Monday, October 22, 2018

Witch's Cauldron Cake

"Tail of a mange ridden rat,
squirmy spiders, feculent flies,
and a wing of a vampire bat..."

"...crunchy cockroaches and juicy fat maggots,
simmer under the light of a full moon...
then serve piping hot with crusty moldy baguettes"

I came across these Vietnamese Coconut Cookies (Bahn Men) at the Asian market a few weeks ago.  They look exactly like big honking maggots to me!  Perfect for some kind of Halloween treat! The cookies themselves are not very flavorful.  I don't taste any coconut and they have the consistency of eating a stick of dry chalk. However none of these factors were going to stop me from including them in a gruesome dessert.  I decided the best way to serve these maggot cookies is to involve them with pudding to increase their moisture.
I decided to go with a Punch Bowl Cake dessert.
I started by baking a cake and crumbling it in chucks. Inside a Halloween treat cauldron lined with a glass bowl, I then layered the cake along with mucous tinted pudding tainted with maggot cookies for several stacks ending with pudding on the top and a final dousing of maggoty treats.
The extra crispy maggot cookies now add a crunchy texture in contrast to the fluffy pudding cake.  If you "brew" the cake in the fridge overnight the maggots become a bit softer and chewy which is almost a true to life experience!


Jennilee said...

Deliciously disgusting! How did the fam like it?

my house is cuter than yours said...

They liked the maggots cookies much better once they soften up some from the pudding. I think I could even taste a hint of coconut when they are in that state!