Sunday, August 13, 2006

Floyd's Barbershop

The legendary Floyd's City Barbershop is located next door to the Snappy Lunch on Mainstreet. The owner actually isn't named Floyd but Russell Hiatt. The shop and character of Floyd Lawson on the Andy Griffith show were based after him. Mr. Hiatt has been in this shop for 46 years and used to cut Andy's hair.

Here is mom and I with the owner, Russell Hiatt aka "Floyd".

Pumpkinbutt striking a pose in a neat vintage kid's sized barber chair.

Floyd's Barbershop is a really neat place. When we walked in, there was a guy getting a haircut in one chair and another guy just chit-chatting with them in the other chair. Everyone was super friendly to us. It was so similar to the feeling that Floyd's had on the show.

I hope next time we come through pumkinbutt can get his hair cut here. That would be very cool.

Just two more short stops left before we head out of town!


Anonymous said...

these pictures (and the accompanying details!) are fantastic! and you are unspeakably cute. oops, there - i done spoke it. : ) i love checkin out the blog...keep up the great work.

dana margo in brooklyn

joy madison said...

love that photo of your son in the chair!!!! SO adorable!!!

Very Mary said...

He's been working on that lollipop for a LONG time... Did they have the super-deluxe jumbo sized kind?!

Anonymous said...

love the lolly-pop face! :) What a cutie-pie!!!

Mom O Matic said...

Adorable. My dad would swoon as he and I used to watch that show together all the time. Of course you look like you just walked off the set!