Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Where are me some little elves?

I need some little elves to come out at night and help me out! I have oh ... About 20 projects going on literally and none of them really complete. So this entry is going to be a miss mash of sorts.

First of , the Dolls and I are going to Drive Invasion in 2 weeks. We have been working on a new design for our club shirts. The lovely and talented Lisa Petrucci has allowed us to use her artwork for the logo! EEEEEEH! (that's a squeal!) My friend Mike (publisher and producer of the zine Pigeonhole and hubby to Dixie Doll heather) is helping us out with the layout by using his awesome graphic artist SKILLS (say it like Napoleon). So we all are on the hunt for red baby doll shirts in town to take to the printers. Oh..What printer? We haven't gotten one yet!!! That's on Dixie Doll Kat's plate, mine's full! Oh and we're making 'business cards' to pass out ....
I have also been working on snazzin' up our Dixie Doll myspace. I'm not very computer smart. It's amazing that I learned how to do this blog! So it takes me hours of searching through the forums for tips and clues on customizing the page.
And to add to the Dixie Doll's to do list we have decided that we are going to make some crafts to sell at the drive invasion. And the crafts we picked we have all never done before! And we have only 2 weeks to go!
Okay, then I was invited by Amy of Angry Chicken to join a vintage apron group on Flickr. So I've some photos to take and put up! I also have a couple of aprons to make for this month's Tie One On.
Then I have my article due by Drive Invasion time....Add on top of that making meals, sweeping floors, and taking care of the boy (pumpkin butt) ...Um...Yeah.. I'm real busy these days!

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