Sunday, October 15, 2006

Creepy Labels

Have you seen the new craft magazine out called Creative TECHniques yet? It features crafting projects that can be done using your home computer and printer along with some tutes on software. The fall 2006 edition is out right now and has quite a few pretty cool projects. This being one of them. It is a project for turning plain whiskey-ish bottles into "fun" bottles of embalming fluid!

interesting glass bottle (I found mine left empty on a bench in a park...Honestly. Hey, it was free! )
mod podge
small amount strong brewed coffee or tea
water tinted with food coloring
a couple of paint brushes

In your computer, if needed, resize images. Print. Cut out labels. Age paper, if deserved, with strong tea or coffee by applying on with a paintbrush. Let dry. Affix to bottle with mod modge. Paint coat of mod podge on adhered label. Fill bottle with colored water. Done.

A number of these in different sizes and shapes with varying colors of water would make a really neat Halloween centerpiece. Also soaking off labels on full bottles of wine or other liquors and then applying on these labels instead, would be a grand idea for a party or gift.

Oh! And Martha-online has these creepy candy jar labels
worth doing something with as well.

Eggs a' la Kang*

Come and get it!
Swapatorium leftovers:

Eggs a la king

I present to you, dear readers, a very unpalatable yet provoking dish. It is entitled Eggs a' la King and comes from the cookbooklet "Cooking with Condensed Soups" by The Campbell's Soup Company circa 1950's .

I don't quite understand this dish.... Is it for breakfast hence the eggs and toast or is it a side-dish for dinner hence it's pimento sprinkled soup mixture moat? It's just not right, something is askew here. Also, when looking at a meal words like...oozing, pustule mass shouldn't come to mind. If you ever find something similar to this sprouting off your body I would highly recommend it's removal.

I couldn't bring myself to eat this abnormality and it's just sitting in my fridge right now... plotting it's next move.



1 can (1 1/4 cups) condensed cream of mushroom soup
1/4 cup milk
4 hard boiled eggs, sliced
1/4 cup finely chopped pimento
4 slices toast

Heat soup slowly in a saucepan; add milk, stir well. Then add eggs and pimento. Serve on toast. 4 servings.


(only if you set your expectations really low)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

T-Shirt recon #3

I started working on this recon months ago (along with this one and this one) and finally got it finished! This shirt started life as a huge mans short sleeve tent. I stream lined the sides to give it a girly figure, cut the neck line to be more rounded and then made puffy sleeves for it. I didn't have a pattern so I don't really have any how-to's...I just had to "make it work!".

I do have this pic to share showing a preliminary of the pre-poof sleevage:

btw, how do you guys like my new school glasses? My mom got them for me. I think they make me look nerdy cute and boost up my IQ by at least 5 points. Oh! I'm going to school to finish my bachelors degree in fine art, for those who had asked. Yep, one of those degrees that guarantees I'll be dancing in the street for nickels.

Monday, October 02, 2006

What's Cookin'?! Round Two!

Round Two Sign Ups!!!!

Sarah and I are your hostesses for the second What's Cookin'? Apron and Recipe Swap and we hope that you will join us!

The theme this time is holiday party aprons and recipes!!!

go check out the details!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Ouija board craftin'

What do you do with your old Ouija board when it's just not summoning up spirits as fast as it used to? Well craft it into something cute for your person or home.

I didn't make either one of these crafts (just swiped the images from the net) so I don't have any how- to's, only suggestions.

I think that the ouija board on this purse was photo copied (and sized), adhered to a pre-existing purse, then embellished a bit with ribbon.

This table seems simple enough.. Black painted table with ouija board on top...And useful...either for asking dearly departed aunt gloria what the secret ingredient in her weiner casserole was (psss.. it's salt!) or just someplace to sit your Hornsby's hard cider.