Monday, April 29, 2013

Party Cut-Up Cakes

 I  L*O*V*E those little cook booklets with coconut cut-up cakes!  My Memaw was clearing out some of her old cook booklets and passed several down to me.  This one was my favorite! It was produced by Baker's Coconut and Dream Whip circa 1967. I scanned a few of the cutest ones:

Bow Tie Bunny
I think we will be making him for Easter next year.  He has such a sweet goofy expression in his marshmallow and red candy eyes! I don't see "bow tie" though.  It looks more like his chest and arms with him springing from a jack in the box.

Spot the Fox Terrier
I don't think a cake has ever been made based on a fox terrier but this guy is precious.

Myrtle and Milton Mouse
Not many couple mouse cakes out there. Application for these could be engagement party, birthday for boy/girl twins, valentine's day....I guess. Someone wanting to press their luck could tint that toasted coconut black and....well, have a "Mikey and Minky Mouse" cake set.

Mr. Snowman
Not a very original name but this guy is my favorite in the booklet. Super simple cut-out but super freakin' cute I can't stand it. Sooooo making him for christmas this year. The cut-out shape also reminds me of a robot.

Ella Elephant
She has pink gum drop toe nails!

Dandy Lion Cake
This guy has got such personality he looks like he could have his own TV show and breakfast cereal made after him.

Jerry Giraffe
Cheek pinch-able cuteness. Love the extra touch of the licorice and gumdrop tree.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Twinkies (ish!)

While at the Dollar Tree a few weeks ago I saw these...."Twinkie" cupcakes!

We have been having bake sales for Relay for Life lately and I thought how cool it would be to make these twinkie cupcakes into the classic twinkie shape... Then I found this pan on ebay:

I printed out some labels of vintage Twinkie boxes, adding to them "Twinkie-ish" and "Twinkie inspired snack cakes" so not to get sued by anyone left of the corporation or Twinkie the Kid, himself.

I looked up a few other ideas for food crafts using twinkies and there are some super cute ones for Halloween! Mummies, severed fingers, individual tomb stones, spiders. Yes! May have to order a second pan!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

West Bend Buffet Patio Server

Many years ago,  in one of my old cookbooks, I found a lovely image of this exact buffet-patio server/bean pot... It  was shown among a table buffet, not the center of attention, but beautifully standing out regardless. It has been an object of my desire ever since. Now and again I would find one at a thrift, maybe missing the lid or the graphic was nearly worn away but certainly did not have the shiny chrome heating element (I actually didn't realize it came with one).  However these were not good enough.  I waited.... and alas...this bean pot was stitting on a shelf in the thrift...waiting for me as well! I don't think it has never been used. Original box, complete with heating element and cord (still wrapped as seen on the box) recipe guide (all dating 1969) and even:

 Inside the crock are the "packed by" stubs!

So what to do with this lovely jewel ?... because I despise baked beans.... Consult the included recipe, suggestion and care booklet! 

 First off, this " New idea electric helper keeps hot foods at serving temperature". So "Convenient for serving prepared foods such as potato salad, casserole dishes, canned foods (chili, beans, spaghetti, stews, vegetables, fruits), barbecue sauces, hot pudding sauces and soups."
There are a few recipes sans beans. Shown above is the server in action with spaghetti and meat balls.  It can also be used as a crock pot with a recipe for Mexican-Style Chili.  Put beans and water in and cook overnight. Add all other ingredients and cook for another 2 hours.  I don't know how safe I feel running this thing overnight with no supervision other than my smoke detector (with no batteries in it) to babysit. Other recipes include: Hot Potato Salad, Beef Stew, Split Pea Soup,Vegetable Chowder, and Prunes Norwegian style.  May have to try that last one out of curiosity. 
But the best thing you can use this gal for is Keeping your Weiners Warm! 

I love that idea the best!

I have yet to venture toward plugging the server in.  Partly from apprehension that it make spark and bring the curtains down in a blaze.  The other part is what if it doesn't work at all. That would be disappointing as well.   But the crock is cute and useful in it's self...I am sure it can keep my weiners warm without electricity.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Goofy Golf Ft. Walton Beach

Made it over to the The Goofy Golf in Ft. Walton Beach, built in 1958!  

It is super awesome!  
(and cheap! $3 for Adults and $1.50 for kids)
Every October, for one day, to celebrate their anniversary ( 54 years thus far!) they go back to original pricing of $0.75 for adults and $0.50 for kiddos).
There are many challenging holes and homemade obstacles.

Fun concrete critters!

I LOVE outhouse themed goofy golf holes!  You have to golf your ball into to the's a two seater!

I golfed my ball into the alligator's mouth and it got stuck somewhere inside.  The attendant, without saying anything, walked over with a bucket of water, gave the gator a big swig and out came my ball from the tail! The attendant then trotted away again without saying thing.  Clearly not his first gator ball rodeo!

View showing a totem pole, wishing well, snake, cacti, and elephant.

View showing the big green dino, an ape, a shark, a kangaroo and baby.  Also seen is the neat vintage walk-up business stand.  
Guess what they sell at the concessions!? Candy cigarettes! They also have these yummy tutti frutti  icee drinks for $0.50.

The final hole is this cutie snake!  You have to golf your ball into it's mouth...didn't happen this time.
 Maybe next!

Sunday, April 07, 2013

DIY Mini Goofy Golf

We've got Goofy Golf madness lately.  There are 3 courses in our area, all dating from the 1950's.  The closest one is all locked up and abandoned :(.  The others are a bit of a pilgrimage to get to, being in Panama City and Fort Walton Beach,Fl.
Last week we traveled several hours to go to the mothership of them in Panama City.  To keep our addiction at bay we pulled out our mini golf sets (bought at dollar tree several years ago) and built our own course!

Halloween  Spooky Town....Par 2

Cowboy and Indian Pow Wow.....Par 2

Dinosaur Invasion....Par 2

Corral....Par 2

We have come up with several other hole themes involving tiny toys and things that are around us in the past....Snakes, Alligators, Star Wars, Mexico, Roosters and chickens, Tiki, Octopus, Bonsai, Spacemen, Skeletons, Robots and Virgin Mary (made from little religious plastic statues).  Endless!