Thursday, December 25, 2008

back from the dead!

this post is going to move alot like a zombie but here goes.... in that vein here is a new piece of decor i made and wanted to share. it started out being one of last years christmas trees and has since lingered about. Over the past few months it has been used for a funeral themed birthday party, the dining room table center piece, general halloween ambiance and then back around to christmas. it's comprised of a few thin branches spray painted black, a strand of flame flicker lights (from target halloween), spanish moss, and little brains. I carved the brains from some yucky rotten green/brown floral foam i got at a thrift store. i was quite excited to find this foam because yucky translates so well to zombie brains. i then dry brushed the exterior with a bit of brain matter tinted acrylic paint.

i was asked to do a review type deal of a few products from Sourpuss Clothing several months back. it seemed to me that these products could have a tie in with some of the zombie-ishness going on around my place...because after making the tree i felt the need to make these brain cupcakes, with which i retrieved from the oven with a ever so cute tattoo flash hot pad from Sour Puss Clothing!
but it gets better......., it has a matching mitt!
and to accompany the cupcakes i mixed up some Zombie cocktails. (note the gummy brains and body part garnish)

with which i placed on these darling coasters (from Sour Puss Clothing).....

and then, while in a drunken stupor actual zombies* appeared scrounging for some brain matter (*as portrayed here from a page in My Zombie Pinup Calendar, i couldn't get to a camera during the chaos).......

i then used the legs of this nightlamp (from Sour Puss clothing) to jab 'em in the brain for protection!

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