Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween Digs

 Here are a few shots of the dining room all decked out for spooking!
I have not found any "new" (thrift store finds) items to add to the decor for the past couple of years.  I think I mentioned last year that the main thrift I go to has decided it was against their "policy" to sell Halloween stuff...and unfortunately several more thrifts have decided to follow their lead.   I can only assume that this policy is "We don't want to make money." and "We are dicks."

Halloween is my all time favorite holiday.  It really gets me down when my favorite stores refuse to carry merchandise (I guess they just throw it away!arrgh!) because they are closed minded and ignorant. Maybe I will have to make a thrift store manager voodoo doll and give 'em a few jabs.

Well... still trying to make the best of it ...a few more house shots to follow....

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