Monday, June 20, 2016

Golden Salad

What you see here is my modified version of
"Golden Salad"
found in Knox On-Camera Recipes...A completely new guide to Gel-Cookery 1962.

The recipe for the original is below.  It involves unflavored gelatin...because that's the product their pushing, Knox gelatin.  I honestly thought it was silly to use unflavored gelatin when there is a perfectly good already flavored one readily available.  J-E-L-L-O! 

The Knox version also requires heavy use of vinegar.  I just couldn't do it. 

Here is my recipe list to simplify matters:
 1 package Pineapple Jello, canned pineapple tidbits, canned mandarin oranges, grated carrot. How much of each produce item?  What ever you like. Prepare the Jello pineapple gelatin using the leftover juice from the canned pineapple and mardarin oranges as the cold liquid part. If it runs short of the required amount just add water.  Make jello in a separate bowl (not the mold just yet) and place in fridge until soupy thick.  Now mix in most of the pineapple, oranges, and carrots into jello reserving some fruit for later fancy flare usage. Line bottom of mold with some of the reserved oranges and pineapple in a decorative fashion.    Pour jello mixture into the prepared mold carefully as to not disturb the previously arranged fruit.  Place back in fridge until set.  I usually wait 24 hours.  Unmold, garnish profusely, and enjoy.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Loretta Lynn

I love Loretta Lynn.  She is my most favorite female famous person.  I love her music, her books, her style, her stories, her smile, and the way she says anything that rhymes with chair.

At the age of 84 she is still her spunky, adorable, clever song writing self, and just released a brand new album.

She is on tour right now and we were able to see her perform in Biloxi, Mississippi at the Palace Casino last month.
It was our wedding anny present to ourselves.

And you dang gum better believe we were going to get gussied up!

I wound up honky tonkin' up a couple of black and white gingham shirts along with embellishing a pair of solid black britches for Hubs and a squaw inspired skirt for me (most of it picked up at thrifts).

I also made Hubs a square dancing type bow tie with matching trim and fringe down the sides of his pants legs.  For me, I used the same style trim, fringe, and some rick rack on my shirt and skirt.  We were not able to get any decent photos of us together or showing our bottom halves.  I will have to plan some sort of photo op in the future to show our complete outfits that doesn't involve casino staff as the photographers.  

Here is an image from the concert. 
Ladies and gentlemen....The Decca Doll... The Coal Miner's Daughter....The Legendary Mrs. Loretta Lynn!

She told a funny story about her song "Fist City" at the concert. Here are some of the lyrics to set the story up a bit:

"You've been makin' your brags around town that you've been lovin' my man.
But the man I love when he picks up trash he puts it in a garbage can.
And that's what you look like to me and what I see is a pity.
You better close your face and stay out of my way
If you don't want to go to Fist City.
If you don't want to go to Fist City you better detour around my town,
Cause I'll grab you by the hair of the head and I'll lift you off the ground.
I'm not a sayin' my baby is a saint cause he ain't
and he won't cat around with a kitty.
I'm here to tell you gal to lay off of my man if you don't want to go to Fist City."

 She said that the girl she had wanted to grab by the haaair of the head is still around and she had seen her in town recently.  She said she had wished her husband Doolittle was still alive to see that gal now....because she only had one tooth and it was just sticking out of her top jaaawl, waving around.  She then put her hand next to her month and flapped it some.  
Like I said, she is still spunky!

I just love her.

Monday, June 06, 2016

Peach Kringle

I have mentioned a time or ten that I love old food packaging.  I really like ones for companies that have been around for a while and have really never changed the look of their labels.
These gems are hardly ever carried in 'regular' grocery stores.  They are found in small local stores or chain stores that carry cheaper products...all places I love to frequent!
My most recent find was just a couple of weeks ago at Big Lots.

Early Garden Brand "Tasty Pieces" Yellow Freestone Peaches!

Look at this can!  I love this can!

Because I needed those cans I have been busy making several peach desserts.
Yes, they are irregular pieces but they are still tasty pieces!

One dessert I made was "Peach Kringle".  Short n' Sweet - a real peach treat!
(Recipe above)

As my usual MO I didn't completely follow the recipe.  I decided to use prefab biscuits in the bust-open-and-scare-you-even-though-you-know-it's-coming tube can packaging. I also resisted using Del Monte brand peaches, in favor of cute can ones.  I found this dessert to be a little dry so I used the reserved peach juice and made a glaze which I spooned over the top along with serving it with vanilla ice cream.

Recipe for peach glaze:
1/2 cup sugar * 2 tbsp cornstarch * 1/4 tsp salt * 3/4 cup peach juice * 1 tbsp butter  
Mix sugar, cornstarch and salt in saucepan. Gradually stir in peach juice. Bring to boil over direct heat, stirring constantly. Boil 1 min. Remove from heat. Stir in butter. Cool thoroughly.

I also made a Peach Crisp using this recipe, just substituting peaches for apples and added vanilla ice cream.  It turned out tasty due to the use of the tasty pieces.

I quickly skimmed through past posts on MHICTY and found a few that feature neat old or old looking packaging:

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I have more of these kinda vintage cans, boxes, jars, labels....around the house but I am now realizing that I haven't photographed/posted about them! Will have to add that to the To-Do-Eventually List.