Monday, January 18, 2016

Kentucky Fried Wigwam Night!

After our Thanksgiving 2015 trip to Cave City, Kentucky.  We kinda got to missing the place.  We were only in town for about 14 hours, ten of which were spent sleeping/freezing in a tee pee!  But still, good times!

We decided to have a themed fam party night to kinda extend our stay, when we got back home.

Of course we had Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner. Love the Colonel!

We also made our own mini Wigwam Village for dessert.

The tee pees are waffle cones coated in white almond bark.  We then each decorated two wigwams with red icing.  PB pulled out some of his old hot wheels and we parked them around.  We stayed in wigwam #10 and drove the Batmobile!  Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed!

Because it was amazingly cold when we stayed at Wigwam Village we decided to add some coconut snow to the ground even if it really wasn't there.  We also ate the wigwams with a scoop of  vanilla ice cream under them.

We didn't pair this Fam night with a movie or another activity like we normally do but now thinking about it...We could have watched an old scary movie about a haunted house, like "Screaming Skull" referencing to the Haunted Hotel at Funtown Mountain.  But let's make it quirky and do the MST3K version !

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Aldo said...

Great fun, but please tell us about that miniature "SLEEP IN A WIGWAM" sign!

my house is cuter than yours said...

The mini sign is just a photo of the actual "Sleep In A Wigwam" sign that I printed on photo paper and cut out. Easy peasy! ~mary~