that could use a glaze but not be a big deal if it gets icked up with 70 year old goo.

I really bought it to just display the container on top of the fridge, so it will improve my life as decor!

Monday, January 27, 2020

Random KY sights

Here are a couple of sites we saw on the way back home through Kentucky.
Above is an old sign for a defunct gas station in Berea.  We thought it had a neat look to it.  However fireball gasoline is kinda scary sounding!  Kaboom!

We also swung by a Big Boy restaurant but since we had already partaken of KFC at lunch, we didn't dine in here.  I've never eaten at a Big Boy, so we'll have to put that on our bucket list.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Sander's Cafe

The Kentucky Fried Chicken Museum (aka Sander's Cafe) in Corbin, KY!

On the way back home from the Berea, KY cabin we made plans to check out the birthplace of finger lickin good chicken which happens to be an operational KFC restaurant but also a museum!

 In 1940, Harland Sanders ran a gas station at this site and then expanded to include a motel and restaurant.  It was here that he developed his 11 secret herbs and spices that are still used to this day.  Word quickly spread about his great chicken and in 1956 he sold the location and ventured into selling KFC franchises.  This location was sold as a franchise to a family in 1973 that preserved and renovated it into a museum.  It's a very fun place.  On the left is the modern area to order your meal, then on the right interwoven with the dining areas are more museum displays. 

In the front entrance are showcases of early memorabilia, an original suit, a life sized Harland sitting on a bench, and a bronze bust sculpted by Sander's daughter in 1954.

A "Barrel-O-Chicken"!

I really love the 'gift from your friend...Colonel Sanders' disguise kit!

Both of these sets of dishes were originally used in the early days of the restaurant at the Corbin location.

An example of what the dining area looked like in the original restaurant.
The furniture, hutch, dishes, silverware, and napkins are all from the original restaurant circa 1940.

Also inside the dining area is a reproduction motel room.  Most of the features are originals from the motel: shutters, door, shingles, block walls, interior walls, window, and bedroom set. 

Apparently in the original cafe there was a similar model of the motel room for the lady of the house to inspect before deciding if her family would be staying there.  It was strategically placed on the way to the pay phone and lady's restroom.  Also within the museum is a reproduction of Harland's office and kitchen. 

In the ordering area of the restaurant and museum is a model of the original layout of the cafe, court, and a few surrounding land marks representing from 1940.

We got there at lunch time on the Friday after Thanksgiving and it was one hopping place.  It was obvious that everyone there had come to experience the museum and deep fried goodness, not just locals picking up some grub.  At the time we went, the location was in the early throes of a major renovation.  There were workers putting on a new blue shingled roof to work more with the original look of Sander's cafe (see top postcard).  I read an online article reporting that the museum is expanding by 3,000 feet and seating for 132 guests ( see here for digital renderings) and should be completed by August.  I don't know what it means, but it's rumored there is going to be an 11 secret herbs and spices room.  They can't be letting the secret out though!  Maybe you have to join a secret KFC society to enter and if you reveal their secrets they cut out your tongue, rendering you never able to enjoy fried chicken ever again!

The Harland Sanders Cafe and Museum is on the National Register of Historic places also!

Grab your spork and go!
688 US HWY 25 W
Corbin, KY 40701

Munch on these leftover chicken bones of past KFC posts:
Christmas with the Colonel 2019

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Pinnacles: Berea, KY

After we all gorged ourselves on Golden Corral Thanksgiving lunch, we went back to the cabin for a little rest and then in the afternoon went for a hike at The Pinnacles.  Since it was later in the day we decided to go on a shorter hike, being about 4 miles total.
At the entrance to the hike trail they have walking sticks you can borrow.  I grabbed one but after awhile of flat surface I abandoned it on the edge of the trail, and planned on picking it back up on the return trip to place it back in it's corral.
Then about 1/2 of a mile in, the terrain started getting steep and since it had rained the previous day, it was also muddy and slick.  I had to then relive Mr. Husband of his stick.  At this point the trails were not marked or well beaten down.  We made it to the top of one Pinnacle finally and the view was beautiful!  Most of these pictures are from that view.

Mr. Husband early in the hike when he still had a stick.  At this spot, the path is very distinguishable and smooth.

Here is PB at the point when the trail started getting more rough and spotty.

Me on the edge.

After we made it to the top of this Pinnacle, Mr. Husband suggested we do another hike that was "That way" for about a half mile, called The Devil's Kitchen.  Sure, ok.  Well, as we are following this 'trail' it seems we hadn't reached anywhere and it was starting in on twilight.  I decided we should turn back because we still had 2 miles (plus the distance we went on 'that way') to recover to get back to the car.  Finding the trail back to the main path was a bit difficult and I was starting to get concerned because darkness was beginning to edge in.  We eventually made it to the sign for the Devil's Kitchen and I realized that "that way" was not the right path.  Even back on the main trail we still had slippery, steep ground to contend with at spots and with the dimness everything looks like a path.  I got lost on a hiking trail over 25 years ago at night and it is scary, paths and trails seem to be everywhere and then you find yourself completely in the dark and wilderness.  I came out of that by continuing toward a lit area which wound up being the service road to the power plant.  I had to scale a fence and hitchhike back to my car.  I kept thinking about the fact that there is NO light in these KY woods to make our way toward.  Everywhere are cliffs that just drop off several stories with no warning you are approaching them.   Also wild animals would be emerging soon.  Forgot to mention the sign "Beware of Bear"  that we passed at the beginning of the hike!  I figured we had our 2 walking sticks that might ward us some protection.  Luckily though we hit the trail you see above in the photo of Mr. Husband as it was past twilight and it was fairly visible in the moon light with manageable terrain.  By the time we made it to the car it was full fledged darkness.  I turned around and looked back into the deep black of the forest, thankful we all made it out.  As you can image, I didn't find that hiking stick to return it.

Beautiful scenery though!

Next post is the main (road side) attraction of this KY trip!

Monday, January 20, 2020

Berea, KY Cabin

During Thanksgiving week 2019 the fam and I took a trip to Berea. KY.  We don't know anyone who lives there or anywhere near by, which is kinda the point.  Mr. Husband and I have developed a love for Kentucky over the past 6 years and find ourselves planning our Thanksgiving holidays every few years for some scenic Kentucky spot.
This time we found a cabin in Berea, KY.  Berea is known as a "working artists" community with lots of heritage craft studios.  It is also the home to Berea College founded in 1855, which is free to attend somehow.  Both of these attractions, while interesting, weren't what we went for.  We went for peace and quite and gorgeous scenery.

The cabin we stayed in was listed through AirB&B and was hand built by a local craft artist.  The waterwheel was nonfunctional at the time we were there.

This is a view from the upper landing.  The cabin sits on top of a hill.

The view from the living room, also showing the deck.

The kitchen and wood burning stove.

The top floor is a loft bedroom with a comfy recliner and a record player tucked in a sunny corner.

This cabin was really nice.  When we are looking for a cabin, we each have a 'must have' amenity.  Mr. Husband wants a tub, PB wants wifi, and I want a fireplace.  Mr. Husband and I have a combined desire to be able to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.  The cabin did have wifi, but no cell service (that's a perk to me) but had a house phone. I had to bend a little with the wood burning stove, which I can now say is no fireplace.   It did not have cable/satellite/clothes hanger wire antenna, so we weren't able to watch the parade. Mr. Husband made out best with not only getting a tub, but one with a jacuzzi feature.  We had plans of cooking a thanksgiving meal at the cabin since it had a stove but realized we would have a ton of leftovers and we were leaving out to head back home on Friday.  We decided to try out a Golden Corral Buffet in a near by town which had all of the regular Thanksgiving fare but so much more!  They carved turkey for you, had 20 + desserts, and a chocolate waterfall...and cotton candy!  It was all really good and nice to not have to cook or deal with leftovers on a 12 hour trip, but it was pricey.

Our vacation was a bit on the short side, only 3 days.  PB stayed at the cabin for the most part and only ventured out for meals.  Mr. Husband and I explored the town some and found a few great little antique shops/ thrift stores.  We also all went on a hike on Thanksgiving evening.

For the next few posts I'll show the highlights of our adventures.

Here are the two other cabins we stayed in during our Thanksgiving trip in 2017:
Bourbon Cabin
Paris Ghetto Shack

Sunday, January 19, 2020

It's National Popcorn Day!

"Oh! what fun. popcorn cake."

Being the snarky type, I read that line in my mind with a deadpan monotone voice.
But if we read on (see below ad), it appears Wrigley's gum is saying, "No!  Really!!  Everybody LOVES popcorn!"

Maybe that's why there's a national holiday set aside to honor the humble exploded kernel.  What could be better than to combine it with peanuts, chocolate, and cake?!  After all, popcorn can be as bland as stale cotton balls on it's own.

This idea for Popcorn Cake comes from the fine folks of Wrigley's chewing gum.
There's a recipe on the ad (click for enlargement) but I did my own thing.  It made sense to me to use a butter cake mix to compliment the buttered and salted popcorn.  I also used salted chopped peanuts to amp up the salty/sweet aspect.  I don't care for prefab chocolate icing so I tried making my own.  I always have powdered cocoa on hand so I used this recipe for the frosting.  I wouldn't recommend it for a cake like this that you have to stick stuff to it because it dries like a glaze, even though the photo from the site clearly shows us a creamy texture.  Hershey's, why you got to be a liar?  But, I will say the "frosting" is really rich and yummy, just keep in mind your sprinkles are going to bounce right off.  I put the extra frosting in the fridge and it firmed up into the most delicious fudge!  That's what I would use it for again for sure!  Another tip is to put the popcorn on right before eating (using a true creamy and sticky chocolate frosting).  I put mine on a couple of hours before serving it because I could see the icing was not going to allow any stickage when served later that evening.  This resulted in the popcorn becoming chewy and that ain't a characteristic you want your popcorn to take on, that's best for the gum.  The butter cake with the chopped peanuts and chocolate frosting was "delicious to eat" and "all loved it", so Wrigley's did get that right.  And it really is "inviting to look at"!

There are a bunch of these recipes from Wrigley's in old 1950s home magazines.
I always find them odd, being from a gum company but no gum is involved in the making.  The recipes are always weird enough on their own without the gum though.

Here is a Wrigley's recipe I did back in 2006 for a Huge Wedge O' Pie.

Enjoy another popcorny post of the past:
National Popcorn Day 2018: Jiffy Pop Fridge Magnet DIY Craft

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Cherry Crown Cake

Very cruel of me to follow up a diet post with one of a luscious cherry cake!  However the cake is actually one I made for a Christmas dinner but didn't have the chance to shove it into the already 57 posts I did for December.  I thought it would be a great cake to serve for Valentine's Day or even President's Day if that's your thing!

This recipe is called "Cherry Crown Cake" and it was one of the winners from the 1965 16th Pillsbury Grand National Bake Off Contest.   

(click on image for recipe enlargement)

This cake is absolutely scrumptious!   The only problem I had with it was the frosting.  It did not make nearly enough to cover the entire cake, also it was very flimsy and didn't want to stay up on the cake.  The photo from the original recipe showing creamy stiff icing is a lie.  I happened to have some leftover cream cheese frosting in the freezer so I mixed the two together.  The cherry pie filling on the top was also trying to run down the sides so I piped a border on the edge to fence it in!  I would recommend doing the frosting first and then adding the top of cherries for this reason.
I just noticed!  The recipe says the can of cherry pie filling should be chilled!  That would have helped I bet!  And maybe I didn't let the frosting "completely cool" enough to Ann pillsbury's liking.....  But I'm too busy for all of these little nuances!  In the end the cake tasted divine, even if it didn't look just like the serving suggestion in the photo.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The Weight of all Flesh

With it being the new year, tons of people follow the trend of getting on a diet and starting a gym membership..."new year, new me!" Of course within a couple of months they have gained 10 pounds extra and have nestled themselves back into their worn out divot in the couch.  After all, it's not January anymore and that was the trendy time to boast about getting into shape.

I find myself refocusing my intentions on weight loss in January, not for a "new me", but because I have eaten so many yummy, carb loaded goodies over the holidays and January happens to be the end to all the fun.

To give the dieting folks out there something enjoyable to look at and not eat, I thought I would
share a few images from a neat little diet book from 1953 that we picked up at the library book sale last year.  

There aren't too many illustrations but this one is pretty great!  No mention about who the artist is.

The book has the typical info on weight loss:  calorie reduction and portion control.  It also has several menus to follow that I always think are setting people up to fail.  No one wants just a half of grapefruit for breakfast or liver for lunch.  The food choices they offer are the kind of things that are used as cruel and unusual punishment....beets, onion slices, melba toast, and 1 butter cookie!

I did find one gem of real truth in the "exercise" section of the book:
""Exercising for weight reduction is a pretty futile task.  It takes a tremendous amount of sustained exercise to lose weight that will stay off.  Several miles of running are required to take off the weight put on by the whipped cream on your dessert.  The only way to loss weight and keep it off is by reducing the calorie intake. 
Exercising to keep fit, improve posture, and tighten up flabby muscles is certainly beneficial.  While you will not lose pounds through this means, you may find that toned up muscles and improved posture will make you appear slimmer and make your clothes fit better."

This is all so true.  I lost 15 pounds last year and it was all by food choices.  I absolutely hate exercising just to exercise.  I don't mind going for a walk to enjoy the fresh air or when cleaning the house being more boisterous with it but I'm not getting on a boring ass treadmill. 

The book does give a few examples of exercises to do daily.  Nothing too strenuous, mostly stretches.  But the most beneficial exercises are shown below:

Well I'm off to munch on some carrot sticks, which I will pretend are bland Kit Kats!

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Stitchy New Year!

...To all of you needles, pins, and pricks!

I've got to gather up all the holiday notions around here so I'll be busy bobbin and zig zagging for a bit.  Button I'll zipper back here in a snap!