Thursday, August 01, 2013

Cotton Candy Cookies!

We picked up some cotton candy flavored cookie mix and icing for something fun to do one afternoon this summer.  I soon realized that the big part of the fun of making these cookies was the neat cotton candy shape of the cookie...otherwise no one would get it really. However, the fine folks at Betty Crocker did not have an accompanying cutter. What?!  I could see into the future, and I would have to give everyone this exuberant speech about  the round cookie with pink icing they are about to eat is actually cotton candy flavored and to pretend that they are shaped like a cotton candy cone for full enjoyment of the moment *.  No,  it's just not the same.  So I had to take matters in to my own hands.  I had seen somewhere out on the nets that cookie cutters could be fashioned from the metal from coke cans.  I just went with it and with a pair of regular scissors, duct tape, and an empty cherry coke zero can, I worked some cookie-cutter-making magic.

Here is what I came up with:
 No, the cutter is not beautiful by any means but it works.  I did not take photos along the way because I just winged it as I made it.  I cut 2 wide strips from the can and then folded them in half longways.  I joined the ends together and duct tapped to form a large circle.  I shaped the cutter.  I then covered the sharp edge with duct tape.  I used the folded edge as the cutter.
 Now we can eat cotton candy cookies properly!

 (psss....while the cookies are tasty, I would not have guessed the flavor as cotton candy, yet another reason to have a fun and telling shape to them) 

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