Friday, August 17, 2018

Home Ec Text Books

In my last installment of Back to School, Mid Century Style, I am featuring my collection of  vintage Home Ec books.  I have picked most of these up from thrift stores over the years. Here's a brief rundown of each one: 

First up is the stunningly beautiful front covered 'How You Plan and Prepare Meals" from 1962.  The very first chapter is "Let's Have a Party"!  What a fun way to start off a class!  This book in general focuses on meals, manners, table settings, nutrition, the basic food groups, cooking terms, safety, and recipes.

Here are a few other images within the book:
Apron clad gals in an amazing Home Ec classroom kitchen....could those possibly be Youngstown Kitchen Cabinets?!

There are recipes and special considerations for the bed ridden sick person, being offered by a rather homely gal.

There are many pages dedicated to the right way to eat foods.  Such as how to use your spoon properly when eating soup.  Hint:  Don't put your face in it like a dog.

My next book is "Food and Family Living" from 1947.  The original copyright date is from 1931. This copy belonged to a great grand mother I never met but it was passed down to me since the family knew of my interest on the subject. It's primary topics include: planning and preparing meals, canning, food management, health and nutrition, and recipes. 
There are not many fun photos, most of them are very utilitarian, just showing cuts of meat.  But here are two of interest.

This husband and wife are canning their food in actual metal cans at a community center.  I had never heard of this before.  Kinda neat!  I would have to design my own can labels if I did this.  Something like: Mary's Marvelous Kernels of Corn, with a picture of my face smiling with corn for teeth.

These ladies are painting fake produce to be used as examples for grading foods for the Bureau of Agricultural Economics.   That display would make for great kitchen decor!

"Food For Better Living" registered to the Home Ec Lab in 1954.  This book's contents focus on the vitamin C family (1st chapter), food groups, budget meals, freezing foods, manners, safety, kitchen design, recipes, equipment, and parties.  In the index is a list of audio visual filmstrips to be played for each chapter, some even being silent.  One of these days, I'll have to try to locate some of those films on youtube. 
Here are a few images:

I love this perfectly arranged table for a Tea Party, makes me want to throw one myself!  Only I wouldn't want anyone to touch anything and mess it up.  The guests could view the lovely table, even have a few photos taken by it.  Then I would scurry them off to the kitchen for dixie cups of Kool-Aid and Dollar tree cookies to be eaten over the sink.

"This 4H Club member is a state winner in bread-making."  And she has awesome hair!

"Neat clothing and attractive tables are important in good homemaking."  These gals and their table sure look splendid!

Danish Apple dessert, made with bread crumbs, butter and topped with meringue.
This book is my most favorite I think.  It has lots of neat photos and great sounding recipes. 
There's also a desert called Praline Christmas Cake that sounds super yummy.  It seems like a combination of a coffee cake and an upside down cake with butter, brown sugar, and nuts.

"Family Living" 1950
I have this book right now on loan from the university, however it is a high school text book.  It's not focused on food as the others have been.  It centers on being in a family, looking forward to marriage some day, personality, getting along with people, and caring for children.

There are no photos just comic sketches in this book, none of which were very funny.  I found it interesting that even with this book being from 1950 the idea of dividing household tasks was highly recommended.  The chart above was for the student to see how progressive their thoughts on the subject were, with more answers of  'either' and 'both' being most modern.

"Exploring Home and Family Living" 1959
This book is perfect in that it covers many broad topics: family, food groups, meals, managing money and time, small children, personal grooming, sewing, parties, home safety, making gifts, cleaning and tiding, and being a good friend.

I love this breakfast of crisscrossed sausage links, mint leaf edged grapefruit halves, and butter balls.  The tabasco has a cozie on.

What makes a happy home?  Giant sacks of money in your front yard!

image courtesy of The Popcorn Institute.  Home style popcorn in a skillet.  Most people nowadays think it can only be made in the microwave.

Lots of great subjects that are immensely needed in today's world. I am sure I could do with a refresher myself even.  There is bound to be tons of stuff I don't know at all.

I'll have to get busy reading these books so I can catch up on Home Ec skills I never learned since I was cut short of my class in 7th grade!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Home Ec Youngstown Kitchen

This week on MHICTY it's "Back to School", mid century style.  In my last post I presented some of the adorable MC bits that still remain in PB's past middle school, which happened to also be my past middle school for the better part of 7th grade in the 1980s.  In my first semester there, I took an art class, and then in second semester I took (for only a month or so) HOME EC!!! In this amazing room outfitted with Youngstown Diana Steele Cabinetry and signature boomerang hardware!

There are about 3 full kitchen stations set up in the room.  I left the class (we moved a lot) right before we were going to do a sewing project which was apron!

Over the rest of my school years I never got another opportunity to take a Home Ec class.  They really aren't offered in schools anymore that I am aware of.  Even 'Future Homemakers of America' is now known by the politically correct and vastly boring name of 'Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America'. This room is still intact I am guessing because once every other year the school offers a class that has a small section on cooking, which I am willing to bet is the only school in our district that even does this.  I wanted PB to take that course for my own reasons of getting to volunteer and spend time in the room, but it didn't work out with his other class options.

These pictures were taken when PB was in 6th grade and this room happened to be his homeroom.  I had planned to come back and take much better photos but at the time I didn't realize the teachers moved to different class rooms several times during the school year.  The next set of teachers in this room were not part of his course schedule so these are the best photos I ever got.

It crosses my mind all the time that somewhere in an old storage area at the school is a box full of replacement handles...just sitting there.

It's a shame Home Ec isn't taught properly anymore.  I do my own mini summer class with PB which I call "Life Skillz" (using a 'z' because it's what old folks would think is the hip way to spell it!) that is my own home version of a Home Ec class.  We do a little bit of cooking, cleaning, and organizing around the house together in a teaching fashion.  Next summer we may do some sewing.  He doesn't like my "class", but he needs to know how to clean a bathroom and scramble an egg.

On the subject of Youngstown Kitchens, enjoy a couple of videos I found on Youtube featuring Diana in some form!

First is a 1953 fun sing-a-long for Youngstown Kitchens with a mention of The Diana Style cabinets.  Follow the bouncing ball and give 'em hell!:
And a 1951 Youngstown salesman educational film on how to demonstrate their dishwasher with  
hydro-brush action to Mr. and Mrs. Customer featuring a Diana goddess statue that comes to life, works for free and flirts with Mr. Allen, the promotions department manager and a good looking chap in Kansas City.  I think she may be a relative to Mr. B. Natural  since she also possesses powers to make things appear, disappear and with such a chipper attitude.

Next up, Home Ec, by the book!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Mid Century Middle School

Since it's "Back To School" around our house, I thought I would do a few mid century school posts for the week.  PB's middle school, which he just "graduated" from, happens to be mid century and still retains several amazing bits of mid century architecture.

There are gorgeous slate brick walls flanking the entry.

Most of the floors are terrazzo.

Many of the rooms have along the back wall a long shelf of aluminum edged 'Cracked Ice' Formica counter tops.

Another neat thing about PB's middle school is that I happened to go to middle school there myself a little over a half year when I was in 7th grade back in the 1980's.
It was at this school that I first took an art class.  At the time I wasn't into school too much but I loved my art class.  It was one of the only classes I always got recognition in (that and writing).  I remember doing a kaleidoscope repeating pattern project that I wrote "RAD" across it.  The pattern was very 1980's Memphis Design.  And of course "RAD" was the word all the cool kids said.  The teacher hung it up on a billboard near the lunchroom with a few other student's work. The billboard is still there and in 7th grade for PB he happened to have a recognition "Panther Paw" on it for the speech he made during his mock presidential election.   For writing, I wrote a Halloween story that was published in the school paper and a poem that was included in a district compilation.  I can't remember what the poem was about.  I did however come across the story while doing my KonMari Tidying.  It's tucked away in a storage bin so I can't access it right now.  Which might be for the best for you all!

During my first semester I took the Art class, then during my second semester I took....
One of my favorite rooms is coming up next!

side note:  I just noticed this is my 1000th post!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Slick's Concrete

Last stop on our Mount Airy trip.
Slicks Concrete

155 Slicks Pottery Ln
Mount Airy, NC 27030

This is another of those places that I didn't find out existed until the last couple of years.
It is pure concrete heaven!
Acres of all sorts of concrete sculptures!
Here are just a few of my favorites:

An Elvis Bust


Squeee!  Boston Terriers!

A concrete Barney

...and Andy!

And Big Foot and Little Foot Sightings abound!

So much to choose from: bears, squirrels, life sized giraffes, civil war figures, trucks, angels, frogs, poodles, dragoons, dolphins, saints, gargoyles, John F. Kennedy, alligators, pagodas, cats, elephants, coal miners, firefighters, lions, aliens, monkeys, chickens, hippos, pigs, tiki heads, cows, horses, and even garden gnomes.

After all of those choices we still wound up not bringing any of these concrete cuties home.  Just too hard to decide which would make our yard look the tackiest.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Roadside Mayberry

Obviously all of these signs have been in Mount Airy for decades but for some reason we didn't know about them til our current trip.  The Starlight Motel still has a building but it is in bad shape and has been crappily remodeled over the years.  I think it is now a low income month to month room rental.

Right next door is this big man sign.  He looks like a repair shop kinda guy but who knows.  I think it's a car sales lot now.

Then further down the way is this neat large milk carton at the Pet Milk company building.

All of these sites are along Andy Griffith Parkway

Monday, August 06, 2018

Mayberry Eats

While in Mount Airy, NC we tried out a few different places for eats than we normally go to.
One is a little Drive-In called Speedy Chef. (1516 S Main Street Mount Airy, NC 27030)
Just the cute retro clip art chef on the trash can had me pulling the car towards the place.

It's a classic little hamburger joint.  Nothing fancy at all.

We stopped by for a snack and then became addicted to their pineapple and nut topping ice cream sundaes.  We went several times in the 2 days we were in town!

We, of course, went to The Snappy Lunch for pork-chop sandwiches on one day!
(125 North Main St, Mount Airy NC, 27030)

This time we got them with everything!  Chili, coleslaw, mustard, onions,and tomato.

A new place we found was the Olympia Family Restaurant.  It's nothing historic (started in the 80s) but it's a nice local place for good home style cooking along with some Greek dishes.  I heard sometimes Betty Lynn ate there so I was hoping...We ate here for dinner both nights we were in town, no sightings, but great food and service! (602 Linville Rd, Mt. Airy NC, 27030)

We also made our way to Scoops Ice Cream.
 (5091 W Pine Street, Mt. Air, NC 27030)

Scoops is a fun little place full of metal sculptures and vintage stuff all over the grounds.  The business is inside a vintage ice cream truck that is permanently parked.

Bellies full, let's see a few more Mount Airy sites!

Friday, August 03, 2018

Davis Arcade and Motel

We have been to Mount Airy, NC numerous times.  I love that every time we go we discover several things new to see or do.  Walking downtown I have seen this sign at the end of an alley for Davis Arcade.  This trip we decided to go find out what is was.  I thought it was a pinball arcade.  However that is not what the word Arcade actually means here.  It is the definition of "a covered passage way that includes many shops"

As you can see...It is a super long hallway.  Most of the businesses were not retail (lawyers, and a psychic) and so it was kinda nice that on Friday evening the hallway was deserted and could be explored some. 

I loved this green asphalt tile on the floor!

As we came out the other end of the Davis Arcade, we found ourselves at the entry to The Davis Motel built in 1930.  The front door was open to this little lobby waiting room.  

Check out those amazing 1960 era chairs!

This is the front desk window.
  I think the sign "Limit your calls to 5 minutes please" may be giving you a hint as to what the Davis Motel is.  In present day it is a low rent, month by month, kinda half way house for men.

The supervisor/manager was there and a super cool guy.  He let us look around and take photos and told us about the history of the Motel.

The Davis Motel was where a ton of country western and blue grass performers and actors of past stayed when in town or passing through: Roy Acuff, Minnie Pearl, Little Jimmy Dickens, Audrey and Hank Williams Jr. along with many others.

Check out the little windows in those rooms overlooking the hallway and stairwell.  The manager said the other side of the windows are bathrooms.  Odd.

Beautiful art deco wall sconces.

Awesome wallpaper.  Not sure of it's date, but I guess it could be original.

Stumbling on the Davis Motel was really awe inspiring.  So many legends climbed those steps and walked that hall.  We spoke with the manager at length.  He told us he still has the motel ledger books from 1940-1960 with signatures of all the guests.  The whole Davis building and complex is apparently bigger than I even realized.  He told us part of the building houses The Grand Theatre, which is one of his next restoration projects.  He was going to let us take a peek at it but a photographer had rented it out for the day.  Next time!