Thursday, January 12, 2012

a few neat finds i got today:

little NOS butter boxes from 1960 at a thrift for 49 cents. they were even still flat when i found them!

and some bottles of "pop" with retro graphics at big lots for 60 cents.
the"Pop Shoppe" has a website that is super cute with an interactive cartoon of woodlandish creatures inside a bottle! there is also a history of the drink, however i fear that the 2012 timeline entry is going to be a repeat of the 1983 one if it being sold at big lots is any clue. i tried the "lime ricky" and it is quite tasty....kinda like maragrita there's a thought! what a minute....Zima! that's it! it tastes like a nonalcoholic Zima. are those still being made? just checked and sadly no.  stopped production in 2008... shows how much of a boozer i am not! i am so out of touch, even beyond the world of hooch.