Wednesday, April 01, 2015

In Search Of....Loch Ness Monster

The last theme covered in PB's "In Search Of..." birthday party was the Loch Ness Monster.
For decor of this area I made a pool noodle nessie with blue mylar water rings around the humps.

For the activity the kids built their own little nessie and raced it!
To make the little Nessies there were small pieces of pool noodle foam to use as the body base and green pipe cleaners with (goggly eyes already attached) for the humps.  
Below are the mini Loch Ness racing lakes:
The lakes are long planter boxes covered in black yard debris bags with rocks on the bottom and filled with water.

To get their Nessies to glide across the water air propulsion by means of a straw was used.

"...and down the Loch they come!  In the final stretch it's Nessie by a neck!"

Next up...
Food and additional decor!

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