Friday, June 26, 2020

Mr. Bubble take me away!

{image photoshopping by PB}

I hope you all enjoyed MHiCTy's 15 year Pinktastic Blogiversary extended event!

I am going to take a week long soak with Mr. Bubble and a spicy romance book as soon as I can get Bernice out of my tub!
She accidental dumped strawberry and ham ice cream soup all over herself at the party and has been splish splashing in here ever since.

Thank you for joining me during these last 15 years of snark and silliness!

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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Ella the Pink Elephant

Yes, you are legitimately seeing a pink elephant...dancing among pink flamingos...and blowing a pink bubble.  It's not a side effect from all those Pink Squirrels you downed at the blogiversary party a couple of days ago.
As part of MHICTy's 15 year blogiversary after-party, I made this fun pink elephant cake, no hang over required!

 A pink bubble gum bubble at the end of her snout instead of the peanut!

For her other features (tusk, ear, eye, tail, and toes) I fashioned them from marshmallow fondant.
Ella the Elephant (or Wanda Mae the Woolly Mammoth)
was obviously delicious because of her copious coconut coat!

{{image source}

Huh?  You're seeing more pink elephants?  Human wonky looking ones wearing shoes and satin gloves?  You must have been nipping at Gladys' peppermint schnapps.

I kid!  This is Earl and Ethel.  I asked them to mingle at the after party to make Bernice think she's loosing her pink marbles.  Everyone is in on it, so shhhh!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Pretty in Pink Past

For MHiCTY's 15 year blogiversary (which was yesterday) I decided to do a pink theme since it also coincides with National Pink Day.  I like the color pink in a sarcastically repulsed yet slightly giddy kinda way.  I would never wear it for serious (unless it's vintage) but get a kick out of it nevertheless.  It's a goofy color, but I like goofy so...I like pink?  It's complicated I guess.

For part of the "after-party",  I decided to highlight a few past posts that focus on pinkness!

🦩    🦩    🦩    🦩    🦩    🦩

A Coiffure Affair Birthday Party

First off, I present my hair styling themed party from 2018.

My cake was a tall beehive pink hair-do!

{For more: A Coiffure Affair Birthday Party}

🦩    🦩    🦩    🦩   🦩    🦩

Weight Watcher's Sugar Free Cake
A very frou frou pink and weird "cake" I made in 2015.  It consists of fluffed powdered milk, a few slices of bread, and a crap ton of sweet n' low.

{For more: Weight Watcher's Sugar Free Cake}

🦩    🦩    🦩    🦩    🦩    🦩

Pee-wee Partypalooza
My birthday theme in 2015 was Pee-wee's Playhouse, which I had a pink Magic Screen birthday cake!

{For more: Pee-wee Partypalooza}

🦩    🦩    🦩    🦩    🦩    🦩

Hostile Thinkies
For a Halloween treat in 2016, I made these Wacky Pack inspired brain twinkies.

{For more: Hostile Thinkies}

🦩    🦩    🦩    🦩    🦩    🦩

Eggs A La Kang

And for something way back, I present this pink tinted creamed egg dish from 2006!

{For more:Eggs A La Kang}

Pink food is kooky and weird, and very appealing to me.
I have made quite a number of pink dishes in the past. 
Wonderfully hideous looking things involving spam, potted meat, and bologna.
Here are just a few more pink delicacies to amuse and delight...or disturb and repulse :

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

MHICTY Tickled Pink 15 Year Blogiversary Party!

{Better Homes and Gardens 1958}

*~ Welcome, Welcome ~*
Thank you for coming to
My House Is Cuter Than Yours 
15 year blogiversary!
I see you found the house easily!  I gave it a fresh coat of pink paint just for the occasion!
Let me give you a bit of a home tour beforehand...

{image source}

The living room has been painted, rugged, and reupholstered in Carnation Kiss Pink!  I made the dye myself by grinding up all the prize carnations Eunice had growing in her perfectly manicured garden!  She was out of town that week and blames the crime on delinquent prom goers who forgot to get their dates corsages.

Next on the tour...The boudoir...
You can put your things here in the Flamingo Fantasy Frilly Frou Frou Flowery room.  Just mind all the ruffles and bows and lace and chiffon and frou... So, um, just put your things down on the floor.  That would be best.

Moving along to the indoor outhouse...
Damn it Bernice.  You're still in the bathroom?!  You're not going to get that ramshackled home-did perm looking any better than a Brillo pad. I told you not to buy beauty products from the dirt mall.  Please, just put down my pink hair brush and go marinate the cotton candy pop tarts!

Let's head over to the kitchen, I think I smell the bubble gum and shrimp kabobs burning. was just the pickled pig's feet salad.  That's it's normal aroma.

Well, everything seems to be order here, so let's head down to the rumpus room and get this party started! 
I've got a full bar set up for this special occasion!  It has the works!  Pink Squirrels, Pepto shooters, pink lemonade....garnished with Vienna wienies and pink pearl erasers!
No? Well, maybe later.

Let me introduce you to some of the other guests...

This is Pattie.  She has a bit of an unhealthy obsession with the color pink.  Her hobbies include dying her pet poodles pink and working for Mary Kay to earn that pink minivan.  Obviously, an expert in her field,  I sought her proficient advice for this affair!

{image source}

This is Millie.  She asked if she could bring someone worth talking to, so she brought her dog.  Millie, I am fine with Scrappy, he's a great listener...but I have got a theme going here!  You can either go see Pattie about a fuchsia dye job for him or feed that pooch some Gaines Burgers which will result in decorative pink piles for the yard!

This is...ah... Martha.  She is putting her pink taffeta dress uniform back in to action after being retired (like 40 years ago!) from her days at the Pink Coral Corral. She still thinks she can work for tips so don't accept anything from her without full well knowing you're gonna have to slip her a nickel.

And this is....Pattie, again.  She brought several selections from her pink infused wardrobe.  I expect she is going to try pulling an impromptu fashion show at some point during the party.  If she did it at her cousin Earl's funeral and got away with it, she'll surely try it here too.
Let's move along before she starts pulling out all of her different shades of pink lipstick.

This is Gladys.  Don't spend too much time near her.  She claims the pink she is sporting is pink eye... That's why she keeps waving that used handkerchief around.  I've got her set up by herself here in the den with a bottle of peppermint schnapps.  She'll stay plastered to that pink arm chair all afternoon.

Let's just clear away from her and grab some grub.

{Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Cook Book 1967}

I set up a beautiful array of pink punch, pastries, and pleasantries!

{Weight Watchers Diet Recipe Cards image source}

There is Shrimp- Salmon Mold.  Heavy on the mold.

{Good House Keeping 10 PM Cook Book 1958}

Lobster Cream Slop.  Heavy on the slop.

{Family Circle Illustrated Library of Cooking 1972}

Tower of Frozen Pepto Bismol.  Heavy on the hurl.

{Betty Crocker Fun with Frosting 1958}

And for dessert we have this grand ombre pink delicate ruffled wide load doll cake.  Heavy on the hips.

Wait!  Drop that baloney croquette!
The Spamettes are about to preform!

I was lucky to book them for this party.  Originally they were going to be bridesmaids for their sister's wedding today but when it got canceled due to a shortage of deviled ham they didn't want the dresses to go to waste and decided to form a girl band!
They only know two songs: Little Pink Houses and Pink Cadillac, but they can perform them in multitudes of ways!  They can sing in German to a mariachi beat, sing in Spanish to a polka beat, and can even rap the songs with a southern drawl!

Presents?!  For me?!
I'm glad to see some of you read the fine print on the invitations.

My first gift is from Martha.
{image source}

You made this yourself didn't you!?
Well...What is it?
A hair roller caddie made from an old bleach bottle?
It's the most beautiful piece of trash I've ever seen!  Thanks Martha!

What do we have here from Pattie?

{image source}

A knitted pink poodle!  And it has a purpose?

Bernice just tossed her gift at me....

Pink toilet paper!  For the poodle!
You two went in together for this didn't you?  So, so thoughtful!

Well I have a little parting gift for all of you!

A coupon for 5 cents off a bottle of Thrill dish soap!

This has been a fantabulous pinkalicious party!

{Better Homes and Gardens Nov 1956}

But don't put your fuzzy pink bunny slippers away just yet!  For the rest of the week it's going to be an after-party of pink inspired posts!  

Monday, June 22, 2020

MHiCTy 15!

{image source}

Dear readers!
  Amazingly, My House Is Cuter Than Yours  
is turning 15!!!
The big day is tomorrow, June 23, which I will be hosting a stupendous online shindig which you are all welcomed to attend!  June 23 is also National Pink Day.
So, My colors are blush and bashful!  Also know as pink and pink.  Everything will be painted, dyed, slathered, and heavily encrusted in pink for the party!
In preparation...

I've scrubbed everything down with pink Brillo soap pads! 

Vacuumed up all non-pink dust!

Switched out my boring old white bulbs for deluxe pink!

And I've even thrown a red sock into all my wash loads!

So, please join me'll be tickled pink!

Friday, June 19, 2020

Lucky Leaf Red Cherries

This is the other vintage super cute old food can that the same friend gave me along with the Fruit Cocktail can I showed a couple of days ago.
It can't get anymore perfect vintage than this.  I like to imagine what vintage grocery stores looked like with rows and rows of gorgeous food packaging.  It would be a housewife's art museum today.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Sacramento Fruit Cocktail

A friend of mine gifted me two vintage food cans that I am in love with!

First up is this Sacramento Appetizing Fruit Cocktail in heavy syrup.  The paper label has a bit of rust coming through from the metal can but it's near the bottom and not interfering with the beautifully overly saturated colored fruit tidbits shown.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Simoniz Floor Wax

Picked this amazing, nearly full can of vintage Simoniz Floor Wax up at a local antique mall earlier in the year.  So in love with the lady and her gorgeous mustard colored dress!  It cost 12 bucks, which is fairly reasonable, I suppose.  I don't find too many things that I absolutely love like this at my local antique shops.  It always makes me wonder if the seller got it at a local estate sale and how in the world did I miss it?!

Friday, June 12, 2020

Blueberry Brunch Loaf

Blueberry Brunch Loaf

from the 1962 14th Pillsbury Grand National Bake Off
submitted by Mrs. Donald P. Gowing of Kaneohe, Hawaii

The final morsel in this "Week of Loafing"!
Last September I hosted a vintage pop up sale in my front yard with a couple of friends.  Since it's hard to grab a bite to eat while running a sale, I decided to make us something to munch on.  Blueberry Brunch Loaf sounded perfect!

Because the recipe didn't call for any weird/unitasker ingredients, I was able to follow the recipe instructions completely without having to make my usual substitutions.  The orange rind was the closest to an odd ball item. I always have clementines in the fridge so I saved some peelings and ground them up in a chopper gadget of Mr. Husband's.  We never have orange juice on hand and the recipe only called for 1/4 cup.  I probably could have squeezed a couple of clementines but decided to get a carton of juice so we could drink it along with the cake that morning.

I baked the bread the night before because there ain't no time for that nonsense the morning of a yard sale!  It turned out very tasty and had a refreshing flavor.  I would highly recommend it as a dessert for a luncheon or the recipe title suggests!

I actually wrote this post last year so it's full of references that are so pre 2020.  Yard sales?!  Getting together with friends?!  Luncheons and brunches?!  ha.ha.ha.
For the "new normal", make the loaf and eat it all yourself and turn that orange juice into mimosas!

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Cinnamon Crunch Coffee Cake

For the second offering in my "week of loafing" I give you Cinnamon Crunch Coffee Cake.
It was a winner from the 1951 Grand National Pillsbury Bake Off.

This loaf was one flavor I made for Fam and friends last Christmas as the "yule loaves" .  This loaf is very pretty with it's cinnamon nut ribbon through the center with also having a crunchy topping.  The secret is both the top and center are actually the same mixture!  This loaf is easy to make and exceptionally good.

Monday, June 08, 2020

Goober Snap

For the first loaf of this "week of loafing", it is a savory treat called Goobersnap!

{from Better Homes and Gardens Christmas ideas 1958}

Usually for Christmas I make edible treats for family because we all have too much stuff as it is.  Edibles only take up space on our waistlines, and that's what elastic band britches are for!
My grandmother is diabetic and since I usually make sweet treats she gets left out (I make her something crafty instead).  I then came across this recipe for Goobersnap and arrived at the late realization that I could have been making her savory treats all these years!

I had to ask her after she opened the loaf if I could snag a slice to do a taste test.  I warmed it up in the microwave and added a pat of butter...delish!  If you leave out the Parmesan cheese and garlic, and have it just with the peanuts I think it would be good with a slather of jelly...sugar free of course!

The other great thing about making loaf food gifts is that if your recipient is full up on treats these kind of edibles freeze well.