Thursday, January 07, 2016

Watermill Restaurant

 We stopped at the Watermill Restaurant, the place to eat, while in Cave City, Kentucky.

The place has a great local hometown, slightly run down feel to it..Which is what I look for in any place that I dine at.

 I am generally not a red meat kinda person but I decided to get their special called 'The Manhattan" because it had a fun name.  It is a big plate of mashed potatoes, gravy, roast beef, gravy, toast, and more gravy.  It was so good I contemplate jumping in my car and driving the 8 hours to get it again right now.

Hubs had a hamburger.  That's how he bases his entire judgement of a restaurant's quality and menu, by how good their hamburgers are.  I think it is safe to say he would he grabbing the car keys for me so we could start that 8 hour journey.  He is still talking about that hamburger. PB had a plain hot dog which is pretty hard to get wrong.  So everyone was happy.

The only issue I have with the place is they still have a smoking and non-smoking area.  What the ?!  I didn't even know that backwoods business was still around but it apparently is in Kentucky.  The other issues that arise from this fault is that you have to walk through the smoking area to get to the non-smoking area...WHAT THE?!  And the Watermill is known for their buffet...but guess what?  It's in the nasty smoking area!!  WHAT THE?!

I still recommend the place though.  Just don't get the cigarette scented buffet, clamp your nose as you come in, and head to the furthermost corner.  Truthfully, the day we were there no one was smoking, not even the people in the smoking area.

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