Monday, August 20, 2012

South of the Border

 as mentioned in a previous post , i got the need to check off another high ranking roadside attraction this summer while we were visiting my mom... SOUTH OF THE BORDER!  located in Dillon, SC.

 it was truly beyond my expectations.  i love colossal concrete sculptures for silly photo ops and S.O.B. did not disappoint!

 here is pumpkinbutt posing next to Pedro with his new fez that was purchased at the 'Hats Around the World' shop located in the South of the Border "town" as my mom called it.  This place is really huge and town-ish.  there are several restaurants, shops, lodging, gas stations, a bank, and a fireworks mega-tropolis. however, be wary, there are only pepsi products in this "town".

love the horse of a different color!

the hot dog shaped hot dog-dog and super sized ice cream cone.

it wouldn't be a complete trip without a ride on the jackalope!

i highly advise a stop at SOB if you are in the area!
 don't disappoint pedro!