Sunday, January 31, 2021

Frito Kid Circus Party

I love the Frito Kid!  What a cutie!  I have long been wanting this vintage 1954 Party Idea booklet, but it was pretty rare and pretty expensive...but now I have it, thanks to Mr. Husband!
The fun thing about this booklet is each month has a featured party theme, and of course generally Fritos are involved.!  That's all 'me'!  I have it in my mind right now that I am going to 'throw' each of these parties and feature them here on MHicTY over the year....but ahead I see stuff like the theme of "Flowers and Fairies" and that girly frou frou pastel princess crap ain't me.  So for now, let's just focus on this month's theme  "Circus Party"!

There is some true gold here!  That game of letting the kids throw wet sponges at the face of one of the moms is awesome!  Work this to your advantage and make sure to invite the kid of that stuck up PTA president to the party...she has the perfect face for this!  (During this time of covid I say print out the faces of people you despise and fling wets sponges at them!)
Also, ice cream with crushed Fritos?!  I'm in!

Here is the spread!

"Cupcakes in individual paper cups, cocoanut icing"

I say garnish with Fritos!

....and garnish with Fritos!

"Ice cream garnished with crushed Fritos"

...garnish the garnish with more Fritos!

I highly recommend the ice cream with crushed Fritos!!  If you like salted peanuts on your ice cream you will love this!

 This little booklet is more than a simple collection of party ideas for kiddies, it's given me a reason to keep pushing forward to the next month so I can experience a new theme of Frito goodness and throwing wet sponges at people's faces! 


Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Georgia on our minds

Enjoy visually binge eating these past peach recipes while we all sit on pins and peach pits awaiting the results:

🍑Super Goober🍑

{Artwork by Panhandle Slim}