Friday, August 01, 2014

Wallpaper Paste and Moulages

We love us some Andy Griffith show at my house. For reals...We watch it daily.  Certain food items are brought up in many episodes and then become embedded in my mind... kerosene cucumbers, for example. I decided to make a meal centered around a couple that could possibly be edible...A Mayberry Menu!

Main Course
Chicken A La King
inspired from : Opie's Newspaper
Season 5, episode 26
Opie makes a newspaper containing all the adult gossip he hears around Mayberry.  One piece being Aunt Bee saying that Mrs. Foster's Chicken A La King tastes like wallpaper paste.  I became intrigued with this notion and since none of the fam had ever had Chicken A La King we wanted to see what wallpaper paste tasted like.

I found a recipe in my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook 'Favorite Ways with Chicken' 1974 edition for a quick version of Chicken A La King (I added peas).  I made biscuit bowls from Jiffy Baking mix and baked them on the outside of cupcake pan cavities. I report that wallpaper paste is rich but pretty tasty!

And for dessert...
Moulage Cookies
inspired from: The Cow Thief
Season 3, Episode 5
In this episode, there is some cow thievery going on in town.  The mayor brings in an investigator, Mr. Upchurch, from the state capital to help with the case.  Mr. Upchurch notices several sets of shoe impressions and asks Barney about why he didn't make a moulage.  Moulage meaning plaster casts. Barney doesn't know what it means but says "Oh, we told a few people but we decided it didn't make sense upsetting folks running around blabbing, making a big moulage out of it." 
Later while Barney is preparing an actual moulage he comments to Andy on it, as if he has done them a million times, "I always like to make my moulages a bit on the solid side."

So, inspired by all the moulage-ing going on, I made Moulage Cookies.

I made these cookies from a gingerbread cookie mix and filled in the "moulage" with white icing...a bit on the solid side (royal icing).  
I made the shoe impression in the dough, from one of PB's large GI Joe man doll's shoes before baking.

In the episode, there are three sets of prints which are named: Able, Baker, and Charlie.  Baker and Charlie seem to be very overweight men, weighing possibly 250 pounds or more each.  Able seems to always be the front man and weighs a normal amount.  Andy then says "There seems to be one set of prints missing...Where's the prints made by the cow?" The thief (Able) had been putting shoes on the cow (Baker and Charlie) to try to throw off the police.  This story is apparently based after a real incident that happened in Andy's hometown. 

After our meal, we then washed everything down with a bottle of Colonel Harvey's Indian Elixir while hammering away at the keys on the piano..."Toot Toot Tootsie, Good Bye!"

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MySpecialAgent said...

I love it!
I used to watch some AG with my grandpa. His favorite character was Otis.
You brought back some great memories with this post! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This is terrific. My hubby and I love Andy Griffith Show and are getting a kick out of these posts. Gotta try the cookies for sure. So funny. All started out because we got curious about what is in a Nesselrode pie and are going to make one today. So thanks for the fun. Also loved your clever photos and the use of the Fisher Price farm set. I had one of those as a kid and it brought back memories. I have a real farm now, and the horses to go with it, but no cow.

PJ in Pennsyltucky