Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Finger Lickin' Pumpkin

Our JOL this year....

Colonel Sanders!

I buy our pumpkin at the beginning of the season to decorate the front stoop and then carve it on Halloween day.  This year for the first time in my entire life I found myself carving a pumpkin on Oct 1st!  I bought the pumpkin at Target about 1 1/2 weeks previous and noticed September 30 that it was getting a soft spot near the region of Colonel Sander's future forehead.
I had to whip out the carving tools pronto and get our Halloween Harland done!
He'll be really nice and rotten for when we do our annual end of Halloween pumpkin pitch from the roof this year.
If you desire, here is the link to the Colonel Stencil.  And don't forget to use your handy dandy KFC Trick-or-Treat Bucket for the pumpkin innards!

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Monday, October 15, 2018

Batty Dress

When the Halloween season hits I start jonesing to do some crafting...gotta hot glue something, stitch something, make some what-nots and doo-dads!  For my first project I went with a new Halloween dress.

I found the fabric at Joann.  Close up below:

I used this vintage 1960s pattern:

Every time I look at the cover of the pattern envelope I see those two b*tches glaring at me and saying 'Like No, you can't sit with us! As if!'  I think the girl in the green dress is just a 'hanger-on".  I really love those red shoes on miss blondie though!

So for this pattern design I see an A line dress with some looseness in the middle and hip region, kinda babydoll style.   Comfy and perfect for when my middle section happens to be a little "wide load" ish.  And that peter pan collar and cuffed sleeves! Well, that is not what  happened when I stitched it up.  I haven't gotten into that 'make a muslin' first thing because what the heck am I going to do with a scratchy off white dress afterward?!  I just jump into it and see what happens.
I don't even know how to explain what it looked like, oddly flouncy in the top yet the hip region was form fitting, also the shoulders were apparently intended for football players, wide and bulky.  I had to add in some front darts and very wonkingly take up the sleeve/shoulders. For these photos I had to wear my most boobalious bra to fill in the flouncy space I couldn't dart in.
Oh, and also somehow the collar turned out off center, which means the buttons are off center too.

It's just a mess.  I fixed it up the best I could though.

Those 1960s McCall's cool girls are definitely gonna heckle me in the halls.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Better Tombs and Brambles~ Halloween Decor 2018

Here are a few photographs of our mausoleum all spooked up for the holiday!
I decided to go with a tried and true approach this year.  I went through past decor photos and picked  designs and elements I liked best, then just redid them!  I was able to get the decorating done in a quarter of the time it usually takes.  Everything is not in the precise same spot but close enough.
These first 3 photos are of the dining room.

I made that Halloweenie garland back in 2012.  Still holding up! I am surprised none of the hot glued plastic spiders have become dislodged and scampered away.

A few of our Halloween costume photos.  The first three frames were originally plain black which I embellished with Halloween stickers.  Here is a post about the Soggy Bottom Boys frame in the foreground.  Also on the credenza is the Candy Wrapper Garland I came up with last season.

On the top of a nearby display cabinet is another tried and true display with Frankie and his bride, along with a few other medical type curios.  I couldn't get a good photo of it this year (bad lighting) but if you go to this post you can see the above wall with a 1933 embalming certificate and vintage funeral sign.  I do usually have this area looking the same each year.

A small collection of vintage bits and bobs inside the display cabinet.  

The green display shelf in the living room.  I added this year that fluffy orange and black garland to the top and bottom shelves.  I picked it up at dollar tree when they first started putting out Halloween stuff.  I am going to have to keep an eye out for more of it.  It has a great vintage look to it and adds a pop of Halloween anywhere that needs a little something.

I didn't do much special with the space over the shelf as I usually do. This area is usually my "Ta-Da!"  focal spot.  I decided to lessen my frustrations this season over having to rehang stuff that at some point falls off the wall. Every day there is either a bat, spider, and/or any other multitude of Halloween fodder on the floor. I have tried packing tape, duct tape, push pins, and various Command strips.  None work.  I had to put nails in the wall this time to get the spider webs to stop falling down.

I also decided to simplify some of my little extras I generally have all over the place.  Usually you can't sit a drink down without having to move a plastic spider and the walls are always full of a flock of bats in every corner.   This year I wanted to give myself a bit of a "break" though.
Only I think I kinda miss my over done look...maybe I'll go back at it next year!

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Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Halloween Mood Table 2018

Last year I asked PB to construct his own Halloween Mood Table 2017 inspired by Secret Fun Blog and Dinosaur Dracula.  A mood table, for one, doesn't even have to be a table.  It can be a shelf, a chair, any space you can concentrate a festive grouping.  It's meant to be not over thought but just created to get the season started and get in the mood.  I thought it would be a fun way for PB to do some Halloween decorating on a small scale.  I also made sure to let him know it wasn't required of him.  It could be simple or complex and he could use any of my Halloween "leftovers" that I didn't use for the primary house decorating.  I was happy that he was up for making another table this year. 

 Here is his creation!

I think he was going for a cemetery scene this year.
I am hoping that doing stuff like this will inspire him to be a Griswold holiday decorator such as myself when he is an adult.

Friday, October 05, 2018

Weeny Witch Halloween Party Book

*New Stuff this Halloween Season*

I love this 1951 Weeny Witch Party Book!
Mr. Husband got it for me for Christmas last year.

Inside are ideas and games for a Halloween party.  Also decorations and masks to cut out to accessorize your weenies!

Name tags and little paper decor along with a very Creepy mask on this page.

More papery table decor and an even creepier mask on the back!

I want to have a Weeny Witch party!

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Spooky Spooks Witch Costume

*New Stuff this Halloween Season*

This Collegeville Spooky Spooks Halloween costume was the amazing vintage Halloween find I hinted about a few weeks ago.  I found it at a thrift store unbelievably.  The store did know it was worth a little bit because the price tag was 10 bucks, but that was fine with me!

It's all there (box, mask, costume) and not ripped or cracked!

The vinyl dress costume.

Size small...darn, not my size!

The date on the costume says 1978.

There was also a vintage Strawberry Shortcake full boxed costume and a barbie mask, both from the early 80s.  I didn't buy them because they just aren't my kinda thing.  I think they most likely belonged to the same person and someone did a cleaning out of their attic recently.  There is a name in the mask, maybe I'll get Mr. Husband Sir to do some sleuthing.

Tuesday, October 02, 2018


*New Stuff this Halloween Season*

To usher in this happy haunting Halloween season is this ceramic ghostie I picked up at an estate sale during the past year.  He measures a little over 12 inches tall.  I like his poking out pot belly!

Here is his back side.

Monday, October 01, 2018


My most favorite time of year is here!  

 I am a bit behind in my Halloween planning I am sorry to say.  Even at this moment I haven't figured out what we are going to dress up as.  I usually have this worked out 10 months in advance! 
I also haven't thought up any fun activities, foods, crafts or decor!  
I'm just going to be flying by the seat of  my wobbly broomstick this year. 
 It will be interesting to see what inspiration hits me at the midnight hour though!

Friday, September 28, 2018

Boston Mosaic Tile Craft by Number

I picked up this adorable vintage Boston Terrier craft kit at an estate sale last year.
PB and I worked on it together for some fun summer craftin'.  He disagrees with it being a blast and ditched me after the first ear formed. I kept at it though!

The kit comes with pre-cut little plastic tiles, grout, and the mosaic board.   

"Tiles stick like magic!"

The board is suppose to have a clear film that is peeled back exposing a tacky substance for easy placement of the tiles. After 70 years the film and glue have merged into one so we used glue to adhere the tiles.

I loved the crinkly cellophane staple ended bag the plastic bits came in.

A serving suggestion!

After gluing down the tiles the next step is to rub the included grout into the crevices.  The grout has become a rock so I am going to have to figure out another solution...a cheap solution that doesn't leave me with a sack of grout I won't ever use again.  
In the mean time I'll just have to hang up this cutie groutless!

And if sweet Bostons aren't your thing....
Browse the wide selection of colorful subjects to suit every individual taste:

I'll take a "Mexican Siesta", "Rooster at Sunrise", "Madonna and Child"...

..."Japanese Landscape and an "Oriental Paddy Boat".

This mosaic kit reminds me of a color episode of Andy Griffith called "Otis The Artist".  Otis takes up mosaic making and puts away his hooch..only to discover he does his best work "gassed"!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Brew Ha Ha

For my birthday dinner we went to a quirky little place called Brew Ha Ha.  It's got vintage bits and bobs hanging up everywhere.  This little area is in front of the bathroom.  On the doors are 1980's video game arcade console pieces of Mrs. Pac Man (for the ladies) and Pac Man (for the dudes).

Of course this huge metal milk container sign was my most favorite thing!

I liked how this vintage "Go to the head of the class" board game was displayed.

In the bathroom there is a set of old school lockers, a metal desk chair, and the walls are decoupaged with pages from old year books.

The lower section is from the 1940s.

I had to get a photo next the milk.  It should be in my house. 

Monday, September 24, 2018


"A Waverly Bonded Fabric, "Seventeen", Registered # 621182
A Waverly Bonded Glosheen"

Also part of my Coiffure Affair Birthday party, I wanted to show this bit piece of vintage fabric I used as a table covering for a small cabinet I didn't get a photo of.   It's where the gifts are usually.  More on that below.

I love that hot dog graphic. I think that's shredded cheese hoovering over the top of it.

I plan on using the fabric to maybe make a shirt.  There isn't much of it so the front would be in this fabric but the back would have to be in a coordinating color.

Getting back to gifts, I got some great stuff!  An Ugly Doll ceramic plate and cheese knife, a vintage train menu from Las Vegas, a vintage necklace and ear ring set, Tiny Toons on dvd, a enamel pin of the devil fortune machine from Twilight Zone's Nick of Time, and two books of 1940's and 50's fashion patterns.  My mom got me a June's Miracle Cleaning cloth that I am in love with!
Doing my hair is a hobby but cleaning is my passion!

One last birthday post coming up on Wednesday.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

General Electric Hair Dryer

Life Magazine January 27, 1967

Sleeping with curlers or bobby pins in your head all night is not always comfortable.  I watched a hair style video that claimed having one of these home hair dryer deals could get your hair dry and ready to come out of rollers in 30 minutes. 30 minutes!!! As opposed to all night being poked in the brain by metal clips. So, I have been on a hot pursuit at thrift stores for the past couple of months to locate one of these miracle workers.  I really wanted one of those plastic bonnet deals that are contained in a small suitcase (easy storage and more concentrated heat).  I used to see those all the time a couple of years ago at thrifts but not anymore.

I was able to find this model from 1967 for 8 bucks though!

It's "remote control"  is on a cord.

It all packages up well.. only not as small as the suitcase models do.

I love the detail of the star bursts design and the font of "Hair Dryer".

The results are ....
I recently had to get a new driver's license which was a big undertaking to prepare for.  The postcard that came to my house told me I was going to taking an eye exam, and possibly a road and written test.  I also had to bring a crap ton of personal papers (birth certificate, proof of all name changes notarized, several forms of photo id, several proofs of residence...)  I didn't have half of these things so that was an ordeal on it's own. I know, I know, what does this have to do with the hair dryer...I'm getting to it.  The part of this driver's license fiasco that really struck fear in me was having to take those tests!  I haven't had to drive or prove knowledge under scrutiny since my high school Driver's Ed course...and that wasn't  just yesterday by any means.  Add into this that I wanted my hair to look amazing on my driver's licence.   I happened to find a website with sample test questions and another site with the entire Driver's Handbook on PDF.  My brilliant idea was to tend to two things at once.  I decided to set up my hair dryer at the computer table and study while my do was getting did.
The outcome is studying with hot loud air around your ears is distracting.  I kept the bonnet on for 45 minutes and when I unfurled the rollers my curls were limp.  It could be I should sit under it longer, I do have really long thick hair.  Or maybe I was leaning forward and lost out on some of the bonnet air heat action.  I don't know.  The results are I will have to try it out again maybe after I get a hair cut or can sit still.

Since the hair dryer failed me I had to completely re-roll and set my hair the night before the test.  On the day of the test, it rained and the heat and humidity produced a sauna effect outside, never good for curls.  However I had one hairstyle I had been working on learning that is an up-do and worked somewhat best for these conditions.  Long story long, I didn't wind up having to take the road or written test and my hair looked pretty damn good in the tiny blurry photo on my new license!