Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Mr. Snowman Cake

 I finally made this adorable Mr. Snowman Cake I posted about in Party Cut Up Cakes last year.
He is a bit of a late comer to the Holiday party but can still work for the upcoming wintery days...maybe have him holding a shovel (the little one from the Snoopy Snow Cone Maker machine would be perfect).  I would advise serving him up with the shovel as well.  Or just dig in and eat him with it! He is cute and very delicious!
I used black candy melts for his eyes and coal buttons and a severed gummy JuJu cinnamon Santa for his mouth.
The instructions come from a 1967 coconut party cut up cake booklet, click image below for instructions:

{To see more cute ideas for coconut cakes see here: Party Cut Up Cakes}

Monday, December 29, 2014

It's the noggiest!

 I am always up for trying out the limited edition cookie batches that Betty Crocker comes up with.
And just in time for the holiday season:
Eggnog cookies!
Pair with some Eggnog featured in an awesome vintage styled carton!

The cookies are very eggnoggy and perfect for after-holiday-treats to keep that 'season's greetings' feeling going, at least til the nog runs dry.

In other (past) egg nog news:
egg nog ice cream!

For an instant nog fix:

And anything Elsie approves of so do I!

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Elf Shenanigans

 PB's elves, Glupert and Bumpkins got themselves into some holiday tomfoolery this year!
This year they arrived by "hot air balloons"(seen above)!
Here are the highlights:

 They were strung up by Shelob.

 They baked treats in the Easy Bake Oven.

 They got trapped in an empty Chocolate Easter Bunny box.  I assume they were looking for sweets and were snared in their own escapade. 

They went on a stroll with the Fisher Price pups!

More elf monkeyshines here!
and here!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Folded Magazine Crafts

 I picked up this 1967 craft magazine from a thrift store for 25 cents.  It was such a great find!  It is my most favorite thing I have found all year!  I remember my grandmother having and making these kinda things when I was little.  She had a Santa and Mrs. Claus sitting on a table in her living room.   This issue has 14 projects : Dutch girl, Angel, Turkey, Graduation Person, Mother to be, Snowman, Barber Shop Quartet (seen on cover), Bells, Matador, Three Wise Men, Football player, Birdhouse, Senorita, and Hawaiian Girl.  They are all so cute!  I will eventually post them all but for now let's see a holiday appropriate one!
 PB and I picked up some Reader's Digest magazines for 25 cents a piece at, of course, a thrift store.  We popped in a favorite holiday movie and spent the afternoon folding away.  
 The Reader's Digest must have been thicker back in 1967 because we had to glue two magazines together to have a 'fluffy' snowman.
Here he is!  We named him Luther.  He is so cute we want to keep him up all year!

The great thing is this magazine is called MORE Folded Magazine Crafts.  That means somewhere out there is another issue!  On the back of this edition is a list of 30 other awesome craft booklets.  Such as : A Flair with Felt, Fun with Foil, Cardboard Tube Fun Ideas, Draping with Junk, Decorate your Discards, and Trim your Trash.  I want them all!

Lumps O' Coal

I made rice krispy Lumps O' Coal for PB's Christmas class party this year.
They just don't photograph very well, though.  They look like lumps of...something.
 Here is a few individual ones for better viewing.
The kids loved that they turned their tongues black.  
Super fun and quick to make!

Recipe here:Christmas Coal Recipe

Monday, December 15, 2014

Deck the halls with Buddy Holly!

PB has taken over decorating the small aluminum tree this year.  He chose one of his favorite musicians as his theme...Buddy Holly.
For decorations, we printed several favorite images from my Buddy Holly Pinterest Board and propped 3D movie glasses with the lens popped out upon the shimmery branches.

Christmas is on it's way...
Everyday it's a-gettin' closer...
Goin' faster than a roller coaster!

Happy Holly Days!

Friday, December 12, 2014

"Light" up the holidays!

Look at dear, sweet, kind, jolly Ol' St. Nick puffing away on coffin nails and pushing them on others.
Well, tis' the season!

Have yourself a Smokin' little Christmas!
We went with a bit of a twisted theme this year for our christmas tree.
And I don't mean twisted like a candy cane.  
After PB made his stepfather edible "smokes" this summer we came across a lot of cheerful vintage holiday images of Santa, Christmas and cigarettes.
Oh the wondrous nicotine infused possibilities!
 Most of the decorations are images from my Smokin' Pinterest Board printed on cardstock.
To add a "lit" effect I used strands of flicker flame lights from Halloween.  The garland was also a Halloween find. I thought it had a wafting smoke look to it. 

I made the cigarette tree topper star from white drinking straws, brown scrap book paper, pipe cleaners and red glitter. 

It's finished off with a Parade of Cigarettes tree skirt!
I think Patty and Selma would be proud to knock their ashes upon it!

And a bit of advice...if you really want to put yourself on the top of Santa's list, share a smoke with him after his shift at the Woolworth's!

Smoke Ring Wreath

Season's Smokin' Greetings!

I continued the ciggy Santa theme on the front door wreath.
Ho! Ho! Hack, cough, wheesh...

Now the Jingle Bell Hop has begun...

Here are a few photos of the house; preparing for the impending festivities!
It's a Santa mosh pit!
Dashing through the polyester fiberfill! 

Join us...

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Christmas Wrappin'

 Here are some vintage Christmas wrapping paper images to decorate this "house" for the holidays!

Don't forget the labels!
I am super busy with holiday activities/projects/locating my marbles...stayed tuned for the outcome!