Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Finger Lickin' Pumpkin

Our JOL this year....

Colonel Sanders!

I buy our pumpkin at the beginning of the season to decorate the front stoop and then carve it on Halloween day.  This year for the first time in my entire life I found myself carving a pumpkin on Oct 1st!  I bought the pumpkin at Target about 1 1/2 weeks previous and noticed September 30 that it was getting a soft spot near the region of Colonel Sander's future forehead.
I had to whip out the carving tools pronto and get our Halloween Harland done!
He'll be really nice and rotten for when we do our annual end of Halloween pumpkin pitch from the roof this year.
If you desire, here is the link to the Colonel Stencil.  And don't forget to use your handy dandy KFC Trick-or-Treat Bucket for the pumpkin innards!

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