Sunday, October 31, 2010

haunted insides

here are a few shots of the inside halloween decor. on the mantle is a dead tree,, a few crows..1$ each from dollar tree, tombstone revamped (more on that in a post below)...1$, construction paper bats...had on hand.

these are tombstone rubbings that i did while visiting my mom in NC several years ago. i draped the tops with moss and then applied a few of those sticky stretchy mice. i bought the mice on clearance a few years ago not realizing that they were of this composition. i had no idea what to do with them until now. the sticky mice work awesome on mirrors and picture frames...oh the possibilities now!

the dolls are up all year 'round but i added to the display with a framed embalming certificate from 1933 that my brother fished out of a local dumpster behind a mortuary...i don't ask questions, like why were you dumpster diving there!? i am just thrilled to have it.

some of the vintage stuff. it's hard to come by when you aren't willing to play 500 bucks for it on ebay. i have been lucky enough to get most of it from thrifts over the years.

display of the universal monsters stuff. it looks better when just the little purple lights are on and the camera flash is not, but would have been blurry.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE this!! And I'm overjoyed you have started posting again...Now I no longer have to stalk archives!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Your H-ween decor is fabulosity!!!
I especially love the dollies...I do a spray-painted backyard branch too...funny part is ...last year I just tossed it back behind a group of trees...and it was still there this year(yay)for my usage !
I try to rock the minimal thing and it is oh so hard with someone like me who LOVES vintage tchotskes!
PS also ador the movie monsters and rubbings!

The Dixie Doll of Dice and Dominoes said...

You know I'm a sucker for themed montages tucked thoughtfully throughout the home. Loved it all. You need to teach me how to do those tombstone rubbings.