Wednesday, April 01, 2015

In Search Of....Party Food

For PB's "In Search Of..." birthday party food I had a whole bunch of theme related goodies.

Big Foot Hair Balls
(Chocolate, butterscotch, and Chinese chow mien noodle haystacks)

Big Foot Toes
(Nutter Butters that I piped chocolate icing on)

Big Foot Toe Nails
(Frito corn chips)

Saturn Rings

Spaghetti Monsters
(Hot dogs with pasta noodles cooked within them)

UFO Snacks
(Biscuit and meatballs)

Loch Ness Monster Bait
(Swedish Fish and gummy worms)

Loch Ness Punch
(Green Hawaiian Punch)

Here is one image of the spread:
Next up...Cake!

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stevenjared0853 said...

I am looking for some top party food recipes for my son’s birthday party. Last year we booked one of popular venues in DC but this year planning to host the party at our home, so looking for everything of top quality.