Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Savory Salmon Slime

Swapatorium leftovers:

Hello dear readers!

I have for you this month a dish from the Weight Watchers Recipe card set circa 1974. The recipe is from the Convenience Fish section (that term only brings to mind this: eww!) called Salmon and Savory Vegetables. I was intrigued by the image on the card and felt the need to recreate it. The bright yellow hue intermingled with the pale pink is not something you see everyday on your dinner plate, at least you hope not. I have never eaten canned salmon before and have been trying my best to steer clear of it. I must say, you folks owe me big time. Canned salmon is some nasty, gross stuff; the backbone is included along with a grey/green slimy funk (I'm guessing it was the skin) within the can. It's just icky, icky, icky.

Here are my results. Very unappetizing if I do say so myself.

I took two bites of this. The first because you have to start somewhere and the second to confirm that the first was as nasty as I thought it to be. If you are into canned salmon then by all means, try this recipe. I think it's some kind of vile and cruel punishment.

*** Recipe ***

Sunday, January 28, 2007

spiffed up scrub #4

another addition into the new work apparel line that i am spiffing up for my best friend Kat. prefab fushia scrub with brown tonal leopard print accents that i added for pockets and tattoo chest coverage.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

autographs anyone?

things are starting to look up for me and it's about damn time. I AM IN A BOOK!!!!The Crafter Culture Handbook. i was asked a number of months back if i would be interested in submitting a craft project. i turned the idea around in my head for about .9 seconds and said hell yeah!

The publishers are sending me a copy soon and i am sooo excited! it's my 7.5 minutes of fame! the other 7.5 should be going down near the end of next month. i'll let you know more once i see myself on it's glossy page, but until then i don't what to jinx it anymore than i may have already.

you can pre-order a copy for yourself by following the link above. damn, i am in a book that is sold on amazon.com! i'm giddy!

Monday, January 22, 2007

spiffed up scrubs

i must forewarn that these photos are of poor quality but hopefully the idea will still be apparent.

the only crafting i have been doing as of late is out of necessity. Dixie Doll Kat's work has decided to have everyone wear scrubs. Since she has a tattoo ( seen here) on her upper chest that they don't take kindly to i altered her tops as seen below...

(we like this one because the fabric print is of tattoos! yeah, that's right... sticking it to the man!)

The low down:
i added pockets on a couple of them or did pocket detailing along with making a little covering for her tattoo. i think it's a nice alternative to buying prefab expensive patterned tops. the plain colors are cheaper and Kat got to pick out what fabrics she wanted for the spiffing. Also doing just alternations didn't take as long as it would to have made the entire top.

i have 2 more tops to go which i'll put up in this post when done.

thank you eviedee for the kind comment you left, it came at a time i needed it.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

new year fortune

i am sort of a superstitious person. On new year's i like to open a fortune cookie and make that my overall fortune for the year. i have a little bag of fortune cookies someone bought special for me and i only use them on special occasions. Here is the fortune i got:

Your energy is at a peak. Channel it into creative activities.

woo hoo for me!