Thursday, February 22, 2007


here is the other 7.5 minutes of fame i mentioned recently! I am in the new issue of the digital crafting magazine creative TECHniques. yay! the article touches on dyi culture and the new crafters that take it on in the dot com world. i am in good company too, others mentioned are threadbared, plain mabel and tie on one (all are in my links section!)

(click on images to view article)

this issue also has a number of very cool craft ideas to check out as involves shrinky dinks!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

retro crafty memo pad

here is a pictorial tute on the craft project i submitted for The Crafter Culture Handbook. it is a memo pad made from Jiffy baking product boxes. any boxes with fun graphics would be suitable. maybe even covering thin cardboard with japanese candy wrappers.... that's an interesting idea actually... i am posting this because i don't think the instructional photos are going to be included in the book (i haven't received my copy just yet). i see this as a supplement, if needed.

okay, so here is a quick run down of supplies/tools and such.

you will need: interesting box, paper cut to size (a smidge smaller than the covers, and as much as your stapler can handle going through), stapler, glue, decorative papers and other embellishments of your choice.

the how-to:

the box....
only a serving suggestion mind you.

cut away sides and bottom flaps (discards shown to the right), leaving front and back of box along with the attached top flaps (see left).

again, what to save.

this is the part i have a hard time explaining. with front and back covers facing each other insert pages in between top flaps (which have been folded inward). staple in place.

disguise boring inside of covers and flaps by gluing down decorative paper cut to size. for me, i feel you just can't get anymore decorative than black! shown in this image i used pinking shears on the edges of the pages.

the finished product.
at this point adding embellishments could be an option. glitter is always nice.

and there you have it...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

show and tell once again...

These two little cuties are vintage Asian chalkware bobbleheads with magnets on their lips so they appear to be kissing. i used to go through absurd phases where i needed certain items, and i was quite obsessed with getting a set of these guys. purchased on ebay, can't remember for how much. i collect vintage Asian stuff so... more to come, much more. a whole china cabinet full along with an entire dining i said, i was obsessed.

here is a frontal view. awwwwww sooo cute! note the "Let's Kiss" motto on the bottom. just darling.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

show and tell

a new series on and tell! some of my favorite objects along with a brief story if there is one worth saying. don't want to bore anyone with dull narratives.

here we have one of my favorite little belongings...The Brain offering a little heart with his ever present scowl. my mom gave it to me v-tine's day 1997. i kinda have a thing for The Brain....he's just a little darling with his need for world domination and all.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Weirdness and Oddities

tagged by Saucy for six weird things about me...only 6? ha!

1. i like to smell my son's feet to check their stinky rating. pickle feet, love it.

2. i have a dried wishbone collection. i figure i have better odds of getting my wish if i have a collection of them to break.

3. i would rather have a glass door knob from an old house than a diamond.

4. i wish i could get away with wearing aprons as clothing, or other more costumey kinda, what's wrong with wearing tiny top hats or black plastic bugs on barettes when it's not halloween?

5. i like to dance seductively to Pulp when i am alone in the studio at school. mmmm....jarvis....mmmmm.

6. speaking of music... i like to listen to songs on repeat... the same song...for weeks. right now it's Radio Blast by the tiles.

Round #3!!!

Round 3 will be open for sign ups starting on monday Feb 5th and not a moment sooner! go check out the deets ! I won't be playing hostess this round,, school,school. i will be keeping my eye on the going on's though. Good luck!