Monday, February 27, 2006

You are the body hidden in my trunk

Who would like to have the last dance with this prom queen?

Here I am as a Zombie Prom Queen for our Krewe of Hades Mardi Gras float this weekend. And my hips are NOT as big as this dress makes them out.. I have the stunning fashions of the 80's to thank for that. Such lovely figure appealing styles right?

Here is the whole krewe. Everyone looked so awesome. This amazing artist, Lemmie (far left, getting necked) did our zombie make-up. We all had such a good time. Of course it rained like a MF right before we rolled but stopped long enough for us to toss fake little skeletons at the crowd, which totally disgusted them. I don't get why? I thought the skeletons were really cute. I held on to a few myself.

Here is the dress pre-zombie. I think I improved it! Ha ha! I slashed it up, rubbed it in the ashes of the fireplace and had it splattered with blood. The sash (which I aged with coffee) said 'miss 1986" in silver glitter but got pretty bloody. I rode on the float and did the cupped hand beauty pageant wave to the crowd. Many folks got it and did it back to me.

This weekend was so fun and crazy all together. One of my favorite singers came into town for a show Friday night, Willie Heath Neal. Dixie Doll Kathy and I got our picture with him..Swoon...But she took it with her camera and I haven't got a copy of it just yet. She and I went out Friday and Saturday night and had soo much fun. Dixie Doll Heather hasn't been feeling so good the last week or so and she sadly wasn't able to join in any of the festivities. We all really missed her.
This week I am going to busy preparing for pumpkinbutt's birthday party. So, once again, I might not be 'home' much this week. Sorry again, I haven't been visiting all my favorite blogs and leaving lovely comments....I will be catching up by next week hopefully.

Act of kindness

Look at these cute salt and pepper shakers LouAnne sent me just because. They were part of her Mum's collection from the 40's-50's. They are in immaculate shape. She has now handed it off to me to pass on this type of act of kindness to another fellow blogger....hmm...I have an idea or two.
Thank you LouAnne!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Lunch-Box Pineapple Crusties

I got the recipe for these turnovers from the Good Housekeeping's Party Pie Book (copyright 1951)..One of the cookbooklets Sarah sent me. Photo above from the cookbooklet of said crusties. Cover below.
I thought the name was really funny and the recipe was simple. Plus I had everything on hand. Mine are pictured below. *******************************************************
Lunch-Box Pineapple Crusties
1/2 cup brown sugar,packed
1/2 teasp. cinnamon
3 tbsp soft butter or margarine
1 No. 2 can pineapple chunks
1 pkg. piecrust mix

1. Start heating oven to 425 degrees F. With fork, mix sugar with cinnamon, butter. Drain pineapple chunks well.
2. Make piecrust as label directs. Roll into 18x12 inch rectangle; cut into 3 inch squares. Lay 1 pineapple chunk in center; spinkle with sugar mixture.
3. Bring four corners of each square together to center; then press all edges together well. Brush with cream, if desired. Place on baking sheet; bake 10 minute., or until golden.
Makes 24 crusties.

The above recipe is given to you courtesy of 1951. We don't have #2 cans or powdered pie crust mixes that I know of anymore. I tried this recipe with 2 different piecrusts. One homemade and the other one of those premade deals in the refrigerator section next to the biscuits in the cool burst open tubes.
I liked the homemade one for the fact it didn't stick to the ungreased baking sheet. The prepackaged crust stuck like an SOB greased or not. The picture on here is from the homemade crust. But the homemade crust ones were a little drier than the prepackaged....So...You just do what you got to do.

In other news, I might not be 'home' for the rest of the week. This Saturday I am going to be part of a Mardi Gras float and still have a costume to make. Then Pumkinbutt's birthday is next weekend. I haven't even got his invites made...I am soo behind. Luckily it's mostly family coming so I have already told them the when & where. The invites are really just me giving myself more to do so I can win that Mommy of the Year Tiara.
I do have my Second String swap stuff complete and ready to be sent out tomorrow though! I am soo glad I am done, I hope my partner likes it all. Once my gal gets her stuff, I will post pics of what I made and of course as soon as I get my goodies I'll put up pics. So lots going on around here. I want to send out a thank you to everyone for all their lovely comments they leave. Sorry I have been behind on responding to them and doing my normal 'blog hopping'. I need a clone and she would do all my cleaning and cover for me so I can sneak out for a cocktail!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Dixie Doll's gifties

Since I got my valentine's day gifts to my girl's this weekend, I thought I'd share what I made for them. First off, I took a small cheap box of chocolates and redecorated the front.
Then I got them each a box of candies (seen on right) in some cute packaging from Target. Then made them each a picture frame with their sweetie. I turned the photos into black and white prints, attached them to black cardstock with black photo corners, then put a copy of the "lucky in love" design on the bottom (I knew those cards would come in handy for something!). Below is Kathy's stuff. I couldn't get Heather's to photograph worth a crap on Saturday since it was so dreary and unsunny.

Here is everything all wrapped up together. Very simple but I thought it was cute.
I had so much fun making these gifts. It was nice to make something that actually turned out cute, didn't take long at all and was really appreciated. Plus it was CHEAP! Like 8 bucks total for all the gifts and wrapping!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sugar frosted cocoa smacks!

I was in Michael's the other day and happened to stumble across some really cool stuff in their dollar area. Normally this area totally sucks and is just too flowery icky blah, but look at these darlings! Images of vintage Kellogg's cereal box fronts turned into an array of things to make me happy! Pictured on top are a set of 8 cards with envelops (2 of each design), sticky notes and magnets.

These are small spiral bound lined notebooks! I am really in love with that little monkey. Also in this series is a 'grocery list' looking notepad as well, but only in the design of Tony the Tiger (at least at my Michael's that's all they had) and no monkey so I didn't pick any of those up. Can you believe it! Only a dollar each! Cheap cute stuff like this seriously makes me happy.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine Cookies!

Well, I broke down and bought some of these cookies... Ha ha! Just kidding! I made these bitches myself!!! The images are from valentine's that were my mom's when she was a little girl and I found a bakery in town that sells/makes the edible printed sugar sheets for 5 bucks!

UPDATE: sorry, I didn't post the 'how-to' and all!! I was running around here like a mad woman yesterday trying to keep up with not burning the cookies and pumkinbutt 'driving' the cars! Okay, I scanned the images I liked, darkened them up a bit (figured the sugar paper printing would be on the light side and it was) and printed it out on photo paper. I printed on photo paper because the colors are more vibrant and the images are more clear than regular paper. Brought my print out down to Mrs. Bakery lady, it took her only 30 minutes to print it out. The sugar print out has to be used in 2-3 hours or else it...blows up! No, actually, I got the impression from Mrs. Bakery lady that the sugar would dry up and the paper would become brittle and break. I brought the printout home, measured and cut out the cookies, baked them, let them cool, then iced them. To apply the sugar paper images; cut out with scissors and just peel the images from the backing and smooth over the iced tops (that was the easiest part). I then decorated the tops with piped icing and red sugar sprinkles. Easy enough, right?

lil' devil

This is a little shirt I made for Pumpkinbutt to wear for Valentine's Day. I actually made this same shirt for him last year and he wore it while he drove around town and delivered flowers (camellias from our yard) and treats to my friends and family. It's covered in peanut butter as I speak now though....

Here's what he got to do today for fun! He loves to sit in cars and pretend to drive!

woo hoo!

I got my prize for the 99 cent challange today from Jen! That box was packed full of goodies! Most everything valentine themed/colored and it arrived on valentines day!'s the stash: pink hot chocolate, sweethearts candy, chocolate lips candy, pink flower stickers, dark pink glitter nail polish, plastic heart paper clips, 'magic' heart towel, heart paper punch, cherry bubblegum with the cutest little deer graphic in it, a love monster for pumkinbutt, a cute card (seen bottom right) and of coarse.. the gift card! The gift card came in it's own little felty pouch (seen on the left, bottom) with tiny red heart buttons on it. The box is soooo flippin' cute, I consider it part of the prize too. And that bow on the box! Ugh! Jen, did you go to Martha Stewart's bow tieing school or what? It is so perfect!
okay, then...she included a few things that were just with me in mind! awww! sooo damn sweet!
She sent me this neat fabric with vintage styled salt and pepper shakers on it! Those are my shakers checking out the fabric to see if they know anyone on it! Ha ha! She also sent a Tiki bar matchbook from a local place she likes , a few mini tins for more shrines, and a seam ripper!!! I needed a seam ripper! mine was in such sorry shape...that little red ball..long gone and so dull it couldn't really even rip paper!
I'm feeling like to luckiest gal in the world Jen!


Monday, February 13, 2006

Vintage Vixen Swap!

Don't forget to sign up for Elizabeth's Vintage Vixen swap! Deadline is Feb. 14th! It sounds like a lot of fun! I wish I could take part but I have got soo much on my plate already...hopefully she will do another round! Details here.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Thank you kindly!

The news is out!

I won the 99 Cent Challange, put on by the felt mouse!
I want to sincerely thank everyone who took time to vote for me and the other entries.
Apparently, I am getting a neat little package with surprises! I will let you all see the loot when it arrives!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ahhh....... Vacation!

No....I'm not going anywhere. Just a vacation in my mind!

I really wish I could go on this vacation again. It was in the summer of 2003 to Silver Springs FL., the home of the glass bottom boats! I collect vintage brochures and souvenirs from family travel destinations that were popular in the 40's-50's and some 60's. I really like any that have to do with FL, since that is were I live. If any of the places are still around, that's were I choose to go on trips.
This is the hotel I stayed in...Surprising called The Silver Springs Hotel! It was sooo cool! The man that owned it even gave me a vintage 70's post card from when they last remodeled! Ha ha! But the hotel dated from the 1950's. I just loved the architecture of the building!

Here I am in the park. Other attractions at the park, other than the world famous glass bottom boats, are animal exhibits, nature trails, and a 'safari' jeep ride.

I just knew when she looked around the audience for a victim..It was going to me. She made me close my eyes and then put this huge ass snake on me!!! I am freaking scared on snakes! But I played it cool because I knew it was going to make a neat photo! Ha ha! I am all about photo op's!!

Here I am with one of the park's favorite attractions.. The Crooked Palm. I was trying to do a similar pose, like the gal on the brochure in the top photo ! Ha ha!

This place is just beautiful!

I get soo excited when I go to these old places! Like I am about to meet John Goodman (p.s. I have a big crush on him as Dan Conner)! While in Silver Springs, went to some neat places to eat and a BUNCH of Thrift Stores! They soo rocked! Lots of good stuff!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Thrift Score

Here are a few things I have picked up in the last couple of weeks at some thrifts. First off, these two fabrics, about a yard's worth of each. I think they are vintage. They look it and they smell it! Ha ha! My very small collection of vintage fabrics is slowly growing!
Then all these shiny black bags! I LOVE that shiny pleather stuff! I got 3 clutches, 1 purse and 1 small hat box (not all at the same time or place). I am going to see about getting some vinyl stickers made (or see what I've got already) to put on the outsides of the clutches and the purse (I really really love that purse!). The hat box I am going to do some spiffing up on and make it in to a small portable crafting carrier. It will be great for going over to the In-Laws and Dixie Doll craftin' sessions.

In other news: Don't forget to go vote for your favorite 99 Cent challenge Gourmet meal! (my submission is the post below this, a little self promoting there, ha ha!) The voting is going on till the 9th.

And right now, I am in Second String crunch time! I make things and then just scraped them because I just am not too sure my partner would like it.... I do think I am now on a really good track. I am making something that I haven done in about 8 years, so I am REALLY excited about it. Okay, better get back to it, nap time is just too short!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Mistress House goes Gourmet

Oh, Mistress House! We have all been eagerly awaiting your arrival! We have reserved a special table for you in the Promanade Room, Please..Follow me!

Chef Marione' has planned an exquisite Polynesian feast with just you in mind. First, he has prepared a fine exotic cocktail for you. It is a Mandarin Fruit Spritzer with Fresh Papaya juices.

And for your appetizer...Marinated Mushrooms in a Rice Vinegar and Hot Cilantro blend.

Now, your main course, Mistress House, the Chef offers you Broiled Coconut Ham in a rich cream sauce, along with Mango Yellow Rice and Grilled Pineapple.

We hope you saved room for dessert. The chef presents a heavenly Dark Chocolate Fruit Fondue. Delicious dried fruits which include pineapple, banana and apricots along with crushed cashew nuts and flaked coconut. I must let you know, Chef Marione' grew all these fruits in his private garden. He only brings them out for special guests as yourself!
Mistress House, we humbly appreciate your visit to our dining establishment. We hope you enjoyed your meal and will dine with us again in the near future! And by the way, my wife loves your blog, could I get your autograph?

Oh yes, ma'am..The restroom is down the hall, past the kitchen.

No! Please refrain from entering the kitchen! No, of course those are not the ingredients we used for your meal..I know they look like cheap dollar store items! Detri'?! Where did these items come from? Oh...? They did?

Even the : cashews, dried banana chips, brown sugar, tropical fruit cocktail in papaya juice, canned Treet meat, yellow rice, mandarin orange slices, cream of chicken soup, Shasta Tiki punch, pineapple slices, marinated mushrooms, dried apricots, flaked coconut and microwavable chocolate dipping sauce (not pictured, Detri' had already grabbed it and had begun hiding items when he heard the footsteps coming down the corridor)?

And the table setting too? Detri' !!

All of it? 2 resin Tiki statues (got last year from Dollar Tree), 4 green glass votive holders (came in sets of 2), votive candles, 2 bamboo wicker trays, 2 martini glasses, 2 water glasses, 4 bamboo placemats, 1 bush of white lilies, 3 bushes of tropical foliage, 2 green place mats used as napkins, set of 3 medium glass bowls and a set of 4 small glass bowls, and bamboo foodpicks (not pictured)?

So!..The only thing that wasn't from this Dollar Store was the wax paper used to the line the trays and the silver bamboo handle flatware that we are ready had on hand?!

Mistress House, please accect our apologies! Detri' has an obsession with Dollar Tree stores and I will have a talk with him! In lieu of this whole fiasco I will tear up your bill of $38 and some change!

Why yes ma'am, please tell me what you really thought of the meal? Oh..? The only thing edible was the fondue? And we can find the rest of the meal hidden under the fake foliage..Thank you ma'am...We truely appreciate your comments. We understand if you never choose to dine with us again!Detri'! Come with me! (below is the view of the table setting that Detri' enjoyed as he flew over the table from his "getting a talking to")


This is my submission for the 99 Cent Challange, a proposal by Jen, of the Felt Mouse.. I believe you can vote on the entries by leaving comments under their picture in flicker and only one vote per person. I think
Jen will have the rules for voting up for you all on Feb. 6th.

Hope you all can 'chew' on this post for a bit, I have been a little under the weather and might be away a couple of days .

Jen! I had a blast doing this..Esp. writing this post! This was such a great idea!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Most darling Valentine cookies!

Aren't these cookies lovely! Just enjoy looking at them because the price is out there! $58 !!! That's for 18 of them!!! I found them at Eleni's. They have alot of very beautiful cookies. I also found these cute brownies which I was excited about because it's something that we all could make ourselves. Embellishing them with some icing, colored sugars or small candies would be cute too.