Friday, May 31, 2019

Grace Episcopal Church 1827

While in St. Francisville, La, we stopped by to see the National Registry of Historic Places building:
Grace Episcopal Church, founded in 1827.
During the Civil War the church was damaged by union fire in 1863.  The current church building was repaired/rebuilt in 1893.  At least that is what Wikipedia says.

Gorgeous Gothic architecture...

....and lovely antique grave markers.

The church is still active and we thought about attending service on Wednesday night to get a chance to see the interior (the organ dates to 1860!), but it didn't fit into our sight seeing tight schedule we were on.  Maybe if there is a next time!

Grace Episcopal Church
11621 Ferdinand St.
St. Francisville, La 70775

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

3V Tourist Court

For our lodging during our 3-day excursion, Mr. Husband Sir and I stayed at the 3V Tourist Courts located in St. Francisville, La.  The Tourist Court was originally built in 1938 and consists of several adorable cabins attached to each other with carports.

Also on the premises is a little restaurant called The Magnolia, hence the unfortunate changed sign seen above.  The current owners have also landscaped the parking area and placed outside seating for the restaurant so the fun little carports are not able to be used anymore.

The outside of the cabins are quite adorable!

Here we are in front of our little cabin.

The inside of our cabin.  I was truly appalled to see the hard wood floors had been tiled over.  Luckily there were still several architectural features still in tact, such as the wood planked walls and ceilings.

The bathroom had a fantastic door with a glass knob, along with a cutie vintage sink and medicine cabinet, possibly both original.

My favorite room was the kitchen area! I even loved the ample rustic galvanized metal trashcan.

Check out this ultra adorable primitive double spigot sink!  The vintage crewel embroidery pieces on the wall are a nice touch too.

The light fixture in the kitchen had a pull cord, love it.  On the opposite wall of the sink was a small  fridge and a microwave.  I bet originally there was a mini gorgeous gas stove there.

You can see behind me that originally the doors were locked by way of skeleton keys, which also means you got to cover up the "peep hole"!

Mr. Husband happen to find this vintage sign for the cabins around the corner, it's the best we could get as far as signage.

During the week the restaurant closes early at 4 pm, which is great for the lodgers.  Meaning we can use the sitting area (or even better it's just unoccupied), have a parking space, and peace and quiet.  But Thursday-Sat they stay open til 10 pm with bands performing outside and those sitting areas being taken up by smokers and drunkards until who knows how late.  Luckily we happen to leave on a Thursday morning in time to miss this buffoonery.

3V Tourist Court
5687 Commerce Street
St, Francisville, La 70775

Monday, May 27, 2019

Mini Road Trip

This year Mr. Husband Sir and I celebrated our 5th wedding anny by taking a mini 3 day road trip.  We packed a lot of stuff into those 3 days and 3 states (Al, Ms, La)!

In Alabama we stopped by to gawk at a ginormous gas station, deli, and gift shop called Buc-ee's which has an adorable beaver as it's mascot.
In Louisiana we slept in an old travel court, visited a prison, saw a real haunted mansion, explored a cemetery dated before the Civil War and swung by our favorite folk art menagerie.  In Mississippi we ate in a 28 foot woman's skirt and visited a little town time has forgotten.

Here are a couple of cool vintage signs we saw during our trip.  We like to take the original state hwys instead of the interstate when we travel so we can find neat old bits like these.

Stay tuned for your virtual version of the trip!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Banana Oatmeal Cookies with Banana Butter Frosting

Here is something you all can munch on while I am still in the midst of squeezing in as much yard work I can handle in this heat (along with all the regular housework, errand running, house projects, and of course the most important: hitting up thrift stores and estate sales!).  Speaking of estate sales, I picked up this super cute Chiquita Banana Recipe Book(let) recently and threw a couple of the recipes together, with some add-ins of my own, to make the best cookies I have ever had!

 Is it obscene that she has no shirt on even if she has nothing to flaunt?
Well, either way, Chiquita is really rocking her flat banana chest!

Banana Oatmeal Cookies are good....but Banana Oatmeal Cookies with Banana Butter Frosting are even better!

And then, if you top the cookies with shredded coconut and/or chopped nuts, that's when you try to shove as many of these noms into your mouth while resembling an overstuffed cheeked chipmunk!
They are sooooo good!
Additional note about frosting recipe: I added about 4 drops of yellow food coloring as to increase their banana hue and to have a bit of a color contrast against the coconut topping.

In the back of the booklet there is a section with banana boasting propaganda:

OLD FOLKS!  That cracks me up.

Well I'm off to contend with the weeds again.  I have been clearing out areas of our yard that none of us have ever stepped foot into since we moved in 8 years ago (they were weeded up even then!) .
I'll be back around here eventually once I either finish up the forsaken jungle hell or need something to do while recuperating from heat stroke.