Monday, March 04, 2013

Lord of the Rings Party

 Come hobbitses, come! Pumpkinbutt invites us to his Lord of the Rings birthday party!

 This year's party theme for Pumkinbutt's 9th birthday was Lord of the Rings! For the invitations I downloaded several LOTR fonts and printed the text on parchment paper.  Some wording included :
You are invited to a Party of Special Magnificence!
To Join the Fellowship of the Ring in Celebration of his 9th birthday
with a Noble Hobbit Mission...Quest...Thing across Middle Earth!
Join us at his Shire.

I also included a gold ring on a string.

Hobbitses must be attired appropriately .  Here is Pumpkinbutt all Hobbited out: cloak, vest, Sting, and of course hairy feet!

 Entrance sign at the front gate

Doorway entrance 
(somewhat seen in the reflection was my costume...I was going for Eowyn because she is totally bad ass!)

All hobbitses were given a cloak, an Elven Leaf Brooch, fuzzy feet, a pipe and a map of Middle Earth.
The cloaks were made from tan fabric I had bought several years ago for a another project (stash buster!). The brooches were leaves printed on card stock with a pin back attached. The fuzzy feet tops were made from fuzzy brown fabric and black elastic.   The pipes were from dollar tree (pack of 2 for 1 buck) that you blow through and "magically" float a ball.  I spray painted the pipes brown and the balls white ( smoke). Great to keep Hobbitses busy in between activities.

Lembas bread for the journey.  
(Pizza crust wrapped in green napkins with a leaf pattern drawn on them.)

The Hobbitses also got a satchel to place all of their items needed for the mission in. I made them from a tan fabric strip and a small brown gift bag with the handles removed. Don't have a specific photo but in later photos there will be a glimpse.

While waiting for all to arrive, they decorated shields with markers.  I made the shields from cardboard (free from Lowe's) and grey duct tape. 

This will be one of several posts to cover the entire party.  I generally don't post PB's parties because it's a bit overwhelming to do it in one sitting.  Breaking it up should help!

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