Monday, May 23, 2022

Roll on...Roly Poly

I bought my 1964 Airstream around 2002 with the full intention of using it for traveling, however it needed work on most of it's inner systems.  As life changed for me the function of the airstream also shifted.  Until I could fix it up I used it to store my ebay items I had for sale.   I considered turning it into a portable business for kid's birthday parties or as the backdrop for a little TV show a friend and I wanted to create. 
Then at one time I thought I may even have to live in it. 
 Ultimately it just became a really awesome looking storage unit.  At the beginning of covid I cleaned it out and decluttered it and the idea kinda started to seed that it may be time for it to move on.  It was starting to get leaks and it was wasting away.  I didn't have the funds to do a restore or have the skills/vehicle to pull it for camping.  Then when my mom passed away a few months later my thoughts about it did a drastic shift.  I didn't want my family to be burdened by having to deal with it when I am gone.  The day after Christmas 2020 we happen to have a young woman knock on our door who noticed the trailer in the backyard and offered to buy it.  She owns a business that buys and restores vintage trailers that she finds all over the states.  I hadn't even discussed letting it go to Mr. Husband so he was a bit shocked that I seemed to be entertaining the idea.  I told her it was on her to get it out of our yard and to deal with the title etc.  I would also need time to clear everything out of it yet again.  Since she agreed to all of this along with I wasn't going to have to list it or deal with copious people just wanting to look at it I agreed to sell it for really next to nothing.   It was very hard to let it go.  It was a part of my identity for 20 years.  But I know it was for the best.  I put together a little photo tribute here to Roly Poly.

These photos were taken when I first got it:

Look how shiny!

It came with all the original paperwork and owner's manual.
Here are the diagrams of the exterior and interior layout:

This brochure was among the papers.  I love its MCM look:

Here are the photos I took in march 2020:

The interior was never much of anything special looking because someone had yucked it up in the 1990s with carpet, beige paint, and blah fabric on the couch so I don't have any neat photos of that to share.

Here is a vintage post card that was mixed in with all of it's paperwork:

When the mover pulled the airstream out he had to drive it around the block to get it in position to put on the flatbed.  I can't tell you how happy I was to see it in motion and bopping down the road on it's own wheels.  It looked happy.
It's bittersweet I guess. 

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Friday, May 13, 2022

Deed's Multi-Slicer

I saved the best thing for last of the items we picked up on our mini road day trip to Alabama back in February.
The Deed's Multi-Slicer!
(Front of box above)

(back of box)

Only 5 bucks!

It also still happens to have the slicer!
Now truth be told I despise kitchen gadget uni-taskers such as this.  I bought it just for the box but perhaps I'll try it out when I forget how to use a knife.

Gift to you all!  I scanned the box for your crafting pleasure!


Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Plasticville 5 and 10

 During our road trip to Alabama back in February we stopped in at a super neat antique mall called the Vintage Emporium.
I came across this Plasticville 5 and 10 mini store model and had to have it.  I even spent more that my 6 bucks limit I usually have per item.  15 bucks!  But it's so freaking cute! 
I collect a lot of stuff but one collective category is items still in their original package that would have been from mid century 5 and dime stores.  I did a 3 month long series back in 2017 all about 5 and Dime merch and ads that starts with this post (just keep clicking "newer post" and you can view them all in order.)

I also have a Plasticville Super Market that is a smaller scale size.  Vintage food packaging is another of my things too!

Monday, May 09, 2022

Inflatable Hanger

 This week I am going to show a few things we picked up on a little mini road day trip we took to Alabama back in February.

We went to an estate sale, a thrift store and an antique mall.  I know we picked up more than 3 things but I can't recall what else and these 3 happened to be already photographed and loaded as drafts soooo....
This Mint in Package Inflatable hanger was from the estate sale.  It seems like to would be a really good idea to use for hanging up sweaters.  I'm just leaving it in the package as is for display.  I think it was 4 bucks.

Thursday, May 05, 2022

Albers Tamale Pie

{image source}

For Cinco De Mayo I made us Albers Tamale Pie.  As I am sure it's pretty obvious I was drawn to it because of its lovely presentation with the polenta shaped diamond topping.

The recipe just so happens to not give much direction on this key feature.  I made mine by lining a baking pan with wax paper sprayed with cooking spray and then put down a uniform layer of the polenta when it was still warm.  I then put it in the fridge to firm up.  Next I cut a diamond shape out of a piece of cardboard to use as a template and cut out the shapes from the prepared firm polenta.  Next I layered them on top of the casserole, topped with a little bit of cheese, and baked.  I pretty much followed the recipe as is for the most part.  My changes were I made only half of the recipe for the corn meal crust (aka polenta).  My filling came out looking more like chili than the looser look in the ad.  Taste was average.

For a Mexican inspired extra I also made us non-alcoholic margarita slushes.  I happen to find a sugar free zero calorie Margarita mix at 1.25 tree.  I just ran some ice through the blender added the mixer and had a zero guilt treat!

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Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Han Solo S'mores

For Star Wars Day I made us some Han Solo S'mores!
(I like to use saltines as the base rather than a graham cracker) 

The top piece is molded chocolate that I dusted with silver edible powder.  

There are mini Hans and ...

A huge candy bar sized Hans.
This is the mold I used:

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Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Florida Citrus Fruit Sack

I came across this neat old Florida Citrus fruit sack at an estate sale recently.  

It was out in a dingy storage building so it's not pristine.  
I love old food packaging and collect vintage Florida souvenirs so it's got double goodness going for it.

I am planning on hanging it up on a wall near my kitchen so to give it a bit more pizzazz I decided to make some fake oranges to put inside.  I priced buying faux oranges and they were a bit much for me, also too heavy. 
 I bought 3 sets of these hollow thin plastic balls at 1.25 Tree and painted them orange.  The leaves are also from 1.25 Tree.   Out of the bag the oranges certainly aren't going to pass as real, but in the sack I think they work pretty well.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Beef...It's what's for Birthday!

I did a real interesting theme for Mr. Husband's birthday this year....Beef.
To put it simply he is obsessed with it.  He has to show me other people's dinner plates on the facebook all the time if a steak is involved.  If we are in the grocery store he will go the long way to the eggs so he can walk past the beef section.  When watching The Simpsons he got all worked up over a CARTOON steak like it was real.  All steaks, all beef....real, fake, seen in old commercials, tv shows, through the windows of the butcher shop after hours, and even cartoon ones...he drools over them.

We don't eat beef in our house much because I won't cook it.  It's gross and bloody and it stinks up the house when cooking.  I also don't care for the taste.  This doesn't mean I am the beef nazi around here, it just means if Mr. Husband wants his beef that's his business but it better be cooked outside.  Now the other side to this is that beef is expensive so that is why Mr. Husband hasn't had his beef bro-mance grilled up much, because like me he is a cheapskate.
I like to also look at this beef situation as an act of love.  Mr. Husband kinda gave up beef for me. 
Pulling all of this together made for a theme that really gave him what he wanted...
Beef, It's what's for Birthday!

I made this fake meat display by printing out full page beef images that I "beefed" up with 1 inch styrofoam backings, placed in a foam dish (pack of 20 for 1.25 at Dollar Quarter Tree) and covered in saran wrap.  The greenery is real kale.  I remember when I was a kid loving to see the plastic fake greenery in the meat display at the A&P.

Here is the table centerpiece runner display:
Mini prints of Beef Council posters, cook booklets, and beefy hunks.

Centerpiece of pre-steak and vintage meat markers.

So of course you can't have a beef birthday without some grossly expensive raw hunk of meat.
This was one of his gifts.  I was on the verge of having some form of panic attack over spending that much money on less than 3 lbs of food while checking out at the store.

Here is Mr. Husband with his grilled caveman feast.

 For his cake I went with a huge raw steak made out of white fondant and red candy melts.  I tried to make the interior part of the cake look marbled by dying some of the white cake mix with red food coloring and gently folding it together but it didn't look all that impressive so I didn't take a photo.
I made a price tag of 53¢ as a nod to his age.

Mr. Husband liked his Beef party very a matter of fact, he is right in liking his Meat party very much.  
The American Meat Institute made sure of that.
"...put in the pan...turn on the heat and sniff it's steaming fragrance as it simmers, bubbles, and browns...smothered in it's own gravy. 
 That's hearty flavor for you."

The propaganda worked on him.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Mr. Husband Birthday Display

The newest arrangement in my display cabinet is in honor of Mr. Husband's birthday!
I plundered through some of the bits and pieces I saved from all of the birthday party themes and decided to do a Disney set.
Shown above is his Haunted Mansion 50th birthday.
{Drag your wretched body over here for the decor and here for the cake}

He also had an Enchanted Tiki Room theme.

 And a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea theme

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Dead Lawyer Cookies (Banana Bacon Cookies)


We just finished watching the Breaking Bad series and in one scene there is a lawyer who is always baking treats for the secretary at a bank.  One of the things he makes is Bacon Banana Cookies.  
What WHAT?!  I had to try these out!
About 3 years ago I made the best banana cookies ever.  I thought there was no way they could be any better until bacon came into the picture.
I just made my old recipe and added crumbled crispy bacon.
They are amazing.  One of the best things I have ever made.

I wanted to give them a name other than just a description so I decided on Dead Lawyer Cookies.  There are two lawyers in the series.  One is Saul Goodman and my current crush, and not the actor who plays him, but the character is who I heart.  He lives.  The other lawyer who is the baker isn't in the show all that long, I never caught his name and he gets offed so...Dead Lawyer Cookies.  And just to be clear he doesn't die by cookie. 

and here is my vintage Mr. Bacon Pan I use for baking bacon. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Pineapple Flower Baskets

Here is a simple and mostly diet friendly Easter dessert found in Life Magazine May 1956.

{image source}

It's an "easy-do dessert" that originally called for cut up marshmallows and pineapple, tinted coconut and jelly beans.  I went with fat free, sugar free vanilla pudding, sugar free cool whip, and no-sugar-added pineapple slices...and coconut and jelly beans (no diet option there!).

It's a nice break from all the baskets of heavy sugary calorie laden chocolate bunnies...but not from Reese's peanut butter eggs. 
 Never need a break from those!


Sunday, April 17, 2022

Easter Decor 2022

I had never been a fan of Easter because it always seemed to be the adverse of Halloween.  Easter's  pastel sweetness made me want to barf.   I am more into all shades of black and bleak.  Easter's embrace of newness and fresh beginnings makes me uncomfortable, like being in a sterile padded cell.  I love the feeling of ancient and old.  Easter is an extrovert while I am a Halloween introvert.
But then a few years ago I started to look at Easter in a dusty, dim light and realized that decrepit old Easter stuff is very Halloween-esque and I have been slowly loving this season as well. 

This year I did a small bit of decorating in the dining room.

I also did a centerpiece for the table:

 This photo makes it appear as a display since the table cloth is kind of a back drop.  I was having back lighting issues when I took the photo so I had to take it in a wonky kind of way.

Whew!  Finally!  The holidays are officially over!  It starts with Halloween and ends with Easterween!

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Spider Bunny Easterween

Have you guys seen the ridiculous trend these last few years where Halloween is being pastel puked upon?  There are pink Jack o Lanterns, lavender bats, and peach ghosts...It's hideous. Do not Easter my Halloween!   But two can play these games... I'll Halloween my Easter!

Sure, chicks pop out of eggs...but so do spiders!

For our Front Porch Spider I made him some bunny ears and a pom pom tail.

 Along with a basket of spider eggs, hatching just in time for Spring!