Wednesday, January 27, 2016

He-Man Valentine Decorating

I always try to do a little valentine decorating even in the midst of PB's birthday planning months whether there happens to be a huge Death Star already hanging on the wall in the background or not.
Generally on the day of Valentine's I come up with something neat to decorate with or display.
Last year's little vignette was my favorite ever!

I had taken PB to a thrift store some time in Jan last year and he came across some vintage He-Man figures that he fell in love with. I decided that these guys needed to help with the Valentine scene setting!

I put some valentine stickers (also from a thrift store) on them to get them in a loving mood.  Then had them 'delivering' camellias from our yard in vases. 

We looked up some information on these guys and found out that Moss Man (seen above) used to smell like pine.  He didn't anymore but I wanted to help him out.  I spritzed him with some room air freshener that is pine scented!  Everyone wants to look and smell their best on Valentine's Day!

On Valentine's day we watched The Princess Bride together and happened to notice that in the grandson's bedroom on a shelf is a Grizzlor (the furry guy far above aka "Hugs -n- Kisses").   I love when serendipity and connections like that happen!

More mushy stuff on the way!

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