Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Save the neck for me Clark!

We are off to my mom's for Thanksgiving! When I get back I have an exciting dessert to show that I made for last Sunday's dessert, I just didn't have time to do the post since it will be very involved! Another thing going on with me lately is my girl gang of crafty bitches (The Dixie Dolls) are holding a holiday bazaar the first Friday of December, so I have been working like mad to get stuff made for that and doing 'organizing an event' type stuff. I will be getting back into town next week but will be soo busy I won't have time to post again till the week of Dec. 5th. While I am at my mom's we have some big plans of doing some neat stuff, so I will have alot to show and tell! Hints: the dessert had flames and while at my mom's we will be seeing a museum dedicated to an icon of Christmas vintage kitsch.


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Sarah said...

woohoo! I remembered my blogger login!

I am dying to see photos of the vintage Xmas place -- please say you took some!!