Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Gift Wrapped

These 'gift wrapped' Firestone record album covers are perfect for making Christmas gift boxes out of!  It's a craft project I came up with several years ago and I am finally getting around to making them this year!

First pick out some Christmas albums with front covers that have most of the action in the middle section.  
Next, cut the front cover from the back.  The front is the top of the box and the back is the bottom.  Start with the front cover by turning it over and marking 1 1/2 inches around the edge.  When marking press down slightly with pencil.  (This will serve as a blunt scoring and make folding the edges over more straight and easier later.)  Next cover your marks with packing tape as shown above on all four lines.

Now, using a exacto knife or box cutter make slits on all four corners as shown above.  Fold all edges over to form the box lid.  The top is going to crack on the folds, just be aware. The bottom of the box is made the same way as the lid except to get it to fit under the top it must be measured a smidge over 1 1/2 inches.

Here is the lid folded on the edges.

At this point you could hot glue the edges and be done.  I am always thinking about how I will store something and how can I have it take up the least amount of space.  I decided the best way was to have the box fold down flat as most gift boxes do.  I considered using velcro on the corners but for quick use this year I came up with another solution.  In the four corners of the lid and bottom, where the big "X"s are seen above, I applied some clear packing tape.  I then folded the tiny flaps inward and used scotch tape to hold it solid.  Since I have packing tape where the scotch tape is applied, it can be easily peeled off after use and not mar the album cover.  I can then fold the boxes flat for packing up and use them every year!

These boxes are also great to use as decoration under the tree before Santa drops off the big stash on Christmas Eve!

For another record gift box idea check out my:
Apron Record Gift Box

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Fix sh*t up! And a bonus craft!

Here is another item I picked up this season but also fixed it up and got a bonus craft out of it!
We bought this super cute illustrated Christmas tree lights box battered and stuffed with 2 sets of old light strands for 4 bucks.

I reinforced the torn box with manila folders and hot glue.  It is now much sturdier and festive.  Once I can find an old price sticker I will cover up the scribbled out marker price.

The added craft was I turned the strands of lights into a wreath!  One set of lights works but gets hot enough to torch up my walls so this thing is just for show.  The cords are red and green which adds an extra bit of holiday spirit!

Monday, December 17, 2018

Vintage Christmas Ornament Refresh

Over the years I have been able to collect several vintage Christmas ornaments and boxes.  I like to use the boxes as displays for the ornaments rather than risking hanging them from a tree limb...and crash. 

Here is a past 'serving suggestion'.  I usually place them in the back of the cubbies of the Green Shelf in the living room. I have noticed that most of my boxes are looking a bit ratty, and not in a festive way.  The plastic windows are torn and don't you hate it when the thrift store writes the price right on the front!?

Example (notice ratty filmage and lower right corner church graffiti):


As I was packing up Christmas stuff last year I took the time to spruce up my boxes a bit.  I replaced the plastic film with clear cellophane (from dollar tree) and came up with a way to disguise the marker defacement. 


Well how about those baubles and bells!
I covered the price...with a price tag!  I have noticed that usually these boxes will have an old original price tag tacked on them somewhere.  I just gently peeled it off and then glued it over the offending marker!

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Inflatable reindeer

{New Xmas stuff this season}

Finally making it to the end of the 'new stuff'!  I bought this inflatable reindeer on ebay for 10 bucks including shipping.  I typically don't buy Christmas decor on ebay but I have been searching for my inflatable Santa to have a buddy for a couple of years now, holding out for a good price.

Bonus! It was a New-Old-Stock item and came with a cute header!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Jingly Smoochy Deery Elfy

{New Xmas Decor this season}

Here is a couple of small groups of random items that were also part of the bag of stuff we picked up at a thrift for 5 bucks.

These two came from estate sales over the year but only cost a buck each.  I thought this elfish doll was too cute with it's freckles and wild hair!

There were even several more small odd ball ornaments like this tiny plastic house and tree dangling on a felt circle.  However, those things are just the ultra random bits that accumulated on the bottom of the bag.

I got most of these things to eventually make more wreaths once I have enough little bits but for now I have them hanging out in nooks and crannies within the holiday decor this year!

Friday, December 14, 2018

Dizzy Musical Elves

{New Xmas Stuff this season}

This is an interesting piece.  It is a music box bell (you pull a string from the bottom) for it to play 'Jingle bells' and the little elves inside the clear plastic dome spin around till the music stops!

close up.

Luckily for these guys the spinning is very slow or they would need a few barf bags in there with them!


{New Xmas Stuff this season}

7 lights.  That is an interesting number choice.  

I really liked the interior of the box.  The lid is suppose to fold in a way that the entire unit is a display but the previous owner taped it up.
We picked this 1 bulb set from an antique mall after Christmas last year.   I can't recall the price but it would have had to be less than 10 bucks or I wouldn't have bought it!

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Honey Comb Santa Mini

{New Xmas stuff this season}

This little guy is too cute!  He measures about 2 inches tall.  He was part of the 5 buck bag from the thrift.

Here is his 'big brother':
Honeycomb Tissue Guy

Shrubby Couple

{New Xmas stuff this season}

These plastic shrubby people are probably my favorite new find!  I especially like the guy's disgruntled frown!
They measure about 6 inches tall.  Paid 50 cents each.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Santy and Peppy

{New Xmas stuff this season}

This couple of salt and pepper shakers are in such good shape I thought at first they were retro reproductions, but on the bottom there is a "Japan" sticker and the rubber stoppers are dry rotten, yet pristine looking.  They are almost too nice for me, since I am used to broken shoddy looking stuff!  We picked this prom picture perfect set up at a thrift for 3 bucks.

Krinkle Wire Tree Topper

{New Xmas stuff this season}

Most of my vintage Christmas stuff is really "junk".  It's stuff that was made cheap and was sold cheap at 5 and 10 stores decades ago.  By the time it comes to me it's been banged around Santa's sleigh a number of times.  This tree topper however is kinda fancy I think.  It is delicate glass with scraggly wire wrapped all over it.  The tip of it is broken though so it fits in at my house nicely.  It was part of the bag of stuff I bought from a thrift for 5 bucks total.

Update:  I discovered that the tip of the topper isn't broken!  It's suppose to have a tinsel streamer coming out of the open end!  See serving suggestion below:

That's a little bit too frou-frou for me though.  But it makes me wonder if the missing piece was in the bin at the thrift store...

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

So Realistic! Candle Trays

{New Xmas stuff this season}

I have got a thing for photographic image printed Christmas metal doo-dads.  I have several tins, but no trays.  I picked these up for 50 cents each.

Spun Satin Gold Balls

{New Xmas Stuff this season}

Picked these up at an estate sale at some point over this past year.  I remember these kind of ornaments being the staple cheap Christmas ornament for so many years.  Every store had them just like they would have cheap candy canes.  Now you can't get them anywhere new.  One of the first handmade gifts I made while in high school was from a set of these kind of satin white ornaments which I painted cow spots on them and made a little udder from pink craft foam hanging off the bottom for a friend that was a bit obsessed with cows.  I also made a set of satin ball ornaments with dalmatian spots for my mom around the same time.  These ornaments are really easy to craft with but once the satin strands start frizzing out they start looking raggedy.  And raggedy is usually not a good Christmas tree theme.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Knee Huggin'

{New Xmas Stuff this season}

Every year I like to showcase the "new" Christmas finds I've come across since last season.  Until about a week ago I only had a few things to show. Then I happened upon a good load in just one swoop at a thrift.  I picked up all of these knee hugger elves together along with a bag of other things for 5 bucks.  Previously I had 4 officially-hugging-their-knees 'Knee Huggers' and have now doubled my collection.  This year I am going to let the gang have top billing on the green display shelf.

Here are a few more from the clan:
Elf Gang
Elfin Magic

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Frosty and Fire Wreath

I really liked this wreath also.  It consisted of several random snowmen dancing around a flame...playing with fire!


Kinda like a Bunsen burner!

This is the last of the wreaths that I made to sell at the Punk Rock Flea Market. I sold them pretty cheap at 10 bucks each.  One girl that bought 2, was like "I spend 10 bucks on coffee!  You should charge way more!" But I wanted to get them sold.  I was offered to have my wreaths carried at a local vintage clothing shop if I make any more.  Only my stash of ornaments that look good together is fairly depleted now.  I have been keeping my eye out for some more but pickings have really become slim.  My goal was to follow through with making the wreaths I could and stash bust my materials, which I did!

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Ring of Santas Wreath

This was one of the last wreaths I made.  I was running out of items that had matching ornaments or any large focal pieces but I think the ribbon I wrapped around the wreath really 'tied' it all together!


This wreath was on of my favorites!

Friday, December 07, 2018

Kissy Claus Wreath

Mr. and Mrs. Claus smooching in front of some really big yet festive mice.

I should have stuffed some plastic mistletoe in the lamp above them!

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Who let the deer out? Wreath

Here is the other off center Santa wreath I made.  The red flocked reindeer and bits of greenery were cut from a vintage garland.


Wednesday, December 05, 2018

On Prancer! Wreath

With this wreath I had to put Santa off to the side because I couldn't figure out how to get him to stand up well in the center.  I liked how it turned out and made another wreath that was off center as well.