Monday, May 29, 2017

Have a Nice (Birth)Day!!

 For PB's birthday party this year I decided to go with a Mick Foley hardcore theme!
For those of you who don't know who Mrs. Foley's baby boy is, he is the Hardcore Legend of WWE wrestling.

PB got to meet his favorite celebrity at a recent Comic Con, along with getting his autograph, a photo with him and attended his panel talk.  Look! They were matchers!

 One of Mick Foley's taglines is "Have a nice day!" but I went with "Have a nice (birth)day!"

 I decorated with PB's wrestling ring, his 'three faces of Foley' action figures and publicity photos.  We also had PB's autographed photo framed for him.

 I made a couple of buntings with Mick Foley trading card images.

 And had to put up a bunch of Cactus Jack Wanted posters.

 I made several Mr. Socko puppets, Mankind's side kick, which happens to be an old dirty sock.  I had lots of perfect dingy holey socks in my rag bag courteous of Mr. Husband to decorate with.  To make them stand I inserted several balled up plastic grocery bags in the toe area and slipped it over one of those tall glass Mexican religious candle holder deals.

 Mr. Socko's likeness was also the inspiration for the birthday cake.
I covered the cake in white fondant that I brushed cocoa powder on to make it look roughed up. I also torn a hole in the heel. 

 Birthday boy with a fondant barbed wire "13".

To have a piece of the cake you have to be Foley Hardcore though!  It is covered in some of his infamous items (some real, some not!) from his matches:  Barbwire, a ripped ear, broken teeth, blood, fire, and lots of tacks!

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