Wednesday, October 31, 2007

halloween sugarcoated

ghastly confectionery happenings in review, sorry to post them too late for recreation for the current halloween. but if you are like me these are treats fit for anytime of the year.

first, is this brownie cake (that just means it's a sheet of brownies with icing on top) pumpkinbutt and i collaborated on for one of my dearest friend's birthday...happy birthday again brent! we didn't have any pre-existing plan, and pumpkinbutt started by dumping black sugar sprinkles in the middle, which in turn brought to my mind a pile of dirt. so i then placed a glow in the dark skeleton in the heap. we charged the skeleton up with a flashlight and it turned out looking pretty cool....

spiderweb cupcakes. i found the idea online. i am not going to post an image of the original because it puts mine to shame. you can google it and have a good laugh at my shoddy rendition.

i love these!!! zombie hands emerging from the depths of a chocolate cupcake. i found this idea online also......ordered hands from here

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

book sale finds

i recently attended the local friends of the library book sale (book sale past here). i acquired a few books on intriguing topics however this 1954 cake decorating book by the wilton's was a real find.

within the pages i discovered this cake idea:

i thought this cake was very interesting. it is to celebrate washington's birthday but since that is a tradition i have never been into i see it in a bit of a different light. it recalls to me the scene in the movie napoleon dynamite when pedro "builds" summer a cake as a way to ask her to the dance. he makes the cake with the script on top asking her out and then leaves it on her door step. now with that seed planted, i see this cake as something one would leave on the door step for their next murder victim. it's nice really... have some cake and just understand that i plan on doing you in with a hatchet!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

baby vamp

i bought this sweet little red velvet baby dress at a thrift store for coco...
then sketched up a flame pattern, cut it out of vinyl along with a bow, and adhered it to the dress with fabric glue. much better! now she matches her daddy!

and to compliment the outfit, i am altering a pair of fishnet stockings to baby size.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

cutest fabric

very cute halloween fabric i picked up at joann's recently, and on sale for 3.99 a yard! it's got vintage style beistle cats (as seen below)!

not sure what the fabric will become... for now, i think i am going to go for simple and use it as a tablecloth. perhaps a girl with more time on her hands could turn it into a dandy apron or a halloween trick or treat satchel.