Friday, February 26, 2021

Fats Domino

Celebrating one of my favorite performer's birthdays today...Fats Domino!

February 26, 1928 - October 24, 2017

Although The Dairy Farmers of Canada (1957) are toting these domino bars as Christmas goodies I thought they would be a fun Fats Domino inspired treat.

These domino confectionaries are sweet, rich, and scrumptious!  Here are a few helpful hints on construction because they didn't come together so smoothly.  Make a double batch of the vanilla pudding because the recommended amount is not enough.  I also had an issue with placing the melted chocolate layer over the soft vanilla.  It swirled into the vanilla thus preventing the solid top needed to decorate with the domino look.  I decided to use that first application like a 'crumb layer' for a cake to give a solid ground and placed it in the fridge to harden.  I then gave it another coating of melted chocolate to finish the top.  I would recommend coating the dish with cooking spray because the bars stuck.  And cutting them out in general was difficult and not too many turned out looking photogenic....but they do taste amazing, so eat them blindfolded. 

 Fats Domino is such a phenomenal legend in music.  It has always comforted me over the years knowing that amazing talents such as him were still with us on earth.  I would randomly say to Mr. Husband, "Guess what is awesome?  Fats Domino! and he's still alive!"

In September 2017 Mr. Husband sent a birthday card to Fats to autograph for my birthday.
Then sadly, Fats passed away the following month.

Pre-pandemic I enjoyed his music simply for it's upbeat fun. But now it's a become a kind of treatment for my mental blues.  If you need some Fats Domino healing here he is performing for Austin City Limits in 1986:

Happy Birthday dearest Fats.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Snow Day!

In Florida we don't have Snow Days. On rare occasions we have what I call Minute Crumbly Ice Days, as seen below from 2014:

Today we are having a Black Ice Day with schools and many businesses closed, and I'll take that as a Snow Day!  I have packed together a snowball of posts to celebrate here on MHiCTy.

 As you begin rounding up dominos to fashion teeth for your own snowman (like the kids on the cover of Town Journal Feb 1956 seen above), take a listen to one of my favorite winter time tunes:

Snow Day Confectionaries

As part of our Snow Day here on MHicTy, here are some past posts featuring snowy inspired confectionaries:

All of these were originally affiliated with a holiday, mostly Christmas but even Halloween.  I have been wanting to do a theme of snow, just for snows sake for quite a while, so up next is a nonholiday snowy treat! 

Snow Day! Icicle Cake

Lovely frosty Icicle Cake, perfect for a Snow Day!  Not a candy cane or holly wreath in site!

Here it is as Dexo intended.

 And here it is decked out with some of my vintage snowmen!

I couldn't make out the cake recipe on the original image so I just used a prefab triple chocolate cake mix and tub cream cheese icing.  I did home-make the chocolate icing on the side from this recipe.  I don't think it gets more comfort-confectionary-food than chocolate cake with white icing.

Ivory Snow Day!

Snow Day decor via the...laundry!  Mr. Husband bought me this vintage 1957 unopened box of Ivory Soap for Christmas last year, and the Snowgram was still in the box!!!!

 I think it's fun to pull items together for a theme which they aren't originally intended.  There are lots of fun snow themed things out there...snow cones, abominable snowmen, igloos, and even yellow snow!!

I think I may have added another random "holiday" to my list of the way, start stocking up! National Cold Cuts Day is just around the corner 
(March 3)!

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Frito Kid Valentine Party

This month's Frito Kid party theme is for Valentine's Day. 

Frito Kid is being modest this month and didn't include his chips of gold for the menu...but I did!

Here is the spread!

I topped the sugar cookies with crushed chips, which I highly recommend!

Molded Jello topped with cool whip and garnished with a Frito!
I was tempted to mix crushed up Fritos into the jello molds as well but didn't think it would be a good flavor or texture sensation. 

 I hope everyone has a fritorific Valentine's Day!

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Frito Kid Circus Party

I love the Frito Kid!  What a cutie!  I have long been wanting this vintage 1954 Party Idea booklet, but it was pretty rare and pretty expensive...but now I have it, thanks to Mr. Husband!
The fun thing about this booklet is each month has a featured party theme, and of course generally Fritos are involved.!  That's all 'me'!  I have it in my mind right now that I am going to 'throw' each of these parties and feature them here on MHicTY over the year....but ahead I see stuff like the theme of "Flowers and Fairies" and that girly frou frou pastel princess crap ain't me.  So for now, let's just focus on this month's theme  "Circus Party"!

There is some true gold here!  That game of letting the kids throw wet sponges at the face of one of the moms is awesome!  Work this to your advantage and make sure to invite the kid of that stuck up PTA president to the party...she has the perfect face for this!  (During this time of covid I say print out the faces of people you despise and fling wets sponges at them!)
Also, ice cream with crushed Fritos?!  I'm in!

Here is the spread!

"Cupcakes in individual paper cups, cocoanut icing"

I say garnish with Fritos!

....and garnish with Fritos!

"Ice cream garnished with crushed Fritos"

...garnish the garnish with more Fritos!

I highly recommend the ice cream with crushed Fritos!!  If you like salted peanuts on your ice cream you will love this!

 This little booklet is more than a simple collection of party ideas for kiddies, it's given me a reason to keep pushing forward to the next month so I can experience a new theme of Frito goodness and throwing wet sponges at people's faces! 


Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Georgia on our minds

Enjoy visually binge eating these past peach recipes while we all sit on pins and peach pits awaiting the results:

🍑Super Goober🍑

{Artwork by Panhandle Slim}


Friday, December 25, 2020

Coconut Candy Cane Cake

For our Christmas Day dessert I made us this candy cane coconut cake inspired by an ad for Durkee Coconut seen in Ladies' Home Journal 1956. 

I used an oblong glass baking dish and carved the cake into the cane shape.  This made for lots of cake scraps which equals 'snacks' while I ice the cake.  To make the red coconut I used wilton red gel dye with a bit of water added to it and put into a plastic lidded tupperware-ish container (those round plastic "disposable" tall soup containers from Chinese take out) along with the coconut.  Give it enough shakes to distribute the red.  I made my coconut the day before because sometimes food dyes will darken more in time.  I also toasted the coconut slightly to dry it out.  Before putting the coconut on the cake I iced it with alternating red and white stripes of frosting.

I don't know if these instructions make sense.  Over the past 48 hours I have only had about 5 hours sleep, ya'll women out there know what I'm talking about.  Christmas Eve and Day we are on double time.  I am ready to settle my brain for a long winter's nap!

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Happy Holler Days!

Our tree theme for this year was Kentucky hillbillies since we love (and miss) traveling there.
Here are a few close ups:

Here is a badly back-lit full view:

The tree topper:

I got the idea to do this tree theme way back during Thanksgiving 2019, inspired by our trip to Kentucky.  I started working out details immediately even going so far as seeking out a green fake tree and white lights with green cords.  We have many fake trees: 1 white, 2 black, and numerous aluminum ones, but not a green.  I don't care for green trees, fake or real.  However I felt for this woodsy theme a green tree was the only way to go, but it had to be dirt cheap because it (along with the lights) was going to be donated back to a thrift the first week of January.  I happened to find a decent one at the Goodwill for 3 bucks on an after Christmas sale.  Then several weeks later I found a box of lights at a church rummage sale for 50¢!  The next idea I had was to make outhouse ornaments using the cardboard boxes from toothpaste, so I started saving those back.  They are covered in wood grain shelf liner from dollar tree.  The pine cones were offered from mother nature. The corn cob pipes, moonshine jugs, and Hillbilly post cards are all prints on cardstock.  I made little clothing lines from jute twine, mini clothespins (dollar tree), plaid flannel cut into shirts, and some of Mr. Husband's old white socks cut into mini socks along with some mini whitey tighty underwear. The tree topper is comprised of some of the hillbilly items I collect (knee huggers and a souvenir log cabin bank).
Everything seemed like it was coming together yet those with a keen eye may have noticed that the tree is not green, it's black.  This is because after I set up the green tree and pulled the lights out of the box, I made the realization that the lights were 'net' lights.  There were two sets in the box and I figured I would still try to make them work even if that meant more work for me to get the wires shoved far back on the branches.  The first set of lights looked pretty good after I was done but only covered a little over half of the tree.  But that's okay, right? I have another set.  Nope.  The other set was smaller and a much closer knit net which barely covered the rest of the tree.  The lighting on the tree looked very dull and sparse on the bottom but dense and bright on the top.   Mr. Husband being the ever supportive partner that he is comments that it's perfect looking that way, it works with the theme of hillbilly.   No, no...if my theme was white trash it would work, but hillbillies are people I have a fondness for.
 Hillbillies, White Trash, and Red Necks are commonly seen as all the same but here's the rub in Christmas Tree theme language:

White Trash Christmas tree decorations: 
 crushed beer cans, uneven lights, mini trailers, busted up hot wheel cars, 
toy stuffed dogs (bonus if they are Rottweilers) chained to the tree, tree standing crooked and limbs broken, a garland made from Marlboro cigarettes.  On Christmas eve Santa Billy Jo Claus visits the trailer park and all dirt roads expecting a jumbo bag of pork rinds and a room temperature Busch beer.

Red Neck Christmas Tree decorations:
red, white, and blue christmas lights, NRA ornaments, Nascar crap, mini KKK hoods, 
oversized toy pick up trucks, red solo cups, a confederate flag for a tree skirt, 
and a tree topper depicting that orange numbskull that's squatting at the White House. 
 They celebrate the arrival of Bubba Claus who wears a tank top saying "Beef, Beer, 'Merica" on it and smells of corn nuts.

Ya'll can file those ideas away for yourselves, but I'll pass.

 Back to my homage to Hillbillies....So I decided to try out my black pre-lit tree but tucked in some dried pine straw to give it a more naturey feel.  I loved how it turned out, even better than if the green tree and lights weren't all White Trashed out.  

And speaking off Red Neck/ White Trashness, if you need a laugh... and I know you do, check out People of Walmart and give thanks for contactless drive up grocery shopping.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Decked Out Christmas 2020

Here are the halls, walls, and multiple flat surfaces decked out for the holiday this year.

The Santa shrine seen above is usually set up similar every year, just with new additions to the Santa cult.

{Dining room}

{Dining room}
Of all the areas in the house I thought this wall layout was the most successful new look I came up with.  I decided to group most of the 'Holiday Mail Bags' together and added a plastic garland (from Vanessa) to the Merry Christmas banner.

{Dining room}
Dinner and a show! The Santa Choir perched on top of the china cabinet. 

{Record Cabinet, Living room}
This area is still missing something...Maybe some greenery mingled into the silver garland.

{Display Cabinet, Living room}
This area is usually the Robots Attack! the town but we decided to go with peaceful this year.  

{Living room Green shelf}
I tried something different here with flanking several of the blow molds on each side, not too bad, the height balance is just about spot on.  The wall needs more pop though for sure.

On to some random displays:
{Wall o' Kitsch}

{Another Wall o' Kitsch}

The walls are always a problem because I don't like adding more nails for temporary display.  I have to work with the nails that are already there from the regular yearly decor.  Tape, push pins, or command strips just aren't compatible with my walls for some reason. 

{End tables of elves}
The majority of the elves were hanging around the TV and didn't get a photo this year.

Each year I attempt to get all of these stray bits to come together for a cohesive look.  Since I am always adding new pieces to the hoard this helps with slowly collaborating the random into an intentional balanced layout.  I'm not there yet, but it's all part of the collecting adventure.

I really enjoy comparing each year and seeing progress or revisiting layouts that worked or could be 
re- tweaked.  Here are my past Holiday Hall Decking over the past 15 years:

Robots Attack Christmas 2010 (not too much decor though)