Friday, November 20, 2015

Apron Strings: Ties to the Past {Part III}

(me at the Opening Reception)

 Here are some little bits and extra pieces of a few other things I did with the Apron Strings exhibit.  Because I can't seem to make things simple, that's just too boring!

I have been really inspired and impressed with the exhibits I go to at the museum that hosted the apron show.  I have been posting on this blog for years about some of the amazing shows, such as dollhouses and atomic age.  All of these shows came about from the same curator that I worked with on the apron strings show.  She and I have a lot in common and I have enjoyed getting to know her through this process.  I decided to make her and I matching corsages and aprons to wear to the opening reception. 

This is the corsage.  The museum has a 'mascot' which is a mummified cat.  I printed the image and made a little apron for it to wear.  I guess she is female.  We need to have a contest at the museum to give her a name.  For now, I'll call her Gladys.

I made she and I  (the curator and I, not Gladys) both matching aprons along the lines of the one tulle apron that was in the apron show.  The one I mentioned which was described as "matching aprons for a group who are part of a function... together". You can see the finished product in the photo at the top of this post on my person.  I made her a special gift box from a vintage record cover and hot glued little aprons to the ladies. 

 Also for the Opening Reception I set up a photo booth kinda deal.

 I gathered up several of my aprons that I didn't use for the show along with some other props: oven mitts, fake foods, a cooking pot, scrub brush, grease container, cookie jar, tongs, cook booklets, a wooden spoon, and a toy octopus.

 My ironing board doing double duty as a table and display!  
Click on the image to enlarge if you would like to read the "How To" I wrote for the photo booth, I thought it was kinda funny.

I also had hair curlers!  I attached clips to a few so people (men) with short hair could play along too!
I liked the mug shots of the women mean mugging in their rollers!

Here are the 'serving suggestions' that me and my old man did in preparation for the Opening Reception 'Aprons in the Kitchen' Photo Booth .

I am brushing my teeth with the toilet brush....70's style.
So freaking funny!

So there you have it.  An apron hulabaloo.  It was a lot of work....
A Lot of Work, A Lot of work.  But I loved how it all turned out.

Hope you all have an apron wearing, cranberry jello mold kind of Thanksgiving!

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