Thursday, August 04, 2005

One good wristcuff!!

Looky, Looky!! I got this in the mail today!! I ordered it from Katey over at One good bumblebee ! It has been awhile since I have bought something from an another crafty type gal. I usually see things and think " I can DIM (Do it Myself!) " . But when I saw this wristcuff I fell in love with it! Beautiful vintage fabric, vintage buttons, lovely colors, should I go on? Okay why not! It is also so well made and thought out! I love the wavy quilting on it and the color combination she used. You can't tell too much from the photo but the wavy stitching is in a brownish~orange and the buttons are sewn on with a peachy~brown. The buttons that look black in the photo are actually 2 different shades of brown. One shade is a brownish~rust and the other darker one has a rhinestone in the middle! All the buttons have interesting textures or sheens to them. To wear the wrist cuff it has a button closure. When I first put it on and buttoned it on the first button I got sad because it was too loose, then I realized (which I'm not sure if it was intentional) but I could use the next button up to make it tighter ! I now need a lot of clothes with brown in them so I can wear it all the time!

Oh! And she also sent a One Good bumblebee post card and a brown jeweled matching hair clip! So sweet! If you go over to her site and look in the jewelry area and click on the Claudia Wristcuff it will say SOLD! Too bad suckers because it's all mine! and I love it, love it, love it!


Justin said...

Love that wristcuff. Love your blog too!
Remember Brown is the New Black! so get going on the brown clothes.

elizabeth said...

love the wristcuff! me and katey were in a fabric swap and i love to see the things that she has done with what i sent her.

okay, so after cruisin' around your archives, i see you like to collect vintage patterns. i have a ton of them that i am trying to get rid of.

let me know if you are interested. i'd love to send em to someone who can use em ('cause right now all they're doing is collecting dust ;)

you can view em here