Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Abita Mystery House

A few months back, I had this dream that I could barely describe to Hubs.  In the dream he had taken me some place wonderful...I woke up having a strong desire to go there.  "What's is it called?" he asked.  "I don't know..." I answered.  'Well, where is it?" he then asked.  "I don't know..." I lamented, "but you need to take me there!" 

On my birthday weekend, we found it!
It is the Abita Mystery House.  
 It is only 3 hours away from us in a little town called Abita Springs, La. (of Abita beer/rootbeer fame).

 This place is one of the most wonderful places I have ever been to!  It's a complex built of folk art, bottle caps, vintage paint-by-number paintings, taxidermy oddities, southern charm and a crashed alien UFO in the side of an Airstream trailer. 

I was overwhelmed by the massive collection of PBNs there!  As I wondered around, taking everything in,  I was hit with an immense feeling of de' ja' vu...this was the place from my dream!

 The largest part of the museum is the animated diorama of "River Road".  There are buttons every few feet to push that make little things light up and move within the scenes.

 The "River Road" is full of little jokes and southern references.  Oil refineries are neighbors with plantation homes and a snake farm has it's own swamp monster in the tower.  There is a BBQ shack and a brothel along with a ton of little funny details to keep an eye out for.

 A Goofy Golf is placed under a heavenly cloud containing civil war soldiers with the sign reading 
"God bless our Forefathers. Who fought in the Civil War so we can play Goofy Golf in peace!"

Over at the hotel, when you push the button a little kid jumps up and down on the bed.  A sign is hanging up on the wall behind him saying "No jumping on the bed!"

"Tragedy on Dogpound Road" is another animated diorama that when the button is pushed the tornado twists through a trailer park as a trailer roof opens and closes exposing the interior!

 There is a shrine to Elvis!

 In front of the shrine is a keyboard.  I told PB it was for sending Elvis messages in the afterlife.

 Bring extra quarters with you because there are a bunch of coin operated machines to try out!
They had one of those souvenir coin makers just like in Las Vegas!

On the other side of the wall you can watch the metal coin being stamped!

There is a crank operated organ!  One person cranks it as the other plays.

Nightmare fuel!  It's Peppy's creepy cousin...Crisco!  Put a quarter into his machine and he will dance for you...later though he will sneak into your home during the night and expect the same from you.  Only his quarter is an ax and dancing is death.

Check out the various exhibits and sideshow wonders!


The infamous House of Shards!

Darrel the Dogigator!

I'm listening to reason!
And! The Abita Mystery House has an awesome gift shop...if you happen to need to stock up on some supplies. 

Bonus! I got my picture taken with the owner and artist, John Preble!

For more info read the article on Roadside America

and watch this cool short travel video with sights and sounds of the museum in action!

or just GO THERE!
Abita Mystery House
22275 HWY 36 
Abita Springs, La 70420
Open daily (except major holidays) 10am-5pm
Only 3 bucks admission!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pee-wee Partypalooza!

Conky, what's the secret word?!
We all know what to do when we hear the secret word right?!
Scream real loud!

My birthday (Arrrgghh!) was last week and I decided to throw myself a Pee-wee themed shindig...or "the coolest party ever"!

First, call up some friends!
"Hey there Pee-wee! Come over to my place for a fun partypalooza!"

"I'll bring the Ice Cream Soup!"

Let's get this place all decorated!
 Pee-wee helped with a balloon!

Put up a silver sparkly banner and decorate the wall with fun stuff!

Hang lanterns and streamers!

For added ambiance, display some Pee-wee collectibles.

 Yay! The guests are here!

 There's Globey and the Puppetland Band and Randy and the fish!

And Chairy and Jambi and Clocky and Conky and Pterri!

What's that you say flowers?!

It's the King of Cartoons!

Let the birthday (Arrrggghh!) cartoon begin!

Now everyone, get out your industrial sized forks....

 It's time for birthday (Arrrggghhh!!!) cake....Magic Screen style!

 Connect the dots! La la la la!

I wish for us to all have awesome tin foil fashion accessories!

Wish?!  Did somebody say wish?!
Meka Leka Hi Meka Hiney Ho!

Yes!!!  Huge heads o' foil for everyone!  Thanks Jambi!!

I hear Tequila spinning on the turntable!

Let's all dance!
Thanks for coming to my Birthday (Arrrggghhh!!!!) Party!

All images that are not mine or were used as decor are sourced on my pinterest pee-wee board

Monday, September 21, 2015

World Miniature Golf Day

 It's WORLD Miniature Golf Day.
It's gone beyond just being a national holiday people.  The whole world is uniting in the joy of putting balls into the mouth of a snapping alligator today!

 There is an official Goofy Golf dating from 1958 not too far from me.

 The problem is that it's abandoned and drastically overgrown...as you can see.

It hasn't been open for business for the last several years. There's no notice on the door or even a 'for sale' sign posted. 

I used to go to this location for my birthday every year, so it's sad to see it looking like this.

Getting past the kangaroo wasn't happening.  
Those weeds aren't of the common variety.  They are some brutal bastards with skin mangling mega thorns.

I am just hoping that it's not in Humpty Dumpty's future to have a great fall...as in getting bulldozed down.

 If there isn't a functioning mini golf near you, then have a virtual experience by perusing some of my past mini golf adventures!

Mothers Day Goofy Golfin' Gala 2015
Goofy Golf Ft. Walton Beach 2013
Panama City Beach Goofy Golf 2013
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Goofy Golf Panama City 2006

Also, see my DIY Mini Goofy Golf post for ideas to make your own mini-mini golf course for home use!

Free game if you golf your ball into the snake's mouth!
At the abandoned Goofy Golf you can have the extra thrill of it being a real snake!