Friday, October 31, 2014

Hot Damn! It's the Soggy Bottom Boys!

Our Halloween costumes this year!
The Soggy Bottom Boys from Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

 Name's Everette, and these two soggy sonsabithches are Pete and Delmar!
 Them syreens did this to Pete.  They loved him up and turned him into a horny toad.

A life of aimless wanderin'!
 I don't want Fop!  I'm a Dapper Dan man!

We gotta find some sort of wizard to change him back.

We started out with the intention of being 1930's hobos but soon the consensus view voted toward the The Soggy Bottom Boys, with my being the elected leader of this outfit.

While we seeked our great fortune (the gathering of candy) on a long and difficult road fraught with peril (lack of porch lights on), we saw thangs wonderful to tell! We saw ah coffin...  On the roof of a house! Ha!  And oh so many (ghostly) startlements. We could not tell you how long this road shall be (wraps up about 9 pm or so), but we feared not the obstacles in our path (tootsie rolls), for fate has vouchsafed our reward (Kits Kats, Snickers, Milky Ways!).  Though the road may wind, yea, our hearts grew weary (and our legs), still shall we follow them, even unto our salvation (and next Halloween!).

Time to RUNNOFT !
We got a Piggly Wiggly in Yazoo to knock over (they have Almond Joys and Reeses Pieces!)!

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