Friday, February 26, 2021

Fats Domino

Celebrating one of my favorite performer's birthdays today...Fats Domino!

February 26, 1928 - October 24, 2017

Although The Dairy Farmers of Canada (1957) are toting these domino bars as Christmas goodies I thought they would be a fun Fats Domino inspired treat.

These domino confectionaries are sweet, rich, and scrumptious!  Here are a few helpful hints on construction because they didn't come together so smoothly.  Make a double batch of the vanilla pudding because the recommended amount is not enough.  I also had an issue with placing the melted chocolate layer over the soft vanilla.  It swirled into the vanilla thus preventing the solid top needed to decorate with the domino look.  I decided to use that first application like a 'crumb layer' for a cake to give a solid ground and placed it in the fridge to harden.  I then gave it another coating of melted chocolate to finish the top.  I would recommend coating the dish with cooking spray because the bars stuck.  And cutting them out in general was difficult and not too many turned out looking photogenic....but they do taste amazing, so eat them blindfolded. 

 Fats Domino is such a phenomenal legend in music.  It has always comforted me over the years knowing that amazing talents such as him were still with us on earth.  I would randomly say to Mr. Husband, "Guess what is awesome?  Fats Domino! and he's still alive!"

In September 2017 Mr. Husband sent a birthday card to Fats to autograph for my birthday.
Then sadly, Fats passed away the following month.

Pre-pandemic I enjoyed his music simply for it's upbeat fun. But now it's a become a kind of treatment for my mental blues.  If you need some Fats Domino healing here he is performing for Austin City Limits in 1986:

Happy Birthday dearest Fats.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Snow Day!

In Florida we don't have Snow Days. On rare occasions we have what I call Minute Crumbly Ice Days, as seen below from 2014:

Today we are having a Black Ice Day with schools and many businesses closed, and I'll take that as a Snow Day!  I have packed together a snowball of posts to celebrate here on MHiCTy.

 As you begin rounding up dominos to fashion teeth for your own snowman (like the kids on the cover of Town Journal Feb 1956 seen above), take a listen to one of my favorite winter time tunes:

Snow Day Confectionaries

As part of our Snow Day here on MHicTy, here are some past posts featuring snowy inspired confectionaries:

All of these were originally affiliated with a holiday, mostly Christmas but even Halloween.  I have been wanting to do a theme of snow, just for snows sake for quite a while, so up next is a nonholiday snowy treat! 

Snow Day! Icicle Cake

Lovely frosty Icicle Cake, perfect for a Snow Day!  Not a candy cane or holly wreath in site!

Here it is as Dexo intended.

 And here it is decked out with some of my vintage snowmen!

I couldn't make out the cake recipe on the original image so I just used a prefab triple chocolate cake mix and tub cream cheese icing.  I did home-make the chocolate icing on the side from this recipe.  I don't think it gets more comfort-confectionary-food than chocolate cake with white icing.

Ivory Snow Day!

Snow Day decor via the...laundry!  Mr. Husband bought me this vintage 1957 unopened box of Ivory Soap for Christmas last year, and the Snowgram was still in the box!!!!

 I think it's fun to pull items together for a theme which they aren't originally intended.  There are lots of fun snow themed things out there...snow cones, abominable snowmen, igloos, and even yellow snow!!

I think I may have added another random "holiday" to my list of the way, start stocking up! National Cold Cuts Day is just around the corner 
(March 3)!

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Frito Kid Valentine Party

This month's Frito Kid party theme is for Valentine's Day. 

Frito Kid is being modest this month and didn't include his chips of gold for the menu...but I did!

Here is the spread!

I topped the sugar cookies with crushed chips, which I highly recommend!

Molded Jello topped with cool whip and garnished with a Frito!
I was tempted to mix crushed up Fritos into the jello molds as well but didn't think it would be a good flavor or texture sensation. 

 I hope everyone has a fritorific Valentine's Day!