Friday, September 21, 2012

sock skellie

yay! halloween is coming soon!  i thought i would share something that i made for pumpkinbutt last year (....maybe even the year before?) but never got around to posting it.  he is made from a pair of white crew socks, embroidery thread, and buttons. i first saw him on martha, instructions here .

he has a bit of a rib coming loose and i have had to tighten his grin a few times but has held up pretty well considering. pumkinbutt deems this guy as monarch of all his stuffed creatures and therefore he makes many appears.

he is also a sneaky candy snatcher!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mini matchbox wedding favors

i was asked to do a guest blog post over at bridesmaids and weddings for a DIY wedding doo-dad.  i came up with a very simple yet very personal project using mini boxes of matches. i am reposting the article in it's entirety (plus additional photo) here as well...  i did try to make it sound/look a bit more "professional"  by using correct capitals and what-nots of super happy and encouraging transition and closing sentences that i rarely do on MHICTY.  not that i don't what to be encouraging... i just figure when you are playing at someone else's house you should put manners up front.  anyway, here goes:

Looking for a simple, cute, personalized (and cheap!) handmade wedding
favor solution? Well then, look no further! Mini match boxes are a
great blank canvas to work with and easy to add your own personal
touches. Whether you are more of the frilly pastel flower type or a
destitute dank weed enthusiast, such as myself, it works!
Purchase mini match boxes from dollar stores, scrapbook paper,
punches, and stamping materials from craft stores and images you enjoy
from the internet or other resources.

These matchboxes can be done fairly fast if done assembly line
style.... perfect for bridesmaid get togethers! Start by cutting out
all of the papers and then attaching them to the boxes with glue.
Next, do the stamping. It's best to do one side at a time to allow
for drying and to minimize smudging before moving on to the next side.
The best time frame I have discovered to wait until moving on to the
other side is equivalent to having two margaritas. So go forth
responsibily, finish stamping all of the opposite sides.... and you
are done!

These match boxes would look adorable resting in an intricate etched
crystal heirloom bowl, if you are going the frilly pastel flower
route. But I am going more towards a dank vintage vibe so I decided
to make a vintage style match dispenser to place them in.

I constructed the dispenser out of a cardboard popcorn box which I
covered in scrapbook paper and fabric trim. I found several images on
the internet of kitchen match dispensers from the 1940s and based my
design on them. Look around you for creative ideas and objects that
inspire or promote your wedding's theme to use as a container.

(above- example of said vintage match holder)
These embellished commemorative match boxes are a great little DIY
project that any bride can find the time to do and add a bit of a
personal touch to their special day.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

mailman doggie chew toy

pumpkinbutt and i did another collaborative project together.... a gift for the baby dog's second birthday!
pumpkinbutt thought of something or someone that eleanor dog would like to give the business to and hence translate into a fine chew toy. the mailman was the winner. she loses her little doggie mind every time the mailman comes up to the fence. so PB went to work with fabric and permanent markers and i did some very rough stitching (hey, it's going to be chewed up, no need to get all fancy with it) and mr. mailman was born.  i really like the little details of the mail bag and a pocket protector with pens.

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Monday, September 03, 2012

linen tablecloth score

i was given all of these vintage tablecloths this weekend from my MIL!  Two of them still had tags on them.
we were sitting at the table, having dinner on the teal and green pear designed beauty (above right) and i mentioned how much i liked it to her.  she said "it's yours and by the way how would you like to have any of these other ones?" yes please!

she also had this tea towel that is too cute to use for sopping up spills.  it has a designer name of Lois Lang on the bottom right corner.  I can't seem to find much info out there about it.....