Monday, November 26, 2007


circa 1951. the grand prize winner got $25,000!!!! that's a lot of money back now.
the funny face hamburgers (seen below) were my favorite in the booklet. the idea was from a 12 year old girl and she won $1,000.

(click to enlarge)

i recently acquired a few other neat old recipe booklets and cookbooks that i plan on displaying here. and because i have nothing else of interest to share i think i will space them w-a-y out.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


i recently purchased this little guy at a thrift store for a mere 50 cents. i have named him eyeless eddie the optically impaired elf. the sad irony is it's his job to paint the eyes on the toys in santa's workshop. now we know why those "hand painted" figurines always look off.

i am not completely sold on the name yet so if anyone has a better one to offer, please do!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

derby bake sale

i am a volunteer for the emerging roller derby team in my town. a few weekends back we had a bake sale. here's a sampling of what i made. it's record bowl/cupcake galore.

i made little plates out of 45s for individual cupcakes.

and used the regular records for sets of 3.
these cupcakes were made by another girl but were plain. so i added some chocolate eyeballs to spiff them up and then cuddled them together in one of my bowls.

also had a few with little plastic skates.

unfortunately the sale didn't do so great. this town is a tough crowd. at least i was pleased with my presentation.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

items to view with bemused interest

it has been some time since i have come across any interesting vintage finds until this past weekend. i happened across a yard sale that was nothing but vintage stuff. only the folks who were doing this yard sale knew this and were asking astronomical prices on most everything but....this really tall glass (nearly 8 inches), $1 and this set of melamine bowls, $10. the dinosaur is merely to help illustrate the TALLness of the glass, it didn't come with it.
i like the teeny feet! they remind me of little witches cauldrons.
the larger bowl has a rubber plug, i guess so it can be filled with warm water? thus the flaming "therm-o-bowl" mark?
if anyone has any info on these items i would enjoy hearing it! the guy at the sale thought the glass was actually a cocktail shaker but he didn't have a lid.

Friday, November 02, 2007

dead shakers

these etched glass shakers are a DIY deal (not by me) but such a neat a idea. just thought i would show them....

criswell predicts....

during a local showing of the film Plan 9 from Outer Space the dixie dolls (my crafty girl gang, in case you aren't aware) put together some vintage horror/ b-movie/ cult classic (you get the idea, the movies that the cool kids watch) inspired items to push on the unbriefed public. the photo below is of our was dark...


center top on the orange metal bucket are bottlecap magnets with movie images that were lovingly bejeweled and glittered up by the dolls. bottom left are shrinky dink tattoo flash ear rings (not movie inspired but still very nice and of fine quality)

top left are refrigerator clips, halloween themed. on the right are shrinky dink tattoo flash necklaces. bottom right are some new necklaces i have been experimenting with. they are made from shrinky dink material that prints from a home printer.
here are a couple of the necklaces close up. i think they turned out fairly nice. the process is to lighten the image until it looks washed out, print on the transparency setting, then the rest is shrinky dink old hat. oh, also seal the image with clear nail polish.

lastly are the tote bags. a really bad photo but the only one i have. a better view of a tote here. and the plan 9 bag sold. yay!

btw, did you happen to notice the tags i put on the items? toe tags....