Saturday, April 01, 2023

Cleaning Week: Cake-O-Matic!

Ending out the 2023 Cleaning Week I made a cake inspired by a vintage Electrolux vacuum cleaner:

The total idea wasn't mine though.  I found the cake design in a super cute cake decorating book called Cake My Day! that I picked up at a thrift several years ago.  This book is so fun and full of interesting cake ideas...there's a toaster!  So I don't get the cake lawyers on me I am not going to include a scan or photo of the cake in the book.  Besides, there's looks better than mIne!

The super extra added bonus of the cake is when you cut into it there's "dirt" inside!  To achieve this look after I mixed up the batter (store bought box pound cake mix) I folded in broken bits of chocolate cookie and some of the strawberry sugar wafers and then baked.


Friday, March 31, 2023

Cleaning Week: Spic and Span

I saved the best for last!
I got this amazing Spic and Span empty box from the Proctor and Gamble estate sale.
Behold all of it's glorious sides!

This stuff does it all!
I wish it had some product left in the box!

 I LOVE that whale!
As you can see I got a big box full of old cleaning products from the Proctor and Gamble Rep estate sale. 
 There was a bunch more there too!  My total for all?  Only 6 bucks!

Cleaning Week: Sal Soda

To finish out Cleaning Week here on MHiCTy I present these 2 boxes full of Sal Soda!
So cute!  And I may chisel out some of the product to try out one day!
Mr. Husband bought these from ebay for for me for Christmas last year.


Thursday, March 30, 2023

Cleaning Week: It's O.K. Washing Powder

 Is this not hilarious!?
The soap for the sad sacks.
My washing powder....It's o.k.
I got this from the Proctor and Gamble estate sale as you can see.
It still has the powder in it but it's become a solid mass.
I'm O.K. with that... I guess.

Cleaning Week: Ivory Liquid Detergent

I got this rusty garbled can of Ivory Liquid detergent (empty) from the Proctor and Gamble estate sale.
The best part is it still has it's Free Steak Knives attached!

 "Stainless" has failed after being taped to an old rusty bottle for decades.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Cleaning Week: Ivory Flakes

From the Proctor and Gamble estate sale, still full o' flakes!

 The art work and layout of this box is devine!

Cleaning Week: Ivory Bar

From the Proctor and Gamble estate sale.
It's a bit bedraggled for an Evening in Paris.


Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Cleaning Week: Chipso Flakes

This vintage box of Chipso flakes was a gift from Mr. Husband.

It's still full of "chips"!


Cleaning Week: Tide

Another vintage Proctor and Gamble item with the soap still in the box.
The back is a little too 70's for me though.


Monday, March 27, 2023

Cleaning Week: Thrill Dish Soap

This week happens to the official week of Spring cleaning!   
Every housewives' super power!
Every day til Friday I will be sharing a couple of vintage cleaning products that I have come across over the past year.  Most were bought at an estate sale where the owner used to be a rep for Proctor and Gamble back in the day.

I start you off with one of my favorites~ Thrill Soap!'s not the pink version as I "loved" as a child but it's still pretty cool!

 Make yourself some Thrill Earrrings in the peach variety if you like!

Cleaning Week: Cinch Spray Cleaner

Here is another vintage product package I got from the Proctor and Gamble Rep estate sale.  
I love the color of the bottle!


Friday, March 17, 2023

Lime Ribbon Delight

For our St. Paddy's Day dessert I decided to try out this vintage 1971 Betty Crocker recipe called Lime Ribbon Delight!

The original recipe calls for little white clay pipes as the extra pizzazz but I happen to be fresh out.  So I just printed some images of vintage St. Paddy's Day die-cuts featuring a white pipe, laminated them with clear packing tape and done!

🍀   🍀   🍀   🍀   🍀

🍀   🍀   🍀   🍀   🍀

A wee bit o' decor.

I'll have to do an update on how the cake tasted but I feel lucky that it will be quite good!
Update:  The cake was very good!  I could see it being done with different flavors of jello such as strawberry and pineapple.  the interior of mine did have that nice "ribbon" of green but I didn't get a photo.

Friday, February 24, 2023

Snow Day! Winter Display Shelf

Here we are at our last day of Snow Day Week!

Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons!  
This year after I took down my lovely FallMas decor I decided to try out doing some winter decorating, in just a couple of spots in the living room (small display shelf and the huge green rack).  I love it!
Here is the green rack and wall all bedecked in a Winter Wonderland!

I put my Putz village on the bottom shelf in a blanket of snow.

I used branches from my white christmas tree in the flanking containers (aka industrial sized food cans!) and as back ground on the shelves.

Prints of vintage snowman buildin'!

Vintage Snowman bits and bobs:

Winter isn't over til March 20 and this display just might stay up til then...even if it's 90 degrees outside!


Thursday, February 23, 2023

Snow day! ~Snowman Balls

After all that Snowman craftin' we all could use a little Snow Day snack!

Here are some yummy snowman confectionaries!

Their bodies are made from a peanut butter fudge kinda deal coated in white almond bark.

12 oz peanut butter
1 stick butter melted
1 lb powdered sugar

Mix all together and roll into balls.  Refrigerate balls to firm up a bit.  Melt white almond bark in a double boiler and dip each ball.  Set aside on wax paper til set.
Impale balls with snowman picks if you have them!  If not make your own from large white wood beads glued to toothpicks decorated as you see fit.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Snow Day! Let's build some snowmens!

Don't let a lack of white icy mush keep you from building your own snow pal!
❅  ❆  ⛄  ❄  ❅  ❆  ⛄  ❄  ❅

This year I am doing a much bigger Winter~Snowman display (upcoming post!) so I needed a little bit of some extra bits.  I decided to make a few vintage inspired crafty fellows!

First up is this little dumpling.
Inspired by these vintage guys:

I made mine by using 2 styrofoam balls that were the same size.  I cut down the body ball flatish on the neck and 'feet' region, then attach together with strong hot glue.  I then heavily coated his head in school glue.  I filled a large bowl with those hyper staticky mini styofoam balls from 1.25 Tree.  Next you dunk the goopy glue laden snowman in the balls coating his head.  Let dry and this will take days.  Then repeat on his body.  After all has dried for the most part if you find any bare spots just fill them in with more glue and balls.  I made his features from round black push pins from 1.25 Tree.  His hat is a mini solo cup (shot glass size, also from 1.25 Tree) spray painted black.  the brim is cut from a bit of stiff black felt.  Mouth is a bit of sparkly black pipe cleaner hot glued on.  Trim is silver rick rack.

❅  ❆  ⛄  ❄  ❅  ❆  ⛄  ❄  ❅

Next we have this concerned fellow:
He is a classic crafty vintage deal made from a couple of vintage white satin christmas balls, white bump pipe cleaner, bits of black cardstock for his features.  His nose is from a holly berry from a bush I had leftover from making Holly Boy.  His hat is an ornament from walsmart christmas stuff.  This guy is fairly self evident how to construct him, just glue all the bits in the right places!
❅  ❆  ⛄  ❄  ❅  ❆  ⛄  ❄  ❅
I saved the best for last!

Based after this cutie on ebay (nope to 18 bucks + shipping):

I mean come on!  He looks like he is made from something a cat coughed up...and he's wielding a noodle!  LOVE HIM!
How I made him was by painting a pine cone white as seen in the one process photo I took:

Then hot glue a small satin ball ornament on the butt of the pinecone.  Next make him some arms and legs from pipe cleaners and hot glue into place. Then cover the entire cone in either cotton wadding or Angel's Hair (spun glass).  I don't know if they make it anymore.  I have a couple of packs I found at thrift stores over the years.  So I LOVE so many of the wonky things about the original inspiration snowman and one of them is that weird cape-like matted bit around his shoulders.  To make this I tore a bit of a christmas snow blanket into a backwards bolero type shape and fitted it onto him.  I then sponged on some white paint and sprinkled it with silver glitter.  His facial features are card stock eyes, a red ball needle nose and a parentheses sticker mouth.  His hat is comprised from a foam mini pool noodle type finger flinger toy I found at 1.25 tree.  I cut it to the size I wanted and painted it with black acrylic paint, brim is cardstock.
And his noodle staff is a gold painted noodle. 

I have got sooo many more snowmens crafts I want to make!
Peep some for yourself in my Snow Day Pinterest Board.